Terms and Conditions 

1) Singing Sessions

a) We allow an approximate time of half an hour per song per session plus an additional half hour to make and master photo CD(s) for the recipient to take home. Thus a singer silver gift certificate with 1 song choice is 1 hour long, a singer gold with 3 song choices is 2 hours and a singer platinum with 5 song choices is 3 hours. Within this half an hour per song we generally record 3 separate takes of the singers performance and then use the best take with maybe some additional edits from other takes and mix the track down to our mastering machine. However, should the singer(s) take more than three takes to perfect their vocal performance, this may reduce the total number of chosen songs that the recipient can perform during their session.

b) Be sure to bring printed lyric sheets with a good sized font for reading from approximately 2 feet away. Failure to do this may result in delays while we print them for you.

c) We can only display words on screen "karaoke style" with prior arrangement however this service may not be available with some of our pro-quality backing tracks.

d) Recipients are welcome to bring their own backing track(s) on CD (or CDG). We cannot however remove vocals from commercial recordings so your backing track(s) must not have a lead vocal pre-recorded on them.

e) Please note that for 2 participants singing a duet we usually use two microphones, away from one another, so that two copies of the lyrics are advisable.

f) Please be sure to rehearse well before arriving for your session!

2) CD(s) & DVD(s)

a) We are licensed by the MCPS for copyright control and use only pro quality backing tracks.

b) The CD(s) and DVD(s) given to recipients at the end of their session are for personal use only and should not be duplicated or distributed.

c) Very occasionally the Video DVD does not record correctly, or has limited or no sound - and on these occasions we will gladly offer a full refund of the DVD cost. However, no refund, full or in part, will be made from the original experience cost. 

3) Gift voucher certificates

a) All gift voucher certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, except for when an offer may state to the contrary. Only one promotional code can be used for your purchase, and promotional codes cannot be backdated.

b) Gift Daze are able to offer a validity extension to an existing gift certificate when you log in to our website  (under the tab 'Redeem your gift') providing this is done within the valid period stated on the gift certificate. A proportional cost to the current retail price will be charged.

c) Gift certificates must be redeemed (scheduled booking) within the period that the gift certificate is valid. The expiry date is shown clearly on your gift certificate. To schedule a booking, log into our website (under the tab 'Redeem your gift').  Providing you log in before the expiry date our system will offer an additional grace period of 4 weeks from your expiry date - ideal for those making a last minute booking. From thereafter dates on our online booking system are crossed off in red and can only be view - you'll need to extend your gift voucher certificate accordingly to be able to book one of these dates.

d) Gift certificates are non-transferable unless under prior agreement and written notice by the Gift Daze management team (see section 8).

e) Once a gift certificate has passed its expiry date you will not be able to book a session. Our online booking system (under the tab 'Redeem your gift') will allow you to 'reinstate' your expired gift certificate for either 3 or 6 months at a proportional cost of the current experience retail price. Up to 24 hours is required to process your order, and the reinstated gift certificate will be valid from that time onwards for the period of your online selection. Please be aware of weekend availability (see 5d).

f) Activation of the Saturday/Sunday booking surcharge at 20% is included in all of our experience and party prices . This can be de-activated in the shopping basket under options - which means no weekend dates will be available to you, but you will save money on your purchase. Re-activation can be done at a later date by logging in with your gift voucher.

4) Upgrade

a) A gift certificate can be upgraded online to a different experience. Log into the website (under the tab 'Redeem your gift') and select the upgrade tab. A selection of upgrade choices will appear. Use the Google or PayPal link to purchase. Please note that upgrades can take 24 hours to process. If you have already scheduled your session and we can't fit in your upgrade (because of time constraints) then we will find a alternative booking date and time for you.

b) Upgrading an experience does not extend the validity of the gift certificate (to do this see 3b).

c) An experience gift certificate cannot be downgraded, and no partial refunds can be offered outside of the first 28 days after purchase (see 5a).

5) Refunds, Sickness and Cancellations

a) We are happy to offer a refund on a gift certificate providing you contact us within 28 days of purchase, and a booking has not yet been made or a recording session not yet undertaken. There is an administration cost of 20% (to a maximum of £35) that is deducted when a refund is given. the refunded money will be credited to the original purchases card. Should this card have expired then we ask to be notified in writing with the up-to-date credit card details so that we can refund successfully. A Refund cancels the gift certificate and makes it invalid immediately.

b) If you cancel/reschedule within 48 hours of your current scheduled booking for any reason including sickness then we will charge a minimum fee of £20 plus 20% of the experience RRP for rebooking of your experience on a future date. This cost covers loss of business over the duration of your cancelled booking as it is unlikely that we could fill the slot at such short notice. Last minute cancellations must be called into our office immediately on 01892 752117 (weekdays 9am to 7pm) or anytime directly to Paul Midcalf on 07876 313838. An email is not an acceptable form of communication for last minute cancellation notification (especially as the office is shut during weekends). Failure to notify us could render your experience invalid.

c) If recipients fail to attend their booked session with little or no prior notice then this will render the gift certificate invalid and no further dates may be offered (for exceptions see Force Majeure under section 6).

d) If an experience has been booked and the recipient wishes to reschedule their appointment then they can log in to our website (under the tab 'Redeem your gift') and then click on 'Reschedule'. Cancelling a weekend appointment with less than approximately 6 months of validity remaining on your gift voucher certificate may mean you will not be able to book an alternative weekend slot without first using the 'Extend' option in the booking area. You cannot reschedule an experience booking within 48 hours of your scheduled booking.

e) Cancelling a scheduled booking once the expiry date has passed will require you to reinstate your gift certificate at a proportional cost of the experience RRP before another booking can be made.

f) Rescheduling an appointment over the phone will incur a minimum additional administration cost of 20% of the experience RRP (to a maximum of £35). This cost does not include an experience upgrade (see section 4), nor an experience extension (see 3b), nor the reinstating of an expired gift certificate (see 3e).

g) You may cancel and reschedule your experience session online as many times as you wish free of charge (under the tab 'booking') providing you do so within the validity of the gift certificate and not closer than 48 hours to any one particular scheduled booking. Costs & other conditions may apply regarding availability for weekend slots (see 5d) and cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled booking date (see 5b).

h) The 'Weekend Booking Surcharge', included by default with all purchases (as of 4th Dec 2016), of 20% cannot be refunded should you decide to book your experience session on a week day. See 3f on how to de-activate this surcharge before purchasing.

6) Force Majeure

a) An experience may be cancelled and rescheduled as a result of conditions beyond its control such as, but not limited to, war, strikes, fires, floods, acts of God, governmental restrictions, power failures, or damage or destruction of any network facilities or servers. Gift Daze will not be liable for any costs resulting in the rescheduling of appointments cancelled, nor will they be under any obligation to offer a refund (see clause 5a for our standard refund policy) due to Force Majeure (greater forces).

7) Bookings

a) Weekend slots are subject to availability and only available to those whom have a gift voucher with 'Weekend Bookings' activated. This is an option present at the time of purchase in the shopping basket (see 3f) Gift Daze cannot be held responsible if the recipients desired redemption date is unavailable.

b) If a recipient is late for their studio booking please note that it is not possible for the session to over run. In some circumstances late arrivals may be turned away due to insufficient time to complete an experience.

c) Gift Daze has the right to move the studio location at any given time. Gift certificate holders that are booked in prior to any studio move will be informed either by telephone, email or in writing.

d) It is always advisable to check our web site (under "Contact us" at the top of each web page) for our current location. We are presently situated at Gift Daze & Audio Sorcery, Unit 1, Knowle Farm Business Centre, Wadhurst Road, Frant, Tunbridge Wells, KENT TN3 9EJ.

e) We advice all session goers to plan their route well in advance, and don't take your sat nav for granted! We advise anyone to avoid the neighbouring town of Tunbridge Wells as it can suffer from heavy congestion often making experience goers late for their session.

f) Gift Daze reserves the right to cancel and re-arrange sessions at any time and will not offer any refund or compensation for travel bookings, accommodation bookings, and time away from your workplace that may have been organised for your booking with us. An alternative date shall be offered in its place.

g) Plan your route and allow plenty of time for your journey. You are advised not to turn up more than 15 minutes before the start of your session. If you arrive late we are not able to over run at the end of your session.

h) Bookings are confirmed by an automated "electronic-diary" email (providing you offer a correct email address at the time of booking in our live booking system). A confirmation email is not necessarily proof of a current and valid booking date.

i) Log in to our website (under the tab 'Redeem your gift') to make/check bookings, reschedule, add weekend bookings upgrade, upgrade an experience, extend your expiry date and reinstate your gift certificate if it has already expired.

j) Providing we have the correct email address for you in our live booking system, you will also be sent a reminder email approximately 4 days before your session date. We recommend you "allow" emails from bookings@giftdaze.co.uk so that this email confirmation of your booking date does not get spammed by your mail system. We are not responsible for you forgetting your booking!

8) Transferring ownership of a gift experience

a) The existing owner of the experience gift certificate must obtain written permission from Gift Daze before the sale or transfer of an experience gift certificate to another owner, and this together with the original experience gift certificate should be passed on to the new owner.

b) The new owner of an existing experience must have the original gift certificate (a print out is not valid), and must have a written confirmation of transfer from Gift Daze.

c) Buyers (on Ebay etc.) are solely responsible for purchasing a valid and unused experience gift certificate. Gift Daze can not be held responsible or liable for purchases of expired or used gift experiences.

9) Age & behaviour

a) If gift certificate recipient(s) behaviour causes concern in any way for Gift Daze staff whilst they are on Gift Daze premises we reserve the right to ask them to leave immediately thus terminating their session and invalidating the gift certificate. 

b) We ask that all children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

10) Confidentiality and Privacy

a) The information we gather here on this web site is kept secure and strictly confidential. We use your details solely for the purpose of presenting, delivering and receiving payment for gift certificates. We do not sell information to any third party companies thus you can be assured your details are safe with us.

11) Promotion codes

a) From time to time we release promotional codes, that can be enterered into the shopping basket (to the left of the price total) and give a discount. 

b) A promotion code is only valid for new purchases and cannot be back-dated for any previous purchases you may have made.

c) Each promotion code we issue has a valid until date, and after midnight on the date specified the promotion ends and no further purchases can be made with the promotion code.

d) You may receive the promotional code within a link. When clicked, a cookie will activate on our Special Promotions page so that the promotional code is remembered for it's duration. The cookie is destroy when the valid until date is met (see 11c).

e) Only one promotion code can be used for each purchase.

f) Payment must have been received within the promotion code valid until date (see 11c) to qualify for the discount being offered.

g) You may share the promotion code amongst family and friends where stated unless this code has been generated uniquely for you.

h) A promotional code can be used in conjunction with any on-site offers which are not promotional code based ie. particular discounts on certain experiences, and our usual expiry extension offer for the months of November and December each year.