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Where is To and Redeem on my gift voucher?



You'll first be asked to enter a few details about yourself (as the recipient of the gift voucher certificate). We will not share your details. Privacy rules! You'll then enter our live booking system. Be sure to book your session before the expiry date shown on the gift voucher certificate - you are given a 4 week grace booking period after your expiry date for those redeeming their experience at late notice. This grace period is not available once your gift card has expired - however, see 'Reinstate' below.


You can upgrade your experience to a bigger or different experience simply by paying the difference. Upgrading your experience does not effect your expiry date period.

Want to book a weekend? No problem...

Your gift voucher will state whether or not it has weekend bookings included. If your gift voucher is only bookable on weekdays (Monday to Friday) then upgrade using this option. This will then activate weekend bookings, opening up any available Saturdays and Sundays for your recording experience or party.


If you want more time then simple extend your gift voucher certificate for either the 3 month or 6 month option. This will give you more time to make a booking that fits around your busy schedule.


Has your gift voucher expired? Thankfully we at Gift Daze recognise this as a problem so at anytime you can reinstate your gift voucher certificate for either 3 or 6 months so that you can go ahead and make a session date with our live booking system.


You can log in at any time once your booking has been made, and providing you have at least 24 hours before your session commences, you can cancel your current booking and reschedule a date at no cost, providing your gift voucher certificate is still valid. If it is close to expiry, then see 'Extend' above, or if it has expired then see 'Reinstate' above. Not a problem!