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Little Llamas

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th December 2017

"Rob was great dealing with 6 rather overexcited and bonkers 12 year olds. They really enjoyed the whole experience and giggled for 2 hours. Thank you for making it such a memorable experience."

Sweet 6

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th December 2017

"Amazing, outstanding, funny, epic, entertaining, amusing and fantastic. That's what the stars said. It was a brilliant experience that they thoroughly enjoyed. The producer was very good and got the best out of everyone."


Pop Star Party Silver - 9th December 2017

"The girls had an amazing time. Birthday girl would love to do it all again. They said they'd had so much fun. It was sugarpop-tastic!!"

Sassy 7

Pop Star Party Platinum - 2nd December 2017

"I had a great time, it was very fun for everyone and everyone enjoyed it. I liked the silly voices and the photoshoot. Thanks :)"

The Four Divas

Pop Star Party Silver - 26th November 2017

"The experience was amazing"

Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows & Sparkly 6 Rainbow

Pop Star Party Diamond - 26th November 2017

"A fantastic experience for the kids. They loved it."

Little Chicks

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th November 2017

"This was a great day for all the kids, Joe was very friendly and made the experience for the kids great"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 18th November 2017

"Great venue, good equipment and most importantly great fun!"

Mini Mix

Pop Star Party Platinum - 12th November 2017

"Fantastic experience for my daughter and all her friends for her 8th birthday party. Very professional from start to finish. Thank you so much."

7 After Midnight

Pop Star Party Gold - 1st November 2017

"It was an amazing experience. So professional and so much fun for the kids. They were made to feel like pop-stars. We will be back! Joe was brilliant + Very patient."

The Awesome 8

Pop Star Party Platinum - 29th October 2017

"Fun, loud and really good fun!! A great place to scream, shout and sing and look like 'Band Aid'."

Sienna & The Superstars

Pop Star Party Silver - 26th October 2017

"The girls had a fantastic time, they all really enjoyed themselves. The sound engineer was fab and really put them at ease."


Pop Star Party Platinum - 20th October 2017

"Great fun! The kids LOVED Joe. He's awesome!!!! Lovely fun and fantastic facilities!"

Dab To The Beat

Pop Star Party Platinum - 20th October 2017

"Amazing, fandabbydozy, fantastic. The most amazing birthday EVER!"

Emoji Chicks

Pop Star Party Gold - 15th October 2017

"Absolutely brilliant, the girls had a fantastic time and really enjoyed themselves."


Pop Star Party Silver - 24th September 2017

"'Best Party Ever' / 'Awesome party, Saphire' - They all had a fantastic time - Pop-stars for the afternoon!"


Pop Star Party Emerald - 23rd September 2017

"Great party! The children loved the experience of recording a song. The venue is welcoming as are the staff that helped and ran the session."

7 Superstars

Pop Star Party Emerald - 17th September 2017

"The kids all had a great time and really enjoyed the experience. They thought it was so cool to bo on a CD! This was such a fabulous party. Joe was really lovely and patient."


Pop Star Party Platinum - 16th September 2017

"Amazing day, we laughed a lot but this had been sooooooo much fun. Professionally run but more than happy to facilitate the fun and madness."

Whizzy Whizzers

Pop Star Party Gold - 3rd September 2017

"The girls had a blast! They throughly enjoyed the whole experience and were made to feel very welcome. A very professional approach that made the afternoon great fun."

The 7 Shooting Stars

Pop Star Party Platinum - 28th August 2017

"The girls really enjoyed themselves and had a great experience. Would recommend for any child's birthday."

8 Little Chicks

Pop Star Party Platinum - 27th August 2017

"Thank you for a great party, the girls loved it and really enjoyed themselves."

7 Little Gems

Pop Star Party Gold - 11th August 2017

"Fun, Fantastic time had by all the girls. Joe was amazing"

6 of Hearts

Pop Star Party Gold - 22nd July 2017

"An excellent party for a group of girls who love singing. Well run with friendly service that all the girls responded to. Would definitely recommend."

Six Chicks

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th July 2017

"Fabulous few hours - The girls have had a ball. Thanks so much for your patience and energy. I suspects we will be back for E's 11th Birthday."

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