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Singer Silver Plus - 18th May 2019

"This was one of the best musical experiences of my life!"


Singer Gold - 18th May 2019

"First time in a recording studio. Felt so nervous, but was made to feel at ease. Had a great time. Would definitely return if they'll have me :) (Yes! come back - great voice! Paul)"

Lily & Maddie

Singer Gold - 13th May 2019

"We loved every minute of it! Great fun!"


Singer Silver - 12th May 2019

"What an amazing experience and memorable day. Arranged for my daughters 10th birthday and she loved every minute. Definitely come again. Highly recommend it."


Singer Emerald - 8th May 2019

"I've just finished my sixth visit to Audio Sorcery. It's still the very best day ever - huge fun & I've left sounding like a professional again. I couldn't love it more."


Singer Platinum - 5th May 2019

"After a nervous start, I really enjoyed myself. I was made to feel relaxed and Paul made me laugh which helped the nerves! Would recommend this to all would-be singers. Thank you!"


Singer Gold Plus - 29th April 2019

"A huge thank you to Paul for making me more confident and being so kind and professional. A wonderful place to go with amazing staff. Thank you again! I'll be back :)"


Singer Silver - 27th April 2019

"An amazing experience to watch but an awesome time had by Parker - probably one of the best gifts he has ever had! Thank you Paul!"


Singer Gold - 27th April 2019

"I really enjoyed my experience today. I have learnt new things and my CD sounds amazing!"


Singer Gold - 27th April 2019

"A very good experience. Was very friendly and helpful. Kept me at ease throughout the whole experience."

Nicky & Gill

Singer Silver Plus - 25th April 2019

"We laughed - we sang - we laughed! Brilliant experience helped along by our light hearted mentor Paul :-)"

Seren and Carys

Singer Gold - 18th April 2019

"'It was amazing and Paul was friendly, funny and really nice'- Carys, aged 10. 'It was a great experience, really enjoyable and Paul made us feel really welcome.' Seren, aged 14"


Singer Gold - 18th April 2019

"A truly amazing experience. I felt welcome as soon as I arrived. Paul was very nice and made the experience more fun! I have made lots of memories from today. Thank you"


Singer Gold - 15th April 2019

"Absolutely fantastic afternoon! I'll be back!"


Singer Gold - 15th April 2019

"I received this experience for my birthday. When I arrived I was so excited and the experience exceeded my expectations! Paul was so friendly and the experience was extremely professional and definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!!"


Singer Cut Diamond - 12th April 2019

"It was an amazing experience that I really enjoyed. Gift Daze gave me the opportunity to do something that I love. Paul was extremely friendly making me and my family feel at home."


Singer Gold - 10th April 2019

"I was nervous before I came, but as soon as I met Paul I felt much better. It's a really good experience, and I definitely recommend it!"


Singer Emerald - 8th April 2019

"Fantastic session. Great value for money. Paul's great!"


Singer Silver Plus - 8th April 2019

"Wonderful experience! Would recommend to absolutely everyone. Such a fabulous host that makes you feel very welcome throughout the session. Very impressed!"


Singer Platinum - 6th April 2019

"Very professional, girls felt relaxed + Most of all had good fun. Great keepsake to remember Rebecca's 16th Birthday. Thank you Paul."

Steff and Josh

Singer Gold Plus - 30th March 2019

"Great afternoon recording some of our favourite songs together, great experience, great coach (Paul) and overall a great day! (Made to feel very comfortable)."


Singer Silver - 29th March 2019

"Fantastic experience! I learnt so much and Paul was very helpful & supportive. Value for money as well!"


Singer Platinum - 25th March 2019

"After a 2 year absence, I have returned to the loving bosom of Gift Daze & Paul visit number 24 & + Never gets old. As always, amazing fun & great to see Paul back in the driving seat! Visit 25 soon!! Thank you"


Singer Silver Plus - 25th March 2019

"From arrival onwards Paul put me at ease and made the experience a lot less pressured than I thought it would be. What a great experience!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 17th March 2019

"Incredible, loved every part of the day, can't believe we got it all done in an hour and a half. Thank you Audio Sorcery. Amazing day, wonderful experience for all of us - even those just watching"

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