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Player Silver - 15th August 2017

"I absolutely loved it. I've never done anything like this before but Joe made it so funny and enjoyable."

Forever Youngs

Player Gold - 25th June 2017

"Third visit and another set of fantastic results! Many thanks!"

Edward and George

Player Gold - 4th June 2017

"Wicked Cool! Made me feel like a true rock star."

Dave Speller

Player Silver - 18th April 2017

"My first ever recording session. Joe was very good at putting me at ease and I was extremely pleased with the result - The first time I have ever listened to myself playing on the piano. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of this kind of experience."

Arlo Hill

Player Gold - 23rd March 2017

"Everything was absolutely amazing, the mixing desk, the keyboard and the drums. I appreciate the way you let me do some songs with the guitar and them burning them on a proper CD."

John Morgan

Player Gold - 12th February 2017

"Fantastic time. Really enjoyed myself. Really easy going, will be coming back"

Phil Wastell

Player Silver - 5th February 2017

"I was nervous when I came but was instantly put at ease. Joe was very encouraging and patient. I am very pleased with the result."

Retro Fusion

Player Platinum - 25th January 2017

"Fantastic experience, highly recommended."

James Todd

Player Silver - 21st November 2016

"Excellent experience, really friendly atmosphere and great fun."

Rhiannon, Holly, Georgie & Hosanna

Player Gold - 9th October 2016

"An amazing experience. We all really enjoyed it. Joe was very helpful and made us feel at ease and relaxed. They were very amenable as we only booked at the last minute. The CD sounded very professional and we'd definitely come back."

Rob Howett

Player Gold - 22nd September 2016

"A very enjoyable experience in a relaxed atmosphere. I can highly recommend Gift Daze to any aspiring musicians."

Jack Howells-Davies

Player Gold - 2nd August 2016

"Awesome. Good equipment and nice, friendly staff. It was very open on what we could do and I really enjoyed it."

Ivan Clark

Player Platinum - 2nd May 2016

"Brilliant experience! Was apprehensive but was made to feel very at ease- thanks to Rob's professionalism once the session started. Thoroughly enjoyable and a great time. Motivated me to start playing guitar again. Many thanks Ivan Clark"

Craig Young

Player Gold - 23rd April 2016

"Our second visit and another fantastic experience! We came away with two tracks, guitars and vocals, exactly as we wanted. Always really appreciate the help and guidance in achieving the sound I want. Thankyou"

Chris Greenslade

Player Silver - 17th April 2016

"Very relaxed and enjoyable experience. Very supportive staff."

Abigail Pilbrow

Player Gold - 7th March 2016

"Superb service. Very Happy!"

Beth Rutherford

Player Silver - 13th February 2016

"Amazing experience to have and Rob the music producer was great and really helped me work through my songs. Definitely want to do it again."

Morgan Seward

Player Gold - 6th February 2016

"Totally amazing experience. Rob was very friendly and he made my recording time here a lot of fun. I will always remember this day and I can't wait to come back. Thankyou so much."

Lizzie Arkell

Player Silver - 24th January 2016

"5th time back here, I love it! Professional yet laid back experience with a helpful friendly producer. Thanks very much, I'm sure I'll be back again"

Emily Beecroft

Player Platinum - 20th December 2015

"Loved it! great experience, really fun and a great atmosphere - all in all a wonderful experience."

PG Tips

Player Gold - 15th November 2015

"informative, relaxing, interesting. Joe made us feel very at home. Professional working enviroment made to feel at ease."

Dan Woods

Player Platinum - 19th September 2015


Broken Chords

Player Platinum - 2nd August 2015

"After a slightly nervous start, we had a fantastic time recording. Joe was brilliant and accommodated our musical foibles. He also managed to disguise all the 'illegal breathing' and take auto-tuning to its upper limits. an amazing experience and great memoirs to treasure forever, Thank You!!"

Bryony Fletcher

Player Silver - 21st July 2015

"After a fantastic singing exprience I decided to come back to record my own composition. Joe was very patient with my dodgy guitar solo attempts amd ensured I had something to take away with me that I was proud of. He was very skilled and professional in producing my track and I will no doubt return again! 6 million stars!!!"

Adrian Waters

Player Gold - 9th June 2015


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