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Kathryn Thomas

Singer Silver - 27th November 2009

"It was a great experience, really good fun and it sounded great!"

Shari Austen - Smith

Singer Gold - 27th November 2009

"I had a brilliant time recording with Dale. Really fun and a really relaxed atmosphere. You must give it a go!"

Ian Field

Singer Platinum - 26th November 2009

"Fantastic experience! Warm welcoming atmosphere and surroundings. Paul made us very welcome and the experience was fun. Well worth a visit to anyone."

Roy Bowles

Singer Gold - 26th November 2009

"Absolutely fantastico, made very welcome, Paul performs magic with his equipment. Would definitely experience it again. As Elvis would say 'Thank you very much'"

Emma and Mandy

Singer Silver Plus - 26th November 2009

"Other than turning up 30 minutes late we were made to feel very welcome and had a fantastic time, wish we had stayed longer and would definitely recommend to anyone whether they can sing or not. Would 100% do it again!"


Singer Gold - 25th November 2009

"Fantastic fun really enjoyed the experience, Can't wait to return!"


Singer Gold - 22nd November 2009

"We love the sponge on the wall! The whole experience was super cool. I felt like a super star! The producer is a magician!"

Sensational Saturdays

Pop Star Party Platinum - 22nd November 2009

"It was really great. It was the best birthday party ever - fantastic!"

Going GaGa

Singer Silver - 22nd November 2009

"Excellent, very friendly staff. Brilliant fun , although we need to learn to be serious though!!! Thank you for a great birthday experience! (mum and dad)."

Ice On Fire

Pop Star Party Silver - 22nd November 2009

"Once in a lifetime, lots of fun, really brilliant one of the best things I have ever done!"

Laura Turner

Singer Platinum - 22nd November 2009

"I really enjoyed my recording studio experience - singing my favourite songs in the studio was amazing and listening to it all being put together was fantastic! My producer was really friendly and helpful - I would highly recommend this to everyone!"

Becky Simper

Singer Silver - 21st November 2009

"Was great fun, will definitely be back for more. Thanks very much."

The Power Puffs

Pop Star Party Platinum - 21st November 2009

"We have all enjoyed our time here singing and singing again! It is a wonderful experience and a lot fun with friends. All of my mates would definitely come again! Thank you all so much, we love it! "

Sunnie Honeyz

Pop Star Party Platinum - 21st November 2009

"Best party ever and loads of fun!"

Abbie Constance Tindall

Singer Silver - 21st November 2009

"I thought it was very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone!"

Pam Morris

Singer Platinum - 20th November 2009

"What a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed it. Paul was very encouraging which helped me as I was very nervous. I would thoroughly recommend the Gift Daze experience. I'll be back!"

Chris Wilton

Songwriter Silver - 20th November 2009

"Had a great session turing my simple little song into a fantastic sounding track. Paul was great to work with and made me feel very comfortable. He is very talented and I've no doubt I'll be back. Thanks!"

Danica Hunter

Singer Gold Plus - 19th November 2009

"After my third time of being here I still love coming and recording more and more songs. As always I have had an excellent time and can't wait to come back."

Dave Williams

Player Gold - 18th November 2009

"Dave - Very professional, friendly and would definitely recommend as a gift or just for the experience, even to make a demo. Julie - Laid back but professional, fantastic result. An enjoyable experience, and I only watched and listened!!!"

Daniela Haynes

Singer Silver - 15th November 2009

"I enjoyed every second of it and felt very comfortable. Thank you so much Dale, sorry for being such a pain!"

The Cup Cakes

Pop Star Party Silver - 15th November 2009

"I had a terrific time, great fun and very entertaining. Thank you for a great birthday!"

Candy Cane

Pop Star Party Silver - 15th November 2009

"Very well advertised, very enjoyable day. Thanks for all your help."

Elizabeth and Karen

Singer Gold - 15th November 2009

"'Absolutely Amazing' we thoroughly enjoyed the experience can you please get a studio nearer manchester?! Dale was very helpful and professional."


Singer Silver - 14th November 2009

"Great experience, a lot different to karaoke! Dale was very patient and gave me a lot of help, being not that great a singer."

Kelly Watson

Pop Star Party Silver - 14th November 2009

"Brilliant experience! Lots of fun! "

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