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Singer Diamond - 22nd July 2019

"This is my 3rd visit to the studio - my first visit was an amazing experience, but the 2nd even more so because I knew more what to expect. This 3rd visit exceeds the 1st two - Paul is so laid back and made me feel very comfortable. Hope my kids give me another voucher Christmas 2019! So 2020 fingers crossed."


Singer Gold - 19th July 2019

"Fantastic experience. Paul makes you feel so comfortable and gives you brilliant help and pointers to sing the song the best way"


Singer Platinum - 16th July 2019

"Yet again another fantastic experience morning at Audio Sorcery. It's Sophie's third time and she already wants to come again! Thank you."


Singer Emerald - 3rd July 2019

"I have had a great experience. Paul the engineer certainly knows what he's doing. I would recommend this studio for any recording you would like to do. Thank you Paul!"


Singer Silver Plus - 29th June 2019

"It was an amazing experience and hope I can do it again!"


Singer Silver Plus - 25th June 2019

"Very professional. Skye came in worried & shy and came out very confident! Amazing"


Singer Gold - 25th June 2019

"I have used Audio Sorcery Recording Studios time and time again and have never been disappointed! I love the professionalism but also that it's great fun too! I will continue to use these guys and keep recommending them to others!"


Singer Silver - 24th June 2019

"Very enjoyable experience!"


Singer Gold - 24th June 2019

"Fab experience - so nervous beforehand but Paul soon put me at ease and made me sound great. Good fun!"


Songwriter Silver - 23rd June 2019

"My partner got me this recording session with giftdaze for my Birthday. Having never stepped foot in a studio I didn't know what to expect. I wondered in to the studio with a half written song and very unprepared and yet 4 hours later was leaving with a song I'm very proud of. Paul was amazing and helped put me and my brother at ease and with his unbelievable talent and passion for music was able to help create an original song adding ideas and instruments to bring the song to life. Would definitely recommend to anyone who's thinking of giving it a go whether they are beginner or advanced and will be looking to do another session in the future. Many thanks Paul...Now I just need to half write another one.. "


Singer Gold - 15th June 2019

"Really fun and would recommend to everyone :)"


Singer Silver - 30th May 2019

"There is no words to explain how great it was. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G"


Singer Silver Plus - 25th May 2019

"I enjoyed my time at the recording studio. mostly because of the encouragement Paul gave me and I felt comfortable singing."


Singer Silver - 25th May 2019

"Great experience. Very patient! Encouragement was great and exactly what I needed. Paul was very friendly and made me feel at ease. Would love to come back for another session."


Singer Platinum - 23rd May 2019

"Yet another fabulous and fun session with Paul!"


Singer Silver Plus - 18th May 2019

"This was one of the best musical experiences of my life!"


Singer Gold - 18th May 2019

"First time in a recording studio. Felt so nervous, but was made to feel at ease. Had a great time. Would definitely return if they'll have me :) (Yes! come back - great voice! Paul)"

Uke Sisters

Band Platinum - 14th May 2019

"Great fun! A super day, very rewarding and we've learned a lot. Great support and encouragement from Paul in a pleasant and professional environment. Many thanks!"

Lily & Maddie

Singer Gold - 13th May 2019

"We loved every minute of it! Great fun!"


Singer Silver - 12th May 2019

"What an amazing experience and memorable day. Arranged for my daughters 10th birthday and she loved every minute. Definitely come again. Highly recommend it."


Player Diamond - 11th May 2019

"Had an amazing day! Paul is an absolute genius. With his software skill and editing knowledge he makes you sound like a professional musician. Will definitely be back for another session."


Singer Emerald - 8th May 2019

"I've just finished my sixth visit to Audio Sorcery. It's still the very best day ever - huge fun & I've left sounding like a professional again. I couldn't love it more."


Singer Platinum - 5th May 2019

"After a nervous start, I really enjoyed myself. I was made to feel relaxed and Paul made me laugh which helped the nerves! Would recommend this to all would-be singers. Thank you!"


Singer Gold Plus - 29th April 2019

"A huge thank you to Paul for making me more confident and being so kind and professional. A wonderful place to go with amazing staff. Thank you again! I'll be back :)"


Singer Silver - 27th April 2019

"An amazing experience to watch but an awesome time had by Parker - probably one of the best gifts he has ever had! Thank you Paul!"

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