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Debbie and Ben Sarfas

Singer Platinum - 31st May 2009

"We were made to feel really at ease which helped nerves. I liked the fact we got 3 attempts to get it right and could reflect on the 'good bits'. Dale went out of his way to help us with any problem areas in songs, looked up and played a bit of one of our tracks so we could master a particular section. The experience was extremely professional and offered a lot better packages then I could find anywhere else on the internet."

The Pink Eyed Peas

Pop Star Party Gold - 30th May 2009

"Wicked. I loved it!"

The Harperettes

Pop Star Party Gold - 30th May 2009

"What a day! Great fun, such a laugh. I think we may be big in the future...remember our name 'The Harperettes' The man was very helpful and funny and made the experience better."

Phoebe and Abbie

Singer Silver - 30th May 2009

"It was really fun."

Clare Smith

Singer Gold - 30th May 2009

"Absolutely brilliant! Very relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Would recommend highly!!"

Sue Parris

Singer Silver - 30th May 2009

"Really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to family and friends. It was fun."

Ian and Georgina Leeson

Singer Silver Plus - 29th May 2009

"A great afternoon really good fun! We had plenty of time to go through everything and Dale (Our Producer) made us welcome and relaxed."

Katie Sanders - Smith

Singer Silver - 29th May 2009

"It was great fun. I was very nervous to start off with, but the guy praised me and said well done. Next year I am definitely coming back."

Amy Warren

Singer Platinum - 29th May 2009

"Wicked, I loved every minute of it!"

Rebecca Wallard

Singer Gold - 27th May 2009

"Really good afternoon - sounded better than I expected. Would definitely do it again."

Harry Eastham

Singer Gold Plus - 27th May 2009

"At first really scary but then got more confident. I would recommend it to a friend"

Rob Hackeson

Player Platinum - 27th May 2009

"Many thanks for the help and encouragement. The end product exceeded my expectations massively. I would liked to have understood the mixing process more as it's like magic!"

Becky Fryza

Singer Platinum - 23rd May 2009

"We had a fabulous time. Really enjoyed it, and delighted with the CD's. Becky now wants to have her 11th birthday party here but I suspect we'll be back before that. Many many thanks."

Lianne Halfpenny

Singer Silver - 23rd May 2009

"The experience at the recording studios has been really good. It has been a challenge having to put up with the nerves but with the support from everyone you can get through it."

Nathalie Halfpenny

Singer Silver - 23rd May 2009

"So much fun, everyone was really nice and friendly and it was an amazing christmas present."

Monique Johnstone

Player Gold - 23rd May 2009

"I felt excited as I entered the studio. The whole day has been fun ;) I loved it and want to come back again !!"

Andy and Billy

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd May 2009

"Absolutely brilliant day, Dale is 'The Man' on the computer. Will definitely be back."

Mark Johnson

Songwriter Platinum - 22nd May 2009

"My second visit to Audio Sorcery, this time with an original song. It was a thrill to hear it being brought to life, another wonderful day and experience here. Many many thanks to Paul and Dale"

Emma and Sarah

Singer Platinum - 21st May 2009

"Had a fantastic day. Was very well looked after, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Can't wait to come back again! (Emma) Once over the first fits of laughter at the beginning!! I had a great day. Would definitely come back again. (Sarah)"

Chris Faith

Singer Silver Plus - 21st May 2009

"Nervous at first but was easy after one take. Loved every minute would recommend to any budding singers. Thanks to all my family. :)"

Lyndsay and Michelle

Singer Gold - 21st May 2009

"Had a great time! Soon lost the nerves. Will definitely come again with my trusty side-kick! :P Fantastic experience. A great thing to put on your 'To Do List'! Well recommended. :)"

Pete Johnston

Player Platinum - 19th May 2009

"Brilliant time. Paul and Dale were very hospitable and made my average rock song sound 'stadium'. What a laugh!"

Charlotte Banks

Singer Silver - 17th May 2009

"Brilliant, really enjoyed myself, excellent experience. Staff really friendly and kind."

Lily Hardy

Singer Gold - 17th May 2009

"The recording studio is so cool, I enjoyed it sooooo much! I would so come back again to sing more songs. I cannot wait until I listen to all my songs on the cd's. I loved it! It was such a great experience."

Panic! At The Bus Stop

Pop Star Party Gold - 16th May 2009

"Laugh out loud fun. Great birthday experience. Would recommend to friends."

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