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Michelle McKee

Singer Gold - 14th April 2009

"Very enjoyable experience, very relaxed would definitely recommend it to anyone, regardless of ability!"

Leigh Darley

Singer Gold - 14th April 2009

"I found it very enjoyable and the man was very helpful! I wouldn't mind doing it again. I would recommend it to people who can sing for the brilliant experience!"

Lucy and Elizabeth Sharpe

Singer Silver - 14th April 2009

"Very funny, couldn't stop laughing! Great fun hilarious!"

Ellie and Sophie

Singer Silver - 14th April 2009

"Fun, cool, funny! Fantastic, amazing and wicked!"

Girls Shouldn't Be Aloud

Hen Party Platinum - 11th April 2009

"Dale said we sounded like 'Angels', we did! We would also like to be in his band, such talent! Who would have known!"


Hen Party Platinum - 11th April 2009

"Brilliant experience - great fun for all of us! Well organised, professional and friendly"

Rachael Broomfield - Tagg

Singer Platinum - 10th April 2009

"It was really fun, I had an amazing time. I sounded pretty good even though I had a bad throat, it was a great morning. From a parents perspective, Dale did a great job. He helped Rachael with her confidence, altered the song key as she needed and he obviously knows his stuff! Thank you!"

Olivia Trevlling

Singer Platinum - 9th April 2009

"Very good, fun."

Michelle Smith

Singer Silver - 8th April 2009

"It was great fun and I felt like I was a professional except for the voice. I was made to feel relaxed."

Clare Turner

Singer Gold - 8th April 2009

"The engineer was very helpful in choosing which takes sounded best. A great experience."


Band Platinum - 8th April 2009

"We just wanted to say a massive thank you for making today a great experience! We really enjoyed it and love the CD - a fantastic memory of our time at uni together and hopefully its just the beginning! We will recommend Audio Sorcery and maybe see you there again ourselves in the future. "

Mariko Chadwick

Singer Diamond - 7th April 2009

"It was fun and it was very interesting watching Dale tweak everything - I definitely sounded better after airbrushing! It was very enjoyable, thanks! :D"

Dale Weekes

Player Platinum - 7th April 2009

"Great experience, very relaxed and welcoming. Finished product sounds amazing!"

Jenny Brown

Singer Gold - 6th April 2009

"Very good, thank you! :)"

Olymipia and Remmy

Singer Silver Plus - 6th April 2009

"I enjoyed it, I would like to do it again! It was a great experience although I was a little bit nervous at first."


Pop Star Party Gold - 6th April 2009

"A fantastic experience for our 8 year olds daughter's birthday party with 5 of her friends. Great fun and the CD's and DVD's you recieve are well mixed and a great souvenir."

Danielle Kemp

Singer Gold - 6th April 2009

"I thought it was a fun experience. It was good how they made me sound like a proper singer."

Alesha, Tia, Niki and Shannon

Pop Star Party Silver - 5th April 2009

"The girls have had a really fun day, really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone, a real good day out."

The Horny Hens

Hen Party Diamond - 4th April 2009

"The most amazing afternoon ever! We has so much fun and ended up with a brilliant (in our opinon!) recording and memories that will last forever! Thank you so much for being patient and encouraging! You are the best! "

The Spangals

Hen Party Diamond - 4th April 2009

"We loved today it was a really special experience - we'll hold it dear in our memories for years to come, actually see you next year!"

Sweet Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 4th April 2009

"Brillant!! The best party I've ever had. Fantastic experience! Dale was very patient and friendly!"


Player Gold - 4th April 2009

"It was really fun and funny!! Some things were very amusing!!! I really enjoyed the experience. I loved being able to talk and hear myself through the headphones!! Thank you."


Player Gold - 4th April 2009

"It was a really great experience and I especially enjoyed listening to my tracks afterwards and watching them being produced. All in all a fantastic afternoon - would definitely do it again - thank you."

Karen Caldecourt

Singer Silver Plus - 4th April 2009

"Great fun - word of advice - just relax and enjoy it!"

Elliot Lawrence

Player Platinum - 4th April 2009

"Fantastic - a really interesting and eye-opening experience of what goes on behind the scenes! Paul is a very supportive person to have on the desk and he managed to tweak it so I sounded ok!! Definitely doing it again!!!!"

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