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Emily Atkins

Pop Star Party Platinum - 17th January 2009

"The girls were so excited and had practiced very hard. They were quite confident but had to work really hard to perfect their sound. The playbacks were very useful and they concentrated on improving each take. This was such a fantastic experience for all of them - a pop star for a day at ten years old!"

Katie and the gang

Pop Star Party Diamond - 17th January 2009

"It was sooo cool, we had so much fun. It was totally RAVEY!"

Tia, Corrie and Bethany

Pop Star Party Platinum - 17th January 2009

"Very enjoyable to watch the children. Definitely tell other parents a great party to have and watch. Will be doing it again. Children said it was cool!"

Emily Taylor

Singer Silver Plus - 17th January 2009

"Really fun and amazing!"

Xanthe Sorsbie

Singer Gold - 17th January 2009

"I've really enjoyed my studio session today. Everyone was friendly. the music was great and I plan on coming back soon."

Grant Hinton

Singer Diamond - 14th January 2009

"Made to feel welcome the moment I stepped through the door, very polite and professional. I've a really great day and as it's my birthday it's made extra special. Would recommend to anyone of any age and any experience, well worth it!"

Elizabeth Moss

Singer Silver Plus - 13th January 2009

"Ab fab! Didn't believe I could do something like this but it was fantastic!"

Denise Philpott

Singer Gold - 12th January 2009

"Very good, great fun, thank you!"

Sophie Lee

Singer Platinum - 12th January 2009

"The experience today was great. To be able to be in a studio and watch how everything is mixed down on the computer was b=great. I would do this experience again and maybe with friends as well. It also helped me to learn more for my music national dipeloma."

Donna Jones

Singer Silver - 10th January 2009

"Excellent fun, really enjoyable, hospitable, welcoming people, would totally recommend."

Lights, Camera, Action!

Pop Star Party Platinum - 10th January 2009

"It was so cool, I felt like we were real celebrities! Great experience, non - threatening and lots of fun. We want more!"

Ashley Smith

Singer Silver - 10th January 2009

"I was nervous at first but Paul made me feel at home and I felt confident sooner. It was so much fun and I would definitely come back here."

Funky Glitter Girls

Pop Star Party Silver - 10th January 2009

"Best party we've ever been to - it was cool!"

Jade Warren

Singer Gold - 10th January 2009

"I was really nervous at first but was made to feel really comfortable. I had a wicked time and would definitely come back and record again. Thank you!"


Singer Silver Plus - 10th January 2009

"I thought it was a proper life experience and I really enjoyed it! I felt like a popstar in there and when I listened back to it I didn't know it was me! I thought the staff were great and it was amazing!"

Mel and Hannah

Singer Silver - 9th January 2009

"T'was a laugh! It was very cool!"

The Sleepover club

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th January 2009

"I like it! It was awesome and everyone was kind! Good and awesome!"

Lauren Tovey

Singer Silver - 9th January 2009

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience - great fun for everyone, with or without singing ability. loved it!"

Joshua Martin

Singer Gold - 5th January 2009

"This was my first time doing something like this and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait do it again soon! It's my birthday soon so I know what I'll be asking my parents for!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 4th January 2009

"Was a great time - different from anything we've ever done before! Hearing yourself sing like that is really strange - certainly makes you listen to your own voice in a different way. Was also great fun to do as a group - working together towards that final product. Thanks!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 4th January 2009

"It was very funny listening to everyone else. We really enjoyed ourselves. We really felt like Girls Aloud!"

Nicola Rowe

Pop Star Party Silver - 4th January 2009

"We came for my 12 year old daughters birthday, they all had a fabulous time, they were apprehensive at the start but Dale was fantastic and filled them with confidence. Would highly recommend as a special treat, great fun."

Sarah Lovell

Pop Star Party Platinum - 3rd January 2009

"What fun and a truely unigue experience. The girls really enjoyed themselves. We had fun watching them. Thanks from Charlie, Alice and 'Girls Rock'"

Carly Holloway

Singer Emerald - 3rd January 2009

"I've really enjoyed myself, couldn't of asked for a better time a great day! Thank you!"

Jane Dawden

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd December 2008

"A great experience- I was really given the time to get the performance I wanted. Thank you so much, I will be recommending you to all my friends!"

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