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Layren Pentland

Singer Silver Plus - 6th February 2010

"I enjoyed every minute of it and want to do it again. It was a fantastic brithday present."

Tom Eland

Player Gold - 6th February 2010

"Fantastic day - always wondered what it would be like. Paul makes you feel at ease. Really good experience - Exceeds expectations. "

Olivia Poulter

Singer Silver - 6th February 2010

"It was a good experience. I felt nervous beforehand but soon got into it. Paul was very helpful."

Courtney & Hollie

Singer Silver Plus - 6th February 2010

"Very enjoyable, both for the singers and us watching! Courtney and Hollie said 'Cool'!"

The Beyoncettes

Pop Star Party Emerald - 6th February 2010

"Great fun and Dale was very patient! The Beyoncettes will shortly be announcing dates for their debut uk tour!"

Richard Leach

Singer Diamond - 5th February 2010

"Had a great day stuff were brill when I get a better voice I will be back. "

Red Roulettes

Band Platinum - 5th February 2010

"We had a fantastic day and will definitely be returning soon!"

Paul Drake

Songwriter Silver - 3rd February 2010

"I cannot believe how much we achieved in so little time! What started out as me with my guitar has ended as me, drums, bass, strings and percussion! Thank you very much, highly recommended."

Rachel Laycock

Singer Platinum - 2nd February 2010

"Great time, so friendly and loved every minute. No one got annoyed when I messed up! Would definitely do it again!"

Rock Girls

Pop Star Party Silver - 30th January 2010

"2nd Time here, gets better and better!"

The Bright Light Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 30th January 2010

"Had a brill time, girls had lots of fun! A great birthday experience, will be talking about this for ages - Thank you!"


Player Silver - 30th January 2010

"A really fun and relaxed experience. I've always wanted to see what a proper studio is like. It's amazing how quickly everything comes together. Highly recommended!! Paul is a studio wizard!"

Amy & Molly

Singer Silver - 30th January 2010

"Bought as a 'joke' present from my husband last Christmas! But was realy good fun - really enjoyed it - and can think of a million people to buy this for! Thank you (Mrs Barlow!)"

Paige-Ann Harris

Singer Gold - 28th January 2010

"I enjoyed my time so much, was very helpful and made me feel very relaxed."

Lorraine Little

Singer Emerald - 28th January 2010

"This is the third time I have been to Gift Daze and each time gets better but goes too quickly! Paul was brilliant, he put me at ease and made me sound great! I Hope to be back again soon!"

Dave Life & The Dreamers

Pop Star Party Gold - 24th January 2010

"From start to finish a thoroughly enjoyable, professional and brilliant experience. Thank you for your patience with our 'musically challenged' family. The kids had a blast as well. We will be very happy to recommend your services to anyone who will hear our single! Thanks for making it such a special day."

Andy Gleeson

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd January 2010

"I had an excellent time recording my songs and was looked after very well. Thank you so much!"

Sandra Williams

Singer Gold - 22nd January 2010

"Really enjoed the session and made to feel at ease when nervous. Very good."

Natasha Vora

Singer Silver Plus - 21st January 2010

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have overcome my fear of singing through this experience. Made my friend & I completely relaxed & comfortable. I am very happy with the songs and the final production & especially the time spent in the studio. I am very happy & pleased with todays experience."

Hot or What

Pop Star Party Emerald - 17th January 2010

"Brilliant experience! Hilarious to watch in the green room. Feels like being a real pop star! We loved it and we hope to come back!"

The Groovy Girls

Pop Star Party Silver - 17th January 2010

"Very enjoyable! Highly recommended. Great fun for all ages."

Girlz Knight

Pop Star Party Gold - 16th January 2010

"The girls after and nervous start warmed up. Lots of giggling and laughter. Thank you."

Nina Greene

Singer Silver Plus - 16th January 2010

"I had a really fantastic time. Dale was very polite and helpful. I would definitely come back again. Thank you very much."

Pigeons Of Death

Player Platinum - 16th January 2010

"Incredibly professional and fantastic atmosphere all round. Paul is a rather special guy, but his imaginary ghost friend was a tad strange. All in all we loved the place and may kidnap Paul and take him home with us. He made a bunch of half-baked weirdos sound rather good which is a feat unto itself."

Mark, Paula and Jon Doyle

Player Platinum - 15th January 2010

"Enjoyed the session, good end result."

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