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Jack Curtis

Singer Silver - 19th February 2009

"Very enjoyable and pleased with the outcome."

Megan Mary Pitts

Singer Gold - 18th February 2009

"I found this experience enjoyable and different. Dale was excellent, even better than Paul who I had previously.... he told me to write that!"

Simon Lane

Singer Silver - 18th February 2009

"I started out nervous but the staff helped me calm down and gave me some advise and got an alright take out of me. Highly enjoyable."

Emily Ford

Singer Silver - 17th February 2009

"Great experience, really fun!! I felt like a professional! Would love to come again! Thank you!"

Mollie Scott

Singer Gold - 17th February 2009

"It was amazing, I loved every minute of it and I felt like a proper singer. I would definitely come again and recommend it to other people. I loved it!"

Lavinia Christy

Singer Gold - 17th February 2009

"I was really nervous and spent ages picking out songs and rehearsing. Naturally I felt like I'd chosen the wrong ones seconds before I walked in, but the team made me feel at ease and were so encouraging - couldn't have done it without the confidence boost. It was a really fun day out and hey, I've got my face on my very own CD, cool!!"

Trevor Legg

Singer Gold - 17th February 2009

"Really friendly and professional. Nice mixing!"


Singer Silver Plus - 16th February 2009

"I was very pleased with my experience, I was made to feel welcome and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I will definitely come again next year."


Singer Silver - 16th February 2009

"I enjoyed the singing experience although I felt nervous to start with, the staff were helpful and supportive."

City Lightz

Band Platinum - 16th February 2009

"Fantastic, awesome day. Surpassed all our expectations. An unforgettable experience, we learnt loads and will definitely be back before very long. Bring on the trumpets!! Ow!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 15th February 2009

"I enjoyed it very much, it was a good experience. I hope I can come back soon!"


Singer Silver Plus - 15th February 2009

"It was enjoyable and great fun. It was weird to hear my own voice being played along with a classical professional song."

Amy Wade

Singer Silver Plus - 15th February 2009

"Great, brilliant, fantastic I would do it again!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 14th February 2009

"Today was fantastic, a chance for me to sing the songs I love! Would recommend to any-one who loves to sing! UNFORGETABLE! The studio man was brilliant and made me feel extremely comfortable! I'm coming back next year to record my album!"


Singer Platinum - 14th February 2009

"A fabulous day that will stick in my mind forever. I will be back, thank you Dale."


Singer Platinum - 14th February 2009

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as it gave me the chance to get a feel for how professional recording operates. The producer made me feel very comfortable and gave me helpful directions. I would definitely come again and recommend it."

Cheryl Green

Singer Gold - 13th February 2009

"Thank you for a brilliant time. You made me sound good!"

Norman Rogers

Singer Platinum - 13th February 2009

"It's been great from start to finish. Dale put me at ease right away, very professional. Many Thanks."

Geva Mansell

Singer Gold - 9th February 2009

"Enjoyed my experience and would definitely come again, the guy who done the recording was very helpful and polite. Thanks."


Singer Platinum - 7th February 2009

"I haven't laughed so much for ages! My jaw aches! Most enjoyable from beginning to end - self - indulgence and self - humiliation, what more could you ask for?! Thank you so much!"


Singer Silver - 6th February 2009

"It was a brilliant experience and something I've never done before. It was really weird hearing myself sing but I guess I'll get used to it! Thank you so much!"


Singer Diamond - 6th February 2009

"This is the second time I have recorded a CD with Giftdaze and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I recommend this to anyone that loves a good singing session. Definitely worth the money."

Lorraine and Jodi

Singer Emerald - 4th February 2009

"Absolutley fantastic experience, would recommend to anyone. Extremely friendly. Definitely coming back soon!"

Mandy Nash

Singer Platinum - 4th February 2009

"I was very nervous but I was quickly put at ease and supported. I enjoyed my session despite my own reservations. Something everyone should do!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 1st February 2009

"It was my first recording experience and I always remember it. The producer was extremely helpful."

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