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Singer Gold Plus - 17th September 2018

"Joe was awesome. Made me feel relaxed and catered to my particular requests. First time recording songs ever - I will definitely come back! Many thanks x"


Singer Gold - 17th September 2018

"Fabulous experience, so much fun! Very friendly staff and I would love to do it all over again! Thank you :) "


Singer Silver Plus - 16th September 2018

"Highly recommend. It has been really fabulous experience. We have been made to feel vary comfortable and the producer put my granddaughter at her ease and certainly brought out her confidence."


Singer Gold - 16th September 2018

"Lauren had a great time - Joe was really supportive and helped put her at ease. Can't wait to hear the result!"


Singer Silver - 16th September 2018

"Amazing experience! More than I had expected. Very welcoming and accommodating."


Singer Silver Plus - 15th September 2018

"My parent bought me this for my 16th birthday! It was an amazing experience from beginning to end. I loved hearing my voice through the headphones and watching them mix the takes together."


Singer Gold - 15th September 2018

"I really enjoyed my experience at gift daze, Rob was very approachable and really good at editing on the computer. It was so much fun and I can't wait to come back and do it again!"


Singer Platinum - 11th September 2018

"Amazing experience. Exceeded my expectations, laid back approach. "


Singer Gold Plus - 2nd September 2018

"Amazing experience, very thoughtful and caring about my opinion and was very creative. Loved all of it."


Singer Silver Plus - 2nd September 2018

"Such a fantastic experience today, thank you. Beautiful rural setting and Joe was fantastic, really making my daughter feel at ease. Would highly recommend Gift Daze and will definitely be back again."


Singer Silver Plus - 31st August 2018

"Maisie is 10 years old and loves singing all the time! Fabulous experience that has boosted her confidence (even more!) and made her want to do it again. A fun, comfortable and memorable experience that's a 'must' for anyone that likes singing!"


Singer Gold - 31st August 2018

"What a great experience, very impressed with the facilities, the whole set up is very well organised. My son had a blast!"


Singer Cut Diamond - 29th August 2018

"Excellent day, Joe was fantastic, excellent engineer made me feel right at ease, with lots of knowledgable advice."

Amelia & Lois

Singer Gold - 26th August 2018

"A brilliant experience. Exceeded our expectations! Amelia fully expressed herself vocally and it gave her great confidence. Highly recommended."


Singer Silver Plus - 19th August 2018

"Really Enjoyed!"

Young Guns

Singer Platinum - 19th August 2018

"Fantastic experience for all the family. Will be back again for sure."


Singer Silver - 17th August 2018

"I really enjoyed singing in the studio and Joe helped me feel relaxed as I was quite nervous to begin with. I would recommend this experience to anyone who has a passion for music, as you end up surprising yourself with the result."


Singer Silver - 17th August 2018

"Wonderful experience. Great help from Joe and felt much more comfortable. Fully recommend."

The AK's

Singer Silver - 17th August 2018

"Joe was fantastic as usual and made sure we really enjoyed the experience and went on to produce a final version that we love."


Singer Silver - 12th August 2018

"I really loved it here because I could sing my song that I made and it was a great experience. Thank you."


Singer Silver - 12th August 2018

"Joe was very welcoming, friendly and encouraging. Puts you at ease, gives good constructive comments. Would certainly recommend. This is the second time I've been here and would certainly return, excellent."


Singer Silver Plus - 5th August 2018

"Fantastic experience, great day"


Singer Platinum - 3rd August 2018

"Fantastic experience, staff very helpful and encouraging. Would highly recommend to singers of all levels and abilities."

Jim & The Tees

Singer Gold - 3rd August 2018

"A great experience, fun for all."


Singer Silver - 1st August 2018

"It was an amazing experience to help realise the potential I could have as well as hear how I sounded and use these skills for the future."

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