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Singer Silver - 26th May 2018

"Rob was really helpful for my first experience and I'm extremely happy with the outcome! Thanks so much! I really enjoyed this!"


Singer Gold - 25th May 2018

"Fantastic experience! Loved it!"


Singer Gold - 22nd May 2018

"Part of my year of 'firsts' to mark turning 50. I loved today - Joe was so lovely and made me feel completely at ease - and didn't flinch once at my vocal! I would recommend this experience to anyone regardless of how good a singer!"


Singer Platinum - 21st May 2018

"I bought this for my nephew. I didn't know what to expect but was very surprised and pleased. Joe, the young man we had to make the CDs, was very professional, patient and helpful. David, my nephew, had a wonderful day and a great experience. Thank you so much."


Singer Emerald - 18th May 2018

"I had an amazing time with Joe, he made me feel relaxed and welcome. Thank you."

Annabelle B

Singer Silver Plus - 13th May 2018

"Absolutely brilliant experience for my daughter. We both smiled from start to finish. Joe was so encouraging, enthusiastic and patient, creating a really fun and relaxed atmosphere. Thank you so much."

Kirstie & Amelie

Singer Gold - 12th May 2018

"This was great experience for my daughter and her friend. They both really loved their session."


Singer Silver Plus - 6th May 2018

"This was my first time in a studio and I absolutely loved it. Joe was fantastic and really put me at ease."

Dave C

Singer Gold - 28th April 2018

"I was bought this by my girlfriend as a birthday present and what a present!! Friendly and really made to feel at ease. Fantastic experience for me, and my daughter joined me for a song too! Totally recommend. "


Singer Silver Plus - 28th April 2018

"My favourite part was when I first stepped into the booth, it was so exciting!"

Isabella & Alyssa

Singer Silver Plus - 26th April 2018

"Isabella thought it was an amazing experience and Alyssa thought it was absolutely brilliant."

Loud and Proud

Singer Gold - 21st April 2018

"Great fun, really enjoyed it and Rob was really kind and lovely. "


Singer Gold Plus - 12th April 2018

"My daughter did the singing experience for her 12th Birthday and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a great experience with lovely staff, I would highly recommend it."


Singer Silver Plus - 7th April 2018

"The staff are really kind and funny and give you a great experience. I loved every minute of it and would come back again."


Singer Silver Plus - 6th April 2018

"Unbelievable experience, will definitely come back again."


Singer Emerald - 5th April 2018

"I really enjoyed the experience, it was really good. It was my first time doing anything like this and although nervous at first, I was really made to feel at ease. Great day!"


Singer Silver - 31st March 2018

"I really enjoyed my time and learn't a lot. Everything was explained very well. I would love to do this again."

Maddi & John Smith

Singer Platinum - 31st March 2018

"Nothing to be worried about, Rob made us feel very welcome and relaxed. Nothing was too much trouble which made for a very fun and enjoyable session which I shared with my daughter. "


Singer Gold - 29th March 2018

"Relaxed producer, professional setting, would recommend the package to family and friends."


Singer Platinum - 29th March 2018

"My 5th experience was brilliant! I had a great time and will continue to come back!"


Singer Gold - 25th March 2018

"Thoroughly enjoyable experience. Joe made me feel so relaxed and worked with a highly professional attitude to make my session the best it could be."


Singer Silver - 25th March 2018

"I had a great time and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I was so nervous but it turns out there was nothing to be worried about! It was so fun!"


Singer Silver - 18th March 2018

"Great experience, even better than we thought!"

Elena & Maryam

Singer Gold - 18th March 2018

"A professional atmosphere with exceptionally friendly staff. A great experience and would highly recommend!"


Singer Silver Plus - 17th March 2018

"So much fun!! Thoroughly enjoyed it, I love to sing and it was exciting to get a studio experience. Big thanks to Rob for all his help!!"

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