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Player Platinum Pro - 16th August 2019

"I had an extremely enjoyable experience at Audio Sorcery. Paul was very welcoming which made me feel a lot less nervous! I would definitely recommend to family and friends."


Player Diamond - 11th May 2019

"Had an amazing day! Paul is an absolute genius. With his software skill and editing knowledge he makes you sound like a professional musician. Will definitely be back for another session."


Player Platinum - 13th April 2019

"Had a great day recording some songs. Paul is fantastic at getting the best out of you. Will definitely come back in the future. Would recommend this experience to any budding songwriters and performers."

Dan Solo

Player Gold - 12th March 2019

"Pauls experience and know-how was invaluable to my set and ideas how to improve further. 100% Recommended. 5th Visit in total - will be back!"

The Stamps

Player Platinum - 2nd March 2019

"An excellent experience - the producer got the best out of our band and we all had a great time - thanks!"

Craig Young

Player Gold - 27th January 2019

"Our fourth visit to Gift Daze and another great experience. Really pleased with the result, as always!"


Player Silver - 9th December 2018

"I thought it was the best thing in the world and I loved it so so much!"


Player Silver - 15th November 2018

"I really enjoyed my day with Gift Daze. It was great to see how it's all put together."

The Silver Tops

Player Platinum - 18th October 2018

"An interesting 4 hours to record and hear the results after a professional mixing. We were all pleased with the results"


Player Platinum - 1st October 2018

"A Thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating day. A much more relaxed atmosphere than I was anticipating. Thank you Paul for your good-natured day management and helpful advice."


Player Gold - 26th August 2018

"Really good fun. Joe was patient, kind and helpful. I would really recommend coming here and excellent value for money."

EJ & Breanna

Player Gold - 10th June 2018

"Great experience, enjoyed ourselves very much. Would recommend this to anyone who enjoys music."


Player Gold - 1st June 2018

"Excellent experience. Totally professional. Joe was great to work with, I will be back!"

Such Fun

Player Gold - 6th May 2018

"Fantastic experience, we had such fun. Would definitely recommend the experience."


Player Platinum - 27th April 2018

"All nerves disappear within seconds. Really relaxing and friendly fun atmosphere. Joe is great."

Rob H

Player Gold - 21st March 2018

"A throughly enjoyable experience again with Joe who is always encouraging + sympathetic to my shortcomings."


Player Emerald - 4th March 2018

"Enjoyable and easy! :)"

Flicky B

Player Platinum - 18th February 2018

"We had an incredible time. The production staff made it very east and worked wonders on our lack of talent!"


Player Gold - 15th February 2018

"First time as a guitarist, fourth visit overall, excellent experience from start to finish. Joe as always was very helpful as the production of the music."


Player Silver - 14th February 2018

"Joe was excellent and very accommodating to my needs. As a complete novice it was a great experience - Need to come back and do more!"

The Timebreakers

Player Platinum - 13th February 2018

"My comments for today are it was very fun while I was singing although I was a little bit cold. The kids had a great day. 4 hours went by so fast. It has been fun and interesting for all."

Sam & Barny

Player Platinum - 18th December 2017

"Joe was great fun and really helpful. Barry and I had a great time and would recommend Audio Sorcery/Recording Experience Gifts to anyone who has ever thought about properly recording a song but hasn't yet."


Player Gold - 16th November 2017

"It was a great experience for me and Joe was very helpful and a brilliant technician to work with who also has an excellent moustache!"


Player Diamond - 15th November 2017

"Once again a very enjoyable playing experience culminating in the production of my CD. I will be back!"


Player Diamond - 6th November 2017

"I have had an amazing experience recording all my favourite Shadows tunes. Joe has been very kind, he has made me feel relaxed from the beginning making the experience totally unforgettable."

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