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Mark Raynor

Singer Gold - 24th March 2016

"It has been an amazing experience. Joe has been helpful and helped make it a relaxing and fun time."

Ella Hagger

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd March 2016

"I was nervous at the start but Joe made me feel relaxed and I really enjoyed recording songs. I would recommend his to anyone who enjoys singing. Gift Daze was an experience I will never forget."

Owen McDonagh

Singer Platinum - 22nd March 2016

"I'm very happy. Great customer care and I will come back, thank you."

The 7 Sassy Singers

Pop Star Party Gold - 20th March 2016

"A fabulous birthday party! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience and said she felt like a 'real' pop star. Joe was very patient with our gaggle of giggling girls and definitely got the best out of them."

Totes Amazaballs & The Sassy Singers

Pop Star Party Diamond - 20th March 2016

"Really fun. Perfect for my singing loving daughter."

7 Singers

Pop Star Party Gold - 20th March 2016

"Fantastic children's party, thank you. Glad you've got a hoover. Joe's really great - thank you!"

Thomas Smolen

Songwriter Platinum - 15th March 2016

"Had loads of fun experimenting with different techniques and effects and really happy with how the songs turned out."

The 7 Singers & The Little Singers

Pop Star Party Diamond - 13th March 2016

"An amazing experience for a group of 10 and 11 year olds. Plenty of recording time in groups of seven. The atmosphere was relaxed and the setting professional. Thank you for your encouragement. All the girls had a fabulous time. "

The Glitter Charms

Pop Star Party Platinum - 13th March 2016

"'The Glitter Charms' had a fantastic time recording their song. A truely firsthand experience of the excitement of a recording studio and we got to giggle watching them in the green room. Thank you so much!"

Izzy & Sophie

Singer Gold - 13th March 2016

"The overall experience was incredible! We had lots of fun singing and would definitely come again. The man was very friendly and didn't mind our giggling!! The studio was very professional and we had a lot of fun and giggled a lot! Can't wait to come again!"

Sugar Babes

Pop Star Party Silver - 12th March 2016

"Amazing. Great fun , can't wait to tell all out friends."

The Baddies

Singer Gold - 12th March 2016

"Alba had a fab party. 7 shy 9 year olds all came out of their shell and enjoyed their experience! "

Abigail Pilbrow

Player Gold - 7th March 2016

"Superb service. Very Happy!"

Catriona Neville

Singer Emerald - 6th March 2016

"This was my 3rd visit and I enjoy the experience each time I come. Thanks to Joe for being so encouraging! I can't wait for visit number 4."

Starlight Superstars

Pop Star Party Platinum - 5th March 2016

"We had a fantastic time. Amazing, brilliant, great gun! Best party ever."


Singer Silver - 5th March 2016

"I had lots of fun recording my song. I liked taking the pictures as well but I really enjoyed the singing. "

Serious 7 & 6 Rockers

Pop Star Party Platinum - 5th March 2016

"It was brilliant! Girls had a great time and enjoyed being rock chicks. Rob was very nice and good with the partygoers. Fab experience for all. Very good comms + booking system. "


Singer Silver - 27th February 2016

"- Amazing best experience! - Included family/friends well so welcoming. - Professional - Fun - Thankyou! - Forever memorable."

Brogan Collis

Singer Silver Plus - 27th February 2016

"I enjoted this experience. At first, I was very nervous but I became allot more comfortable when I sang the songs again. I enjoyed listening back over what I was singing and editing them songs. Rob was very helpful and he made my experience so fun. Overall a great experience."


Singer Silver Plus - 27th February 2016

"It was an amazing experience, to have a look what it's like to sing in a recording studio. I loved being here and singing my two favourite songs. "

Hollie & Sohpie

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd February 2016

"Hollie: I think it was really good fun and you didn't feel under pressure. Sophie: It was awesome, it was a really good experience."

The Loon-ettes

Pop Star Party Silver - 21st February 2016

"The 4 girls have had a fantastic afternoon! 'Head smashingly brilliant', 'Hilarious', 'Very fun'. Photo session really enjoyed. Singing - felt like professionals. Would definitely come back and would recommend to friends. 'Absolutely awesome, I loved it!', 'amazing experience' & 'incredible'!"

Young Divas

Pop Star Party Platinum - 21st February 2016

"A fantastic experience. The kids had a great time. Very happy with the service."

David Edwards

Singer Cut Diamond - 19th February 2016

"A fabulous day, really enjoyed the experience (again!). Joe was the perfect host, and really helped me all day, very happy with the final result and will undoubtedly return for take 3. :)"

Nicole Mills

Singer Silver Plus - 18th February 2016

"I had such a great experience the last time I came to GiftDaze so I was desperate to come and record songs again. Very friendly staff who make you feel at ease."

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