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Nejla Carter - Wallace

Singer Silver - 6th March 2011

"I had 3 little boys with me but I was relaxed. I enjoyed doing this for the second time at the studio, I am thinking for my third in the future."

Neve and Maisie

Singer Silver Plus - 6th March 2011

"It was great, we had a great experience and we would definitely come here again. There were no problems at all and the man was nice too!"

Becci McBurney

Singer Silver Plus - 5th March 2011

"A brilliant experience from start to finish. An enjoyable time, fantastic and friendly. I loved every minute and it went beyond my expectations. Thanks very much for a wonderful experience. Would definitely come again."


Pop Star Party Gold - 5th March 2011

"I found it a really good experience. Paul was very nice, funny, enthusiastic and helpful. It was a good way to pass an afternoon away. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we want to come back soon. It was fab, we all liked it sooooo much!"

Jodie and the Dudettes

Pop Star Party Gold - 5th March 2011

"We had such a great time, it was a good experience for our new job. Laughing non stop it was the best party i've ever had. Want to do it all again. Me and my friends were so nervous but when you get in there it will rock your world!"

Maddie and Miki

Singer Emerald - 5th March 2011

"When we were on our way, we were really scared but after we did a few takes Dale made us feel really welcome and made our voices really good! Really recommend it!"

Haylie Anne Rivera

Singer Gold - 5th March 2011

"It was a great experience, one of the best gifts I've ever had and I definitely will come back again. I would recommend this to everyone."

Claire Howarth

Singer Silver Plus - 4th March 2011

"The man was really nice and it was good fun."

Kerry Breen

Singer Gold - 3rd March 2011

"My experience was expertly managed and overseen by a very amiable complimentary young man. I definitely recommend it as it is fantastic fun and an oppotunity to express yourself as well."

Terri Hill

Singer Silver Plus - 3rd March 2011

"I had a fab time! It was a great experience and I loved the whole thing! I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thank you!"

The Ice Cream Sundaes

Pop Star Party Gold - 27th February 2011

"I liked the experience and I hope the DVD is good. I loved the experience it made me feel like a popstar! I would love to do it again in the future!"

Scarlett Bagg

Singer Silver - 27th February 2011

"Was very nervous at the start but was put at ease. Had a brilliant time and CD sounds great! Thank you!"

Michelle Dixon

Player Gold - 27th February 2011

"Very professional, pleased with the results."

Robyn Hill

Singer Gold - 27th February 2011

"Fantastic! A little nervous to start but loved it so much I'm already thinking of when I can come back and do another session. Thank you!"

Naomi Metcalfe

Singer Gold - 27th February 2011

"Had an amazing time, was really interesting to hear my voice back and also see what can be done to the sounds! Would definitely come again, very much enjoyed."

Paul Nicholas

Singer Silver - 27th February 2011

"I found the experience very professional and very good. Nerves at first but then got better as my time went on. I would recommend Gift Daze to, everyone. Fantastic. Great day."

Tom Stevens

Singer Gold Plus - 26th February 2011

"The best thing I have ever done. It's given me so much confidence."

Paige Hackworth

Singer Gold - 26th February 2011

"It was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed it. Helpful and friendly advice and I was made to feel relaxed."

Al Gunn and Paul Holden

Singer Silver - 25th February 2011

"This was the first time I've done anything like this - Loved it! Very professional - A great experience and definitely look to come again!"

Isabella and the Rock Princesses

Pop Star Party Silver - 25th February 2011

"Izzy 'I had a really really really really really good day!'. Abbie 'I had a super califragalistic espeali doshash day!'. Brook 'Best day ever I loved it so much thank you!'. Honey 'Best party ever!'."

Olivia and Jordan

Singer Silver Plus - 25th February 2011

"A very good experience, would come again, enjoyable."

Jonny and Liam

Singer Silver Plus - 25th February 2011

"A good experience for both of us, final result was brilliant. The people here were really nice and helpful, would love to do it again."

Danielle Hoose

Singer Silver - 25th February 2011

"I was nervous at first, but whe I got into the song I felt ok. When Dale put the track on for me it helped me become louder and more confident."

Kelly and Elisha

Singer Gold - 24th February 2011

"We had an excellent experience. Thank you for a great time, will definitely be booking to come again. "

Joely Frost

Singer Silver Plus - 24th February 2011

"I had an amazing experience at Gift Daze. Paul was very friendly and made my visit very enjoyable. Thank you vrey much! Joely."

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