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The Band experience

The Band Experience is perfect for groups of 3 to 6 members including a drummer. Record your own original music and let our producer take your sound to the next level. We will mix your tracks and include professional mastering - which means you can use your recording immediately, whether for radio play, getting gigs or uploading on to the likes of Spotify or iTunes.

Band Silver Pro
Record 1 song
Multi-track editing and dubbing
Up to 4 people
4 hour session
Personal music web page
HD video included
Personalised Gift Voucher
valid for 12 months


includes P&P. Press buy to personalise voucher

Band Gold Pro
Record up to 3 songs
Multi-track editing and dubbing
Up to 5 people
6 hour session
Personal music web page
HD video included
Personalised Gift Voucher
valid for 12 months


includes P&P. Press buy to personalise voucher

Band Platinum Pro
Record up to 5 songs
Multi-track editing and dubbing
Up to 6 people
All day session
Personal music web page
HD video included
Personalised Gift Voucher
valid for 12 months


includes P&P. Press buy to personalise voucher



On arrival all guests will be shown around our state-of-the-art recording studio by the engineer and producer. Equipment is set up and band members discuss there exact requirements with the engineer and producer. We'll mic up all the instruments, including 8 on the drum kit, and set the multi-track to record mode.

We're flexible! Choose to record the whole band live, or record one instrument at a time and really go to town on your tracks, ensuring the musicianship is at its best. We really can multi-track to your hearts content. Our powerful 96khz 24bit recording system means even 15 takes of a guitar solo can be spliced together in no time at all - for one 'perfect' sounding solo. We're really very good at editing and production!

Our vast gear-list includes top quality vocal and instrument mics, electric guitar, acoustic guitars, bass, Yamaha Clavinova piano, Hammond, Rhodes, synthesizers and our fantastic Yamaha maple custom drum kit with Sabian cymbals. These can be arranged for use on the day and free of charge - just let us know in advance.

The latest digital recording equipment is used together with a talented, fast, friendly and efficient sound engineer. Our aim is to exceed the artists expectations while in the calming and relaxed environment of our studios. And what a studio it is. Take a look at our main studio website for the technical spec list on the front page - Audio Sorcery

If you don't have a drummer, perhaps our Player experience is more suitable.

Once mixed, we'll master your tracks and save them to a brand new quality SD card (we supply) ready for you to take home and back-up for safe keeping. Friends and family will be gobsmacked at how professional you sound!

An HD video is included and you can use the files we film and save to a brand new quality SD card (we supply) for making your own video. The video files include the 'live recording sound' but you can dub on your mixed tracks using appropriate movie editing app, creating a pop video or voice/music/demo reel. Have fun! more >

An exclusive Personal music web page (see demo here) will be created where you can stream and download your music as MP3s, and includes a photograph we take of you in the studio. Perfect for sharing with friends and family - wherever they are!



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Personalised gift voucher

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Download you gift card artwork after purchase, print and give on that special occasion. We'll post one too for you.

Personal music web page

Every experience purchase now includes a personal music web page. At the end of the session, recordings from our artist for the day are uploaded and  can be securely accessed for streaming playback, or as downloadable MP3s - instantly. The perfect way to share with friends and family - wherever they may be! We'll also upload the picture we took in our studio so you have a keepsake photograph of the day. There's a hit counter too that shows how many visits your personal music web page has had over it's indefinite time online! See a demo here >

HD Video

A real-time HD Video of the recording studio session is included and supplied on a SD card as MP4 files for you to take home. The video is unedited capturing every moment of the performance including out-takes and the producers comments. You are of course welcome to edit these files, dub on the finished mixes, and titles, creat your own pop video or indeed a vocal showreel. That's up to you!

The Green Room
The Green Room

The Green Room is provided for your comfort. You can watch the experience via our TV and monitor camera, fed directly from the recording studios. An adjoining kitchen is provided with complimentary tea, coffee and squashes.


We allow up to four spectators to come and watch from the comfort of the Green Room. Please enquire if you want to bring more.


You are welcome to bring a camera to our studios and take some snaps in the live room  with our expensive microphones as props! Just ask your recording engineer when the best time is to do so.


We included a video of your experience as HD MP4 files on a SD card for you to take home. We advise you make a back-up of it at home as we record directly to the SD card and we do not store a back-up.


The minimum age for any of our experiences is 8. Their is no maximum age - 97 is the record set to date! Under 14s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Studio opening times 

We are open 7 days a week. Monday to Fridays between 9am and 7pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm.

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Use the gift voucher to log in or click Redeem on our home page, and just pay the difference to upgrade to another experience.


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Uke Sisters

Band Platinum - 14th May 2019

"Great fun! A super day, very rewarding and we've learned a lot. Great support and encouragement from Paul in a pleasant and professional environment. Many thanks!"

Johnny G

Band Platinum - 5th April 2019

"Had a great Platinum Day with Paul Just me and the keyboard. Great results. Lots of excellent quality recordings with Paul's new gear!"

Luke, Myles & Teagan

Band Gold - 7th October 2018

"The experience was fun and relaxed, while remaining professional and was a great introduction lesson about the production & recording industry"

Parry Band

Band Silver - 6th January 2018

"Absolutely amazing experience. Excellent facility - we really enjoyed out time and the advice and experience Robert gave us. We will definitely be coming back."

Electric Blue

Band Silver - 18th November 2017

"Fantastic experience. A lot of fun and very professionally organised. Can't recommend highly enough."

Take 5

Band Silver - 21st August 2016

"AMAZING! Will be back Soon"

Johnny G & Pius Kirby

Band Platinum - 6th October 2015

"We've been three times before with Paul, but great to meet Joe and get down 15 tracks in a day. Thanks. We'll be back!"

Dave Cane & Company

Band Platinum - 13th September 2015

"A great fun and productive day as always. Many thanks for a wonderful and professional session."

Dylan, Thomas, Rosie, William and Ian Lowe

Band Platinum - 19th August 2015

"Amazing! We've been looking forward to this ever since we booked it and it definitely lived up to our expectations. Several of us have been before and loved it just as much then too! Extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere - not to mention the wizard man himself, Rob. Thanks a million mate and well done for keeping your cool with us! The whole day has been ace. "


Band Platinum - 28th February 2015

"Fantastic experience. Professional, friendly service. Worked hard to make sure we got the best out of the day and recorded 4 tracks. Definitely the best recording session we have had. Great up-to-date equipment. Thank god for Auto-Tune."

See hundreds more reviews on our testimonials page

Demo listen

Under The Hat record 'Playing Her Game'
The Alex Beharrell Band record 'The Best Melancholy'
The Paul Dunton Orchestra record 'Don't Forget'
Nigel Bagge record 'Why Me'
Lost Cords record 'The Art Of Burning Water'
The Casino Conspiracy record 'Hide And Seek'
Splinter record 'Creep'
Moving Magnets record 'Bonnie and Clyde'

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Studio opening times for experiences and parties 

Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm
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Sunday 10am to 6pm

We are open over school holidays and on bank holidays, except Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New years Day.

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