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The Gift Voucher

Experience gift card artwork download

Perfect for giving as a gift. Add a name, occasion and special message.

Simply add your chosen Recording Experience to the shopping basket and personalise it before going to the checkout. You can 'Save' and 'Preview' to see your customised gift card as many times as you like before purchasing through the checkout.

Upon purchase a link for your experience gift card artwork download will be sent via email so that you can print and give for that special occasion. 

Click below to see the full gift card before it's folded.


Gift Card from Recording Experience Gifts



Valid for 6 months

Gift Daze recording experience gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Unique to Gift Daze

Your experience certificate can be upgraded online to a different or bigger session for the difference in cost - and this can be done at anytime during the validity of the experience. Just click the 'Redeem your gift' menu tab to log in and upgrade your experience.

Ultimate features

You can extend the expiry period of your gift voucher at any point during its validity, or even reinstate an experience that has expired, meaning you can always use it - no other experience supplier in the UK offers this feature! We want you to enjoy our experiences!





Your Music Web Page

Your exclusive Music Web Page

With each Gift Daze Experience or Party from Gift Daze, a Music Web Page is created for the singer(s) or musician(s) to share the outcome of their recording session with friends and family, wherever they may be, quickly and with no fuss!

See Demo

At the end of the session our producer will upload the track(s) you have recorded to your Music Web Page, together with the photograph you had taken for the Souvenir CD(s) print included with your experience.

Stream or download your music

You Music Web Page will have both playable versions of your track(s), plus downloadable versions making it super-easy to add your tracks directly to your favourite music player without any ripping of CDs etc.

View and download your picture

The digital high resolution picture we take in our photographic studio for your Souvenir CD(s) will also be uploaded to your Music Web Page for viewing - and you can download the full resolution version should you wish to have it printed.

Private access to your page

You will be emailed the web address and password that enables private access for viewing your Music Web Page. Private access can be removed, should you wish, if the tracks you've recorded are your own compositions and are not under any copyright control.

Hit Counter

See how many visitors have hit your Music Web Page. A hit counter is displayed on your page at all times, and increases by 1 for every visit received.


Your Music Web Page will be available forever - no strings attached.

Repeat visit?

So you've come back to enjoy another Gift Daze recording experience or party. You'll have a new Music Web Page created so that your fresh recordings and photograph can be uploaded without disturbing your past history with us.

No additional cost

Once an experience or party has been purchased from Gift Daze, a Music Web Page is assigned to the experience goer. When that experience is complete, the page is created and the password protection is emailed to them. There is no additional cost for setting up your exclusive Music Web Page. It's all included in the price!

The Souvenir CD

The Souvenir CD

3 Souvenir CDs included with every experience

Each experience includes a Souvenir CD (and perhaps a duplicate or two depending on your experience), mastered to high quality with your very own tracks on. A fantastic keep sake of your special day - one that will be remembered forever.

At the start of every studio session, we'll take a colour digital photograph of our visiting recording artist(s). We'll then produce full colour artwork during the session that wll be printed directly on the Souvenir CD and Video DVD included with your experience or party, ready to take home at the end of the recording session.

Each souvenir CD included with your experience will have all of the tracks included that you recorded during the session.

If you have your own design then please bring it with you on either memory stick or CD and we should be able to include this on our CD and Video DVD design.

The Souvenir CD and DVD can be played, given to relatives and friends as presents, or framed and hung on the wall as a superb keepsake.

Foxy ladies souvenir CDMatt Tuppen souvenir CDSky souvenir CDSummer and Lauren souvenir CD

Extra Copies

Your gift voucher will state how many souvenir CD(s) are included with your experience. Ask your producer on the day for more copies - we accept cash and credit/debit card at the studio.

1 CD = £7.50
3 CDs = £20.00
5 CDs = £30.00
12 CDs = £50.00


The Video DVD

The Video DVD

Buy any experience or party and select the video DVD under the options tab in the shopping basket.

Our set cameras will catch the entire experience whilst the performer is in our recording studio live rooms. You'll take home a video DVD ready to entertain family and friends that missed your experience happening.

A Fantastic keepsake

The producers comments are included with the visuals on the Video DVD. Indeed nothing is edited out so each performance is captured complete with the out-takes - which can make for very entertaining viewing!

We'll print the DVD with the same artwork that's been created for you on your photo printed souvenir CD, and present it to you at the end of the session.

Order your copy

Click the 'Options' tab in the shopping basket to add a Video DVD to your order, or if you already have an experience your gift voucher will state if a Video DVD is included. Ask your producer on the day for the master copy, or additional copy(ies) - we accept cash and credit/debit card at the studio.

1st DVD master copy = £20 when ordered at the same time as your experience or party purchase

Click the 'Options' tab in the shopping basket to add a Video DVD to your order

1st DVD master copy = £25 when ordered before or on the day of the studio session
Each DVD copy thereafter = £10

Upload to your YouTube channel


Backing Tracks

Backing tracks

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We supply professional quality backing tracks for your singing experience or party session.

Whether it's a charting topping hit from the past, or a fresh tune currently being played on the Radio 1 playlist, we're sure to have the track. You can find karaoke versions of tracks (include the term 'karaoke') to rehearse with on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube.





Where do I find the lyrics?

A good source for finding your chosen songs lyrics is

It's important to come to our studio armed with all the lyrics of your chosen songs printed on sheet paper ( include a copy of the lyrics for each singer participating). They'll be placed on a music stand in front of the singer and cannot be turned so only print on 1 side of the paper.


Can I bring my own karaoke tracks to the studio?

You are more than welcome to bring your own backing tracks on CD, iPod or memory stick. You can also buy your own tracks at various vendors, including Sunfly Karaoke & Ameritz.


Can we remove the vocals off an original recording?

Removing vocals from the artists original song can sometimes be done but the process badly effects the music and the quality ends up being sub-standard. We do not use or recommend this process in our recording experiences nor does it comply with copyright laws and other regulations set by MCPS.