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Sarah Butt

Pop Star Party Emerald - 20th November 2011

"A good time had by all, great fun. Thoroughly recommend it."

The Kutie Kats

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th November 2011

"What a fantastic experience! All 8 girls have loved every minute of it and felt like real popstars! The CD artwork is great and we can't wait to watch the DVD. Best party eve! Thank you!"

Vicky Lowe

Singer Gold - 17th November 2011

"Had a really great time, I was pretty nervous before I went but it wasn't half as scary as I thought it would be. Would definitely do it again."

Pip Johnson

Singer Silver - 14th November 2011

"I felt very relaxed and comfortable. It was great to hear myself played back, singing my favourite songs! If only I could tweak little flat notes when I'm singing live! Thank you very much! :)"

Rhys Wood

Singer Gold - 14th November 2011

"I really enjoyed doing it and it's a good experience to see how good your voice is. I will come back to do some more songs."

Neal Davis

Singer Silver - 14th November 2011

"Awesome fun. Understanding helpful staff and a good cuppa tea!"

Rachel Chatfield

Singer Platinum - 11th November 2011

"It was an amazing experience and good to hear my own voice back. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to sing."

Emilie Harris

Singer Gold - 11th November 2011

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the studio. I was stupidly nervous to start, but after the first song I was made to feel very relaxed and I went on to love the experience. Would definitely come again."

Brenda and The Pink Babes

Pop Star Party Gold - 6th November 2011

"Great fun. Brenda and The Pink Babes had a ball! Thank you for your patience from us all."

Firework Girls

Pop Star Party Gold - 6th November 2011

"It was cool! It was really good! I liked embarrasing myself and being a popstar. I was amazing and I really loved wearing the headphones. It was a good experience, being in a popstar studio and having fun! It was very good!"

Alexandria Stalland

Singer Gold Plus - 5th November 2011

"This is my second visit to the studio and it was just as great as the last time. You all made me feel very welcome."

Rosie Sommerville

Singer Gold - 5th November 2011

"Once again a real great experience. Dale is very accomadating and fab to work with! Love coming here, ideal as a gift or just to come and enjoy your voice! Never would hesitate in coming back!"

Natasha Johnston

Singer Silver Plus - 4th November 2011

"An amazing experience, the staff were very friendly and made you feel right at home. I will definitely be coming back."

Jamie McDonnell

Singer Silver Plus - 1st November 2011

"Fantastic experience, would recommend to friends and family, will bring my daughter back one day."

Georgia Plumpton

Pop Star Party Platinum - 30th October 2011

"It was really good and funny. I did it for my 15th birthday and it was such a good day! I would recommend it for any ages!"

Liz Marchant

Singer Silver - 30th October 2011

"Fantastic fun. Went in tone deaf, came out a diva!"

The Girls of the Century

Pop Star Party Gold - 29th October 2011

"'Awesome, fantastic and amazing' said the birthday girl and her bffs. The parents say this was very professional and enjoyable experience. Good value for money too. Highly recommend."

Sorrel Jordan

Pop Star Party Gold - 29th October 2011

"Excellent - thank you."

Emma and Ayah

Singer Silver Plus - 28th October 2011

"It was amazing and we felt very comfortable when we sung! I will suggest this experience to other people!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 28th October 2011

"Really enjoyed the experience, would like to do it again, found it really fun and great experience to have."

Six Strings

Pop Star Party Gold - 27th October 2011

"Absolutely brilliant, our second visit. Will definitely recommend."


Singer Gold Plus - 27th October 2011

"Brilliant experience, everyone is really friendly, had a lovely time! Thanks."

Harriet and Charlotte

Singer Silver Plus - 27th October 2011

"The experience was great fun, we both really enjoyed the session. Thank you."


Pop Star Party Silver - 27th October 2011

"Anna - Very good day! Beatrice - I think I should be at number one! Serena & Talia - Number 1 hit!"

William and Ellie

Singer Silver Plus - 27th October 2011

"Ellie - I really enjoyed singing and seeing it all being mixed was really great, thank you! William - It was a great day which I really enjoyed and definitely do again. Seeing it being mixed was really cool, thank you!"

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