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Singer Silver Plus - 17th March 2018

"So much fun!! Thoroughly enjoyed it, I love to sing and it was exciting to get a studio experience. Big thanks to Rob for all his help!!"


Singer Gold - 11th March 2018

"Today was my 11th Birthdat and I found this experience amazing. It was great and I had never done this before. Certainly a on-of-a-kind few hours!!! ❤︎ =)"


Singer Silver Plus - 11th March 2018

"Joe was great. Very professional but not in a scary way. Ended up having an amazing song."


Singer Silver Plus - 7th March 2018

"I really enjoyed me experience and I will be coming again."


Singer Gold Plus - 5th March 2018

"I was made to feel very comfortable & relaxed. I had a brilliant time, yet again, and am sure I'll be back!"


Singer Silver - 24th February 2018

"Really great experience! Will definitely come back!"

Ellie & Ruth

Singer Platinum - 24th February 2018

"We had a great time. Very professional but really friendly and he put us at ease. "


Singer Gold - 22nd February 2018

"I absolutely loved this experience! This was my first time doing anything like this but it definitely won't be my last! Joe made me feel so warm and welcome, calmed me down quickly."


Singer Diamond - 21st February 2018

"I had a brilliant day! Was made to feel so relaxed and we had a good laugh. Will definitely be back."


Singer Gold - 18th February 2018

"This is my 4th time, and I absolutely loved it. I always feel so at ease, and enjoy the whole experience."

Sorsbie Sisters

Singer Emerald - 17th February 2018

"This was a really fun but also professional place to record a CD. Our music man *Rob* was awesome and very encouraging! We have come here twice before and we would definitely use it again! Thanks you so much!"


Singer Gold - 17th February 2018

"Excellent experience. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone as a perfect present + something to keep forever. "


Singer Platinum - 16th February 2018

"We had a great time, felt really welcome. Joe was helpful, funny & put us at ease. What a fantastic experience!!"


Singer Gold - 16th February 2018

"I felt nervous at first but now I don't want to leave, best experience ever!"


Singer Silver - 16th February 2018

"Great experience, very professional and relaxed atmosphere, thoroughly enjoyable. This is our 4th visit and sure we will be back."


Singer Silver - 16th February 2018



Singer Silver - 16th February 2018

"My first time experience. I was put at ease and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the studio."


Singer Silver Plus - 15th February 2018

"Has been a wonderful experience for my daughter and a great tester of what it's like recording her own music."


Singer Emerald - 14th February 2018

"A christmas gift from my lovely wife. An opportunity for me to 'try' my secret passion of country music!! Joe was brilliant and made me/us feel very relaxed making the whole experience enjoyable. Thank you very much."


Singer Silver Plus - 12th February 2018

"Get down here and create, best thing I've done."


Singer Gold - 12th February 2018

"OMGosh!! I loved it so much, one of the best experiences ever!!! :-)"


Singer Silver Plus - 12th February 2018

"I had an amazing experience and I felt like my nerves went very quickly! Would love yo come here again."


Singer Silver - 11th February 2018

"I was really nervous to start with but you really helped me relax and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I felt like I was a super stand and can't wait to come back, so thank you."


Singer Silver - 11th February 2018

"I had a great experience recording my song and I will definitely come back again."

Alice Iona

Singer Gold Plus - 10th February 2018

"I was a nervous wreck and would never have made it through my session without the help and support of Rob. He was a dream."

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