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Singer Platinum - 5th December 2017

"I think it was a fantastic experience, friendly and professionally done. I would have no hesitation in recommending GIFT DAZE (Recording Experience Gifts) to my friends."


Singer Silver Plus - 2nd December 2017

"I have returned after an experience I did last year and enjoyed it so much again this time. Rob is brilliant and helped me relax and do the best I could. Thank you! "


Singer Diamond - 29th November 2017

"I had a very memorable birthday treat - enjoyed it very much. Joe was absolutely friendly and encouraging and amusing!!! : )"

The Barratt Tones

Singer Platinum - 25th November 2017

"Had a fabulous time! Sung our hearts out and laughed a lot. "

Ian & Mel

Singer Gold - 19th November 2017

"A fun experience. The gift was well received and requested again for next Christmas! "


Singer Platinum - 12th November 2017

"Had a brilliant time today, felt very relaxed and looked after and am pleased with the results, thank you."


Singer Gold Plus - 10th November 2017

"That the experience was incredible and the man I had was very polite to all that came with me to this visit. Also the studio was welcoming to all, I love it so much!"

Anna & Brooke

Singer Gold - 4th November 2017

"Coming to Gift Daze was a really great experience. We got to use amazing tech. A really nice man named Joe guided us. It was really fun! I would definitely recommend this experience!"


Singer Platinum - 2nd November 2017



Singer Diamond - 1st November 2017

"Absolutely loved the experience. Joe was fantastic, really helpful, put me at ease very quickly - Will definitely return, soon."


Singer Gold - 28th October 2017

"Great experience, really patient with me and really enjoyed the few hours. Would recommend. Huge thank you to Rob who made my day."


Singer Silver Plus - 28th October 2017

"Great experience. Very patient. Really enjoyed myself."


Singer Gold - 28th October 2017

"I was nervous at first but after completing the first song it was fun and exciting. I loved auto-tune :)"


Singer Silver - 27th October 2017

"I had a brilliant time. It was so much fun."


Singer Silver Plus - 24th October 2017

"Studio quality and microphone quality is very good. Staff that I did my recording with was very nice. Really fun experience! :-)"

Sophie Reid

Singer Gold - 20th October 2017

"Such a great experience!! Was so nervous but soon was at ease! Extremely friendly atmosphere! Would love to come back again! Thanks you!"


Singer Silver - 15th October 2017

"Amazing experience! Joe was amazing and increased my confidence in the studio & singing in front of people. Definitely and experience I will love to repeat!"


Singer Gold - 11th October 2017

"Wonderful experience. Made my daughter feel very special for her 10th birthday."

Kitty & Hattie

Singer Gold - 8th October 2017

"Kitty and Hattie had a fantastic singing experience. Joe was super welcoming and really got the best out of the two giggling girls. Would really recommended this - next tome I might have a go myself!!"


Singer Platinum - 8th October 2017

"Fantastic day and brilliant facilities. Joe was really supportive and interested in what we were doing. Highly recommend the experience and the place!! Cheers Joe."


Singer Silver - 1st October 2017

"I loved my singing experience, I felt very comfortable in the environment"


Singer Gold - 30th September 2017

"Bought as a gift from parents, great experience worth the journey down."


Singer Gold - 30th September 2017

"When I came into this studio I was quite nervous incase I messed up. However, Rob was really great and funny and I soon forgot about those worries. Singing in the studio was a really interesting experience because I have never done it before."


Singer Silver Plus - 29th September 2017

"It was a very good experience. Everything was professional but very relaxing. Joe is very patient and encouraging. You get a chance to have a few goes. Would do it again :)"


Singer Gold - 23rd September 2017

"Amazing! SO much fun, Rob made me feel so relaxed, and definitely coming back for more!"

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