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Zoe Dollery

Hen Party Emerald - 20th September 2008

"Really good fun! Had a great time really appreciate being so flexible as we were running late! A really great experience will definately be recommend to friends. A truly professional service...."

Girls 2 Loud

Pop Star Party Platinum - 20th September 2008

"Fantastic Fun, Fantasic Day, I'd come back and do it again, We sound really great!"

Yasmin Exall Whitlock

Pop Star Party Silver - 14th September 2008

"Great fun, Very enjoyable, Good Laugh, Good fun. The experience was great fun for the girls."

The Old Gits

Band Platinum - 10th September 2008

"A great experience. Wish we could have that equipment! We'll be back!"

Jason Coop

Singer Platinum - 8th September 2008

"Excellent. Easy to relax and get on with it... I had fun, thanks!"

Georgia Wallis

Pop Star Party Platinum - 7th September 2008

"Everyone thought it was good actually really good! It was very hot and I thought it was very professional!"

Marta and Deborah

Singer Platinum - 6th September 2008

"We had an amazing time and we'd love to come back- next time for the whole day! Thank you so much."

Hollie Gardener

Pop Star Party Platinum - 6th September 2008

"It was really good and very funny!"

Stacey Raynter

Singer Silver - 5th September 2008

"I was made to feel really relaxed. It was a wicked experience and the end results were amazing. I will definitely be coming back! Thank you x"

Roshelle Coe

Singer Platinum - 4th September 2008

"I had a great day and really enjoyed myself. I would definately come again. This experience has been great."

Charlottle Chart

Singer Gold - 3rd September 2008

"At first I was very nervous but the staff Dale and Paul were so friendly they helped to ease my nerves. The experience was fantastic, what a lovely gift.. Thank you Jock and Heather. Already thinking of the next few songs, can't wait to come back again!"

Emily Hughes

Singer Gold - 3rd September 2008

"It was great but I sound silly! I enjoyed it though!"

Ellie Bradshaw

Singer Silver - 3rd September 2008

"It is really fun but really nerve racking when you first get in there but when you get into it it's not that bad! It's a bit funny hearing your own voice back to you but it's a really good experience!"

Martin, Heather, Stephen

Singer Platinum - 2nd September 2008

"Thank you for the music, Incredible set-up, very professional and friendly and accomodating. Thanks for a great day! We had a great time thank you! Dale was very understanding! (and patient!)"

Martin Zealey

Singer Gold - 2nd September 2008

"I've had a fantastic time! You've made me feel welcome and it's been an excellent experience. It's very interesting to watch the melding of tracks and the whole process has been fascinating. Listening to yourself the first time is quite harrowing but you even managed to make me sound good! Many thanks and hope to see you again soon!!"

Della Larssen

Singer Gold - 30th August 2008

"It was excellent, something i've want to do for years."

Spencer and Barney

Singer Platinum - 30th August 2008

"Amazing!! Never sweated so much in a short space of time. Really great experience. Paul and Dale top blokes. Instantly felt comfortable and that gave me the chance to at least try and sing properly!! Good Stuff!!"

Helena Brewster

Singer Silver Plus - 29th August 2008

"This has been the best 1h30min of my life! I recorded 2 songs, I sounded like I was 2 but I am pleased with it! Thank you very much! Thank you for helping to make Helenas dream of singing come true."

Marcus Power

Singer Gold - 29th August 2008

"A fantastic two hours! Would want to come back again and try something new maybe an album! I will be back!"

Annie Bergin

Singer Gold - 29th August 2008

"I really recommend it as I really enjoyed it (the journey was well worth it!) Everyone was really friendly and they made the best of my voice!! 10/10!!"

Leah Adams

Singer Gold - 29th August 2008

"I was a bit nervous at first but after the first song I felt at ease. I really enjoyed it and my songs sounded better than I thought. I'll definitely come back."

Danielle Janine

Singer Gold - 28th August 2008

"This has been my first time singing in a studio and even at only 8 I really, really loved it. I loved the singing with the headphones and microphone and I was'nt a bit nervous. The Songs I sang were 'Greensleeves', 'For A Moment' and 'Reflection'. I was made to feel very relaxed and welcome and I had a great time. Thank you so much. You made my dreams come true."

Emma Jenkins

Singer Platinum - 27th August 2008

"I had a brilliant session, Dale was very friendly and it made it that much easier to settle into the session. It was alot of fun and it's nice to have a recording to look back on I would thoroughly recommend the experience."

Ashley Harding

Singer Gold - 27th August 2008

"Had a fabulous time! You actually managed to make me sound like I could sing! Thanks!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 23rd August 2008

"I really liked the walls and the atmosphere. It was good that we got to hear the original with people singing. Everyone was friendly and funny."

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