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Michelle May

Singer Gold - 17th August 2007

"I had a brilliant time, a great experience. Paul was very helpful with the tricky bits and very patient when I wanted to do it again, and again! Very pleased with the end result!"

Chloe Williams

Singer Gold - 15th August 2007

"I enjoyed it very much and I would love to do it again!"

Janice Wickens

Singer Platinum - 12th August 2007

"Brill Brill Fantastic! Will be back! Thank you x"

Emma Joy

Singer Gold - 9th August 2007

"This experience has just been amazing! I loved every single minute. Thank you! :-)"

Holly Joy

Singer Gold - 9th August 2007

"This experience was amazing! I fully enjoyed it and hopefully will be able to do it again some day. Loved it and sounds better than I imagined! Thank you so much!"

Jenni & Christine

Singer Platinum - 9th August 2007

"Jenni - Very fun! Cool! Great Party! I want to come again! Christine - Billy Bob was great! Equipment was great and I had a fab birthday party! :-) I would definately recommend it for friends"

Jennifer Cooper

Singer Platinum - 4th August 2007

"Fantastic experience! Great fun and fascinating. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys singing!"

Kelsey, Taylah & Danielle

Pop Star Party Silver - 4th August 2007

"We had a wicked time (i'm the best). We had lots of fun, always going to remember it! A memory to keep with me all my life!!! We love to sing! Started off a bit shy, end up being stars!!"

Michelle Sparks

Singer Gold - 3rd August 2007

"I had a really great day and felt like a star, but I take my hat off to the professionals - its a lot harder than it looks!"

Charlotte Hardyman

Singer Gold - 3rd August 2007

"It was really enjoyable and a great experience. A birthday present I will never forget!"

Nicole & Rachael Barber

Singer Gold - 2nd August 2007

"We had a lot of fun performing our 3 songs, and the editing techniques were really good - and definitely come in handy. We'd come back again to do some different songs :)"

Eleisha Ager

Singer Silver - 28th July 2007

"It was a very good experience, but I was very nervous and don't have a good voice :) If I had a better voice I'd love to do it again!"

Laura O'connell

Singer Gold - 27th July 2007

"It was very fun, and had a great time! Thanks for making me sound in tune :-)"

Nirvana Eden

Singer Gold - 26th July 2007

"I enjoyed it very much and listening to my voice was fun! I wish I could do it again but more songs and more CD's!"

Katie McMeeking

Singer Silver - 25th July 2007

"I had a great time! Every minute of it was enjoyable. Thankyou!"

Becky Thorpe

Singer Silver - 25th July 2007

"It was a very enjoyable experience. It was a real blessing to use a quality mic and see how it's all done. Thanks for the compliments :)"

Beverley Smith

Singer Platinum - 24th July 2007

"Fantastic - really made to feel at ease. Hope to be a repeat offender next year!!!"

Matt Nurton

Singer Gold - 24th July 2007

"Very professional. Put at ease from the start. Fabulous experience. Would certainly recommend it and come again. Many thanks!"

Jeff Downs

Singer Gold - 19th July 2007

"Absolutely fantastic - a perfect gift for two non-singers who like a good laugh!!"

Dean Hibbett

Singer Gold - 14th July 2007

"Good fun... You made me sound great!!"

Dean Clamp

Singer Platinum - 12th July 2007

"A fantastic session with a very relaxing atmosphere. A great experience!"

Michael Passman

Singer Gold Plus - 11th July 2007

"Very relaxed, interesting experience, bit hard to find!"

Rachel Chalkley

Singer Platinum - 10th July 2007

"Fantastic! I've had such a great time and was soon put at ease. A very professional service. Something I'll remember for a long time to come. Many thanks!"

Jo Tidd

Singer Platinum - 3rd April 2007

"It was so much fun! I really enjoyed it and will definitely consider coming again. My friend would love to do this and no doubt she'll be here next time. I will recommend this to all my friends."

Kayleigh Greenacre

Singer Platinum - 13th December 2006

"Fantastic experience and great fun! Never knew I could sound so good. Very friendly and given the chance I would definately do it again. 10/10 ;-)"

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