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These are just a handful of demos and examples from the many thousands of tracks we have recorded, mixed, produced onto CD for our customers since becoming the UK's largest independent recording experience company back in1999. Read customer reviews >

Singer Experiences

Our producers prepare the music backing tracks ready to lay down vocals, then edit, mix and produce the final results ready for your CDs.

Indi Brown - Iris
Tori - Make You Feel My Love
Laura - Unbreak My Heart
Chris - The A Team
Brittany - Part Of That World
Amy - Hurt


Player Experiences

Just good clean recordings of your favourite songs performed by an instrumentalist who plays a guitar or piano, and a singer. Ideal for 1 or 2 people singing and playing. Multi-tracking with a producer provides excellent results.

Adam and Hannah Trevisani - Fields of Gold
Fanny - Hello
Charlie Thomas - The Cave
Terry - Amazing


Songwriter Experiences

Our producers thoroughly enjoy wealding any instruments that our Songwriter experience recording artist can't play, from drums, bass and guitar, to synth and keyboard arrangments and vocal harmonies, to produce 100% unique and inspiringing music tracks to be utterly proud of.

Adrian Higham - My Best Friend
Mark Gleave - Love Triangle
Frahaan - Analyze
Mike Denby - All I Want (recorded with his ushers for a surprise wedding performance!)
Mark Johnson - It All Comes Tumbling Down


Band Experiences

Crack open the cupboard of microphones as we take to a multi-room, multi-track recording session. Use our instruments or bring your favourite gear and let our producers shape and mould your sound to a professional level, ready for the world of social media, radio, video or just easy-listening.

Under The Hat - Playing Her Game
The Alex Beharrell Band - The Best Melancholy
The Paul Dunton Orchestra - Don't Forget
Nigel Bagge - Why Me
Lost Cords - The Art Of Burning Water
The Casino Conspiracy - Hide And Seek
Splinter - Creep
Moving Magnets - Bonnie and Clyde