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Charlotte and Ellie

Singer Silver Plus - 7th July 2013

"Awesome! Wicked fun! Try it!"

Mia and Friends

Pop Star Party Silver - 7th July 2013

"It was amazing, we felt like professional singers. We would definitely come back! Thank you!"

The Sweet Chicks

Pop Star Party Silver - 6th July 2013

"Thank you Gift Daze for a fantastic experience. The girls had lots of fun! It's Amazing!"

Eimer Wigham

Singer Gold Plus - 6th July 2013

"Very fun, interesting and professional. Felt like a real singer. Extremely organised."

Kerry Instone

Singer Gold - 4th July 2013

"The whole session was great, very easy to relax into, very professional and very helpful producer who was there to guide every step of the way. Would highly recommend this experience to anyone."

The Little Wings

Pop Star Party Platinum - 30th June 2013

"'Awesome fun. An experience of a life time' - Lulu (Age 8) Great fun and experience for them, many thanks. - Lulu's Dad (Age 44)"

Chris Jenner

Singer Gold Plus - 30th June 2013

"An enjoyable experience made better by the calming influence of Rob. Definitely would recommend to friends and may become a repeat offender.."

Kim Godward

Singer Silver - 29th June 2013

"Fntastic - made me sound good. Nervous at first but really enjoyed it and glad we came."

Aylish, Georgie, Polly, Holy, Hannah, Jade

Pop Star Party Gold - 29th June 2013

"I loved it! I can't wait to come back!"

Garry Clark

Singer Gold Plus - 29th June 2013

"Amazing experience, helpful and talented engineer. I will be back - recommend to everyone. Just wish I had booked a whole day! Glad I also included the DVD as it makes an extra special memory for my 40th."

2 Direction

Pop Star Party Platinum - 22nd June 2013

"Excellent fun, our 7 year old loved every second of it!"

Georgina Nimmo

Pop Star Party Platinum - 22nd June 2013

"I thought it was really good and rob was really nice. Thankyou for the auto tune! We had a lot of fun and we will definitely come back!"

Graham Lancaster

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd June 2013

"What a fantastic experience. Really enjoyed it."

The Higher The Fall

Band Silver - 20th June 2013

"Really good experience, Dale was really helpful and great at mixing. Would come again for sure."

Nikki Freeman

Singer Platinum - 20th June 2013

"Great experience, very friendly I felt really at ease and all my needs were met. I've done it before and I'd do it again!"

Sean Webb

Singer Silver Plus - 15th June 2013

"Loved it! Very friendly, very professional and very impressed with the final product. Would definitely come back for another experience."


Band Silver - 12th June 2013

"Really professional, friendly and helpful. We enjoyed ourselves and were very impressed with the outcome and the set-up. Highly recommend. What a great present to give someone."

Deborah Robinson

Pop Star Party Platinum - 8th June 2013

"Exciting, Brilliant, Run, Amazing, Cool, Epic and awesome. Felt like a pop group for a day,"

Bobby Garland

Singer Gold Plus - 3rd June 2013

"Brilliant service provided. Really enjoyed myself and was made to feel very welcome and comfortable!"

Georgia and Ellie

Singer Gold - 1st June 2013

"Ellie: Gift Daze was fun and enjoyable. Dale was really nice and helpful. I would love to come again. Georgia: It was fun and a great experience. Dale was helpful. It was a great time for the girls they loved it. It has given them both more confidence and would love to come again."


Pop Star Party Silver - 1st June 2013

"The girls had great fun, what a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday!"

Jo Sigsworth

Singer Silver Plus - 31st May 2013

"Really Great experience, Rob was very good + helpful and because he said I sounded good, I like him! Thank you!"

Fern Simmons, Daisy Morris

Singer Gold - 31st May 2013

"My Experience was amazing. Rob was really nice and I had a great time with my friend. This was definitely the best birthday present I have ever had and would definitely do it again :)"

Kirsten McCormick

Singer Silver - 31st May 2013

"I had a lovely morning, the staff were really friendly and did all they could to make my song perfect. I will definitely be returning."

Emilie, Fran and Emma

Songwriter Silver - 30th May 2013

"Fantastic! Life time experience, very nice staff, really fun. Definitely coming back. Very efficient. We had lots of fun and are going to try to get some work experience in a local recording studio. Given us an amazing opportunity to expand our leaning and our future plans for jobs."

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