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Singer Silver Plus - 20th September 2019

"A total magician! Felt very nervous but Paul made me feel totally at ease. I will definitely come again and would recommend Paul if you wish to make your own CD"


Singer Cut Diamond - 17th September 2019

"My second visit and had a fab time!"


Singer Silver Plus - 7th September 2019

"I found it fun and enjoyable. Thank you so much Paul"


Singer Silver - 7th September 2019

"Lot's of fun very helpful"


Singer Platinum Pro - 6th September 2019

"I've had a great afternoon singing with Paul. He has made me sound great and Barbra Streisand eat your heart out. Many thanks."


Singer Gold Plus - 6th September 2019

"Paul was very helpful and knowledgable. I had a lot of fun in the studio and would highly recommend the experience."


Singer Platinum - 1st September 2019

"I had a really enjoyable time and appreciated the support throughout the songs. Loved it!"


Singer Gold Plus - 30th August 2019

"One of the best experiences ever. So fun to record professionally - it helped me understand the best songs for my vocal range. Would definitely do it again. Thank you"


Singer Silver - 30th August 2019

"Another great experience. This is the 3rd time we've come along and been looked after and encouraged to give it everything we've got by Paul. Who could ask for more! 5 Stars!"


Singer Silver - 29th August 2019

"Fun afternoon! What a fab 40th surprise! Paul knows his stuff. I will be back."


Singer Gold Pro - 27th August 2019

"Paul was extremely helpful and great to work with throughout my experience. When I wasn't happy with some takes he allowed me to take more until I was!"


Singer Silver Pro - 21st August 2019

"Fantastic experience making both the recording and producing really enjoyable. Thank you Paul!"


Singer Silver Plus - 21st August 2019

"I really enjoyed singing. It was a wonderful experience and I made the most of every second. It was wonderful and I can't wait for my family and I to listen to it. Thank you!"


Singer Gold - 20th August 2019

"Second visit and still enjoyed every second. Fantastic afternoon. Thank you Paul"


Singer Silver - 20th August 2019

"Thank you Paul for a great fun & professional experience. Highly recommend"


Singer Gold - 19th August 2019

"What a fantastic experience. Made to feel very relaxed and my 11 year old was put at ease. Will be back - Thank you."


Singer Gold - 17th August 2019

"I had lots of fun recording songs. Will definitely be coming back! 10 out of 10!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 17th August 2019

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I was made to feel very relaxed and at ease. I'd love to do it again!"


Singer Silver - 17th August 2019

"A truly magical experience, you've given us a precious souvenir of our little girls passion for singing. Thank you so much for working your magic - Audio Sorcery indeed!"


Singer Silver - 15th August 2019

"Had an amazing time. Will defo be back. So friendly & professional. Loved it - except picture :("


Singer Silver Plus - 3rd August 2019

"I have had such an amazing experience during my time at the studio. From the moment I walked in I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. Loved seeing the master at work when editing the track afterwards! Thank you."


Singer Platinum - 3rd August 2019

"James enjoyed his experience. Paul made us feel welcome and relaxed during out time at Audio Sorcery. We would highly recommend him to friends and family."


Singer Platinum - 2nd August 2019

"A really fun experience even though I'm not a 'singer'. Paul made it very relaxed and enjoyable. Would love to try again"


Singer Gold - 31st July 2019

"Great experience, felt very comfortable and was an easy process. Thank you very much!"


Singer Silver Plus - 30th July 2019

"Jayden's Words:- It was really good, I had fun. Paul was really funny and great at what he does."

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