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Debs & Her Hens

Singer Platinum - 7th April 2017

"It was a very professional experience! Joe made us feel relaxed and we had a wonderful time."

The 7 Stars

Pop Star Party Gold - 7th April 2017

"We had an enjoyable time here. Facilities and host amazing and all 7 girls all entertained."

William Grabowski

Singer Silver - 7th April 2017

"Joe was really helpful & encouraging. The whole experience was very authentic and I would recommend the experience to any of all singing abilities."


Singer Emerald - 4th April 2017

"Really enjoyed the day, was a great experience. Joe was friendly, complimentary and understanding. Great value for money. Recommend this experience highly."

Steve Hilder

Singer Gold - 4th April 2017

"Absolutely fantastic experience. We have never sung before and would not make even the bad ones on X-factor! But Joe was so lovely, made us very welcome, comfortable and unbelievably in tune!! Would encourage anyone to give the experience a try."

Harri Dickenson

Singer Silver Plus - 3rd April 2017

"I was very nervous to come to my session today but when I got here I was pleasantly surprised how nice my producer was. My producer made me forget about my nerves and made me smile. If you want to do this I suggest you do! It's worth it!"

Ali & Her Girls

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd April 2017

"Had a brilliant afternoon with Joe, who was extremely friendly & helpful and made us all very comfortable. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun and something different. Had a wonderful time making memories."

Robyn Knight

Singer Silver - 2nd April 2017

"Really enjoyed my experience. I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. Would definitely recommend."

12 for All

Pop Star Party Emerald - 1st April 2017

"In the words of 12 9 year olds: 'The party was better than awesome, fabulous and the best party ever'."

Bill Evans

Singer Gold Plus - 1st April 2017

"It was lovely. An experience but a good one."

Derek Hutton

Singer Silver Plus - 30th March 2017

"Loved the experience, was nervous and worried at first as I have 'never' done anything like this before, was put at ease throughout the time."

Mia Donovan

Singer Gold Plus - 29th March 2017

"I really enjoyed it! I felt nervous but it was actually really relaxed and friendly, not rushed whatsoever. ☺"

Amelie Bradburn

Singer Silver - 28th March 2017

"At the beginning I was really nervous but afterwards I was fine and I enjoyed it. It was amazing to see how it all worked."

The Cool Girls

Pop Star Party Emerald - 25th March 2017

"I booked the pop star party for my daughters 10th birthday. She and her friends had a great time. We thought the set up and structure of the day was good. The producer Rob was great and had the patience of a saint :)."

Alan Fredericks

Singer Gold - 25th March 2017

"Excellent. Rob very patient. A great experience and very accommodating to a group of 12 of us."

Rachel Scarlett

Singer Silver Plus - 25th March 2017

"The session was great I was made to feel relaxed and welcome. He put the track tougher really well and I was really pleased with the result! "

Mick Durkin

Singer Emerald - 24th March 2017

"First-class experience and so professional."

Arlo Hill

Player Gold - 23rd March 2017

"Everything was absolutely amazing, the mixing desk, the keyboard and the drums. I appreciate the way you let me do some songs with the guitar and them burning them on a proper CD."

Kelly Everdell

Singer Platinum - 22nd March 2017

"Amazing experience. I was made to feel very relaxed and really enjoyed the afternoon. Would definitely come back and would recommend to others."

The 8 Diamonds

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th March 2017

"Our daughter had a fantastic 7th birthday party. She says it was amazing! Joe was great with the girls and made sure they had lots of fun! Thank you so much!"

Austin Family

Singer Platinum - 19th March 2017

"Excellent day! Thank you!"

Super Stars and Chocolate Sparkles

Pop Star Party Diamond - 18th March 2017

"The perfect experience for any budding pop stars! Our girls (aged 8) had such a wonderful time, the atmosphere buzzing, the tunes destined for the charts. Rob's smooth cunning and seamless organisation was spot on!!"

Chris Mott

Producer Silver - 18th March 2017

"Very useful and eye opening experience. It was really amazing to see so much industry standard equipment as well as to use it all! Thanks Giftdaze"

Mark & Sadie Elliott

Singer Platinum - 13th March 2017

"Great day for myself & my dad. Really enjoyed it even though it's the 2nd time we've been. Would recommend"

Fabulous Five & The Legit Six

Pop Star Party Emerald - 12th March 2017

"What a fantastic afternoon, my daughter and her friends had an amazing time. Thank you so much."

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