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Rhythm Six

Pop Star Party Emerald - 17th March 2018

"What an afternoon. All the kids had a great time being pop stars. Even the shy ones came out of their shells a little by the end."

Bubble Division

Pop Star Party Silver - 17th March 2018

"Rob was amazing. The girls absolutely loved the experience. It was a really special morning and such a lovely opportunity. "


Pop Star Party Gold - 4th March 2018

"The girls had a fabulous time - Thank you!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 25th February 2018

"It was amazing and would love to come again."

Unicorn Farts Smell Like Lemonade

Pop Star Party Platinum - 25th February 2018

"Excellent experience - Girls had a ball there now in a girl band!"

Girl Gang

Pop Star Party Platinum - 24th February 2018

"Thanks, excellent party for my daughters 9th birthday! Was an absolute blast. Would recommend to anyone! Thanks!"

6 in the Mix

Pop Star Party Silver - 10th February 2018

"Best experience of the year! EXCELLENT! Best part ever. Very fun and exciting. An interesting and fun experience. I was fantastic and happy and inspired for my music career! Brilliant great party super exciting!"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 28th January 2018

"What a great party for our daughter's 10th birthday - The kids had the best time and it was well worth the money!"

Fearsome 6'some

Pop Star Party Gold - 27th January 2018

"My daughter has been looking forward to this recording session for weeks. It has far exceeded anything she dreamt it would be. Amazing experience, great for so many memories. "

Girls of Rock

Pop Star Party Platinum - 23rd January 2018

"What an absolutely fantastic experience - the girls had a brilliant time being pop-stars for a day. Thank you to the wonderful team for the best birthday party my daughter has ever had!"

Edie's Perfect Pop Stars

Pop Star Party Diamond - 6th January 2018

"What can we say - Rob is a total star! He was very professional and fun in a surprisingly calm way given he was dealing with 16 shrieking girls. They all had a giggly, song filled, happy wonderful time and he put even the most shy at ease. He also did out older daughter's party 2 years ago and Edie jumped up and down in excitement when she realised he was doing her party too. Massive thank you! "

Girls Song United

Pop Star Party Silver - 20th December 2017

"My 12 year old daughter and two friends have had a wonderful afternoon recording a favourite song. Joe has been brilliant with them and made it into a really fun experience. It has been great to watch the recording action on the TV in the green room. A perfect birthday treat!!"

Descendant Kids & Superstars

Pop Star Party Emerald - 17th December 2017

"Super party, everyone liked it and we will definitely be back again."

The Happy 8

Pop Star Party Platinum - 16th December 2017

"'I thought I would find it embarassing but I did not'"

Little Llamas

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th December 2017

"Rob was great dealing with 6 rather overexcited and bonkers 12 year olds. They really enjoyed the whole experience and giggled for 2 hours. Thank you for making it such a memorable experience."

Sweet 6

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th December 2017

"Amazing, outstanding, funny, epic, entertaining, amusing and fantastic. That's what the stars said. It was a brilliant experience that they thoroughly enjoyed. The producer was very good and got the best out of everyone."


Pop Star Party Silver - 9th December 2017

"The girls had an amazing time. Birthday girl would love to do it all again. They said they'd had so much fun. It was sugarpop-tastic!!"

Sassy 7

Pop Star Party Platinum - 2nd December 2017

"I had a great time, it was very fun for everyone and everyone enjoyed it. I liked the silly voices and the photoshoot. Thanks :)"

The Four Divas

Pop Star Party Silver - 26th November 2017

"The experience was amazing"

Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows & Sparkly 6 Rainbow

Pop Star Party Diamond - 26th November 2017

"A fantastic experience for the kids. They loved it."

Little Chicks

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th November 2017

"This was a great day for all the kids, Joe was very friendly and made the experience for the kids great"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 18th November 2017

"Great venue, good equipment and most importantly great fun!"

Mini Mix

Pop Star Party Platinum - 12th November 2017

"Fantastic experience for my daughter and all her friends for her 8th birthday party. Very professional from start to finish. Thank you so much."

7 After Midnight

Pop Star Party Gold - 1st November 2017

"It was an amazing experience. So professional and so much fun for the kids. They were made to feel like pop-stars. We will be back! Joe was brilliant + Very patient."

The Awesome 8

Pop Star Party Platinum - 29th October 2017

"Fun, loud and really good fun!! A great place to scream, shout and sing and look like 'Band Aid'."

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