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Rosie Fox

Songwriter Silver - 25th January 2014

"It was my first experience and I really enjoyed it. I would love to do it again. It was very helpful and Dale was lovely."

Elspeth Collard and Chloe Sanders

Songwriter Silver - 25th January 2014

"I had an incredible time recording - the 4 hour session really flew by! Very happy with the finished product as well, I don't think my songs have ever sounded so professional!"

Ella Buckle

Singer Gold - 25th January 2014

"I ad a fabulous time, I really enjoyed myself and am very pleased with the outcome :)"

Nick Brady

Player Gold - 24th January 2014

"Brilliant production, excellent fun. Would highly recommend and will definitely be back."

Lauren Clements & Maya Worthington

Singer Gold - 19th January 2014

"We loved it, a great experience we will definitely do it again."


Pop Star Party Silver - 19th January 2014

"Andrea - Mother of Amelie: My daughter and her friends had a fantastic time. They felt like real pop stars and giggles non-stop for two hours. The most fun they've ever had that didn't involve a roller coaster ride! Lulu: 'Amazing' Jemma: 'Really fun' Amelie: 'exciting' All: 'Rob was great'"

Naomi Price

Singer Silver Plus - 18th January 2014

"Today's experience was very good fun because I got to sing two of my favourite songs!"

Antonia, Rene

Singer Silver - 18th January 2014

"Had a very good experience, very well taken care of from the beginning. We feel really special and had a great time. "

Gemma Macafee

Singer Platinum - 18th January 2014

"Excellent experience! Had a great time!"

Naomi Englefield

Singer Silver - 18th January 2014

"I enjoyed the experience, one I'll never forget. Thank you very much."

Mark Gleave

Singer Silver - 17th January 2014

"My 20th visit in 8 years so the studio has become like a second home. Thank you very much Dale and Paul."

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold Plus - 13th January 2014

"I've had an amazing 17th visit to the studio. Dale as always was a legend and continues to make me feel chilled yet confident. A big thank you to the handyman Paul for making an appearance too! See you in April!"

Sasha and the fabulous foxes and the horse.

Pop Star Party Platinum - 12th January 2014

"'It was Epic' Millie 'What does the 'Rob' say' Sasha 'instead of school can we come here?' Verity 'Rob entertained us all the way though' Rosa 'Thankyou for a great day' Rosie 'This is the most epic place in the world' Rebecca "

January Rocks!

Pop Star Party Platinum - 11th January 2014

"Girls had a great time and every went smoothly. Great party would highly recommend."

The Pink Pop Stars

Pop Star Party Platinum - 11th January 2014

"Girls have had a fabulous time, very excited. Would like to do it again."

Denize Halfpenny

Singer Silver - 7th January 2014

"Fantastic experience. Rob put me so much at ease! He was patient and gave me opportunities to make my song sound better."

Alison Walton

Singer Silver - 7th January 2014

"What a fabulous birthday present! Had great fun being in a professional studio, and was well looked after and reassured by Rob. If you have ever wondered if you could cut a CD - Just do it - it's really good fun."

Nathalie and Lianne

Singer Gold - 7th January 2014

"Loved the experience, this is my 3rd time and I can't wait to come back! Amazing experience. Makes us feel confident with singing and an incredible way of mixing all the versions. Will definitely be coming back!"

Michelle Hopson

Pop Star Party Silver - 4th January 2014

"Thank you for a great recording experience for my daughters 10th birthday and 3 of her friends, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!"

The Wild Ones

Pop Star Party Silver - 4th January 2014

"We loved recording it and listening to ourselves. It was so funny when we forgot our lyrics. The final result was awesome."

Emily Glaser

Singer Gold - 4th January 2014

"Absolutely incredible experience, had a fantastic time and learnt some amazing singing techniques. Thank you so much for such an amazing day."

Mini Mix

Pop Star Party Gold - 3rd January 2014

"We all enjoyed it, lots of fun! Rob was fun to work with! "

Cath Deans

Singer Diamond - 3rd January 2014

"I just can't stay away! I always arrive slightly nervous but leave feeling like a superstar. A truly wonderful day - I am already planning my next visit with my friends. Thank you so much to Dale - you're brilliant."

The Surrey Girls

Pop Star Party Gold - 2nd January 2014

"It was fun, enjoyable and we had a really good time. The best birthday present ever."

Jasmine Penfold

Singer Silver - 2nd January 2014

"Enjoyed my second experience, felt a lot more relaxed and confident in myself, very helpful."

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