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Fight For Freedom

Pop Star Party Gold - 8th March 2019

"Such a great party. Paul was brilliant with 8 very excitable girls!"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 2nd March 2019

"Fantastic experience. The girls loved it. Paul was great with the kids!"

Rockin' Retrievers

Pop Star Party Silver - 23rd February 2019

"Great 10th Birthday Party - the girls have had a fab time!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 17th February 2019

"What was bought as a bit of fun for a birthday treat turned into a birthday highlight. We were so impressed with the entire experience and will recommend you to others! Fantastic!"

Singing Sisters

Pop Star Party Platinum - 9th February 2019

"All the girls had a fantastic time. I loved watching them from The Green Room, giggling and having lots of fun. Would really recommend the experience."

The 8 Rockets

Pop Star Party Platinum - 26th January 2019

"The girls had a fabulous time - thank you! They won't forget their first time in a recording studio and they have the CD to listen to wherever they like. We'll play it at their 21st birthday parties!"

The SJCs

Pop Star Party Silver - 19th January 2019

"A Super fun afternoon with Paul for Lily with her friends to celebrate her 11th Birthday. Paul has a great manner & is very patient & professional."


Pop Star Party Silver - 19th January 2019

"We had the most amazing time. It was so much fun! We would 100% recommend this and will definitely be back soon!"

Ryarsh 7 Divas

Pop Star Party Gold - 19th January 2019

"The girls had a great time, a once in a lifetime experience. Paul was great with them all. Thank you"

The Pembury Pop Stars

Pop Star Party Platinum - 6th January 2019

"What a fantastic experience! Paul was great and bought calm to the chaos, but kept it great fun all the time! All of the girls had a blast, and even those who were a bit reserved at the start were at ease in minutes. Thank you!"

The Rock Stars

Pop Star Party Silver - 15th December 2018

"What an absolutely fantastic experience for 5 eight year olds. Paul was amazing, lots of fun and laughter and a really wonderful song at the end of it all. I would thoroughly recommend... I might even book in myself with a few of my friends! Thanks Paul."

The Chicken Mangoz

Pop Star Party Silver - 15th December 2018

"The girls had a wonderful time. It was fantastic to see them grow in confidence throughout the party! They sounded very professional by the end."


Pop Star Party Gold - 9th December 2018

"It was very fun to be in a studio with my friends and Paul was awesome!"

The BFF Babes

Pop Star Party Gold - 24th November 2018

"Party was amazing and the girls had the best time ever. Paul was brilliant with the girls and made Anya's party experience the best party in the world. Thank you!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 24th November 2018

"Fantastic day! The girls loved it and loved Paul! He was great in keeping them entertained. Thanks a lot for making their day!"

Sophie & The Pop Stars

Pop Star Party Platinum - 24th November 2018

"A memorable event for all of the children and parents who can enjoy the CD and Video. Thank you!"

Red & Black

Pop Star Party Silver - 16th November 2018

"Girls had an amazing time celebrating Keira's 12th Birthday, fantastic fun experience for them all and us watching! Paul made the experience professional and fun. Highly recommend."

Mini Mix

Pop Star Party Silver - 12th November 2018

"The girls had a great time recording their song. They arrived nervous and not sure they were good enough to create a CD, but left confident, happy and very impressed with their performance. Thank you"

The Loners

Pop Star Party Platinum - 10th November 2018

"Everyone had a wonderful time. Very professional and a lot of fun. Thank you!"

Little Sparkles

Pop Star Party Platinum - 10th November 2018

"Amazing party Little Sparkles loved recording their track. Brilliant that you can watch the girls in the Green Room. Party was so well organised. Thank you Paul!"

The Upbeat Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 10th November 2018

"Fantastic experience for my daughter's 10th birthday. Truly turned her six friends into pop stars. Very professional and Paul was incredible with the children. Would Highly recommend."

The Greatest Showgirls

Pop Star Party Gold - 27th October 2018

"Fantastic party, the girls absolutely loved it. Would highly recommend. It is very professionally run and Paul was amazing with the girls."


Pop Star Party Silver - 22nd October 2018

"Epic! I loved this day! Spiffing! Great fun for all abilities! Fantastic! An all round winner! Scrumdidlyumptious! An all round Bubble Bus! A fun experience!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 13th October 2018

"The girls have had an amazing experience, their faces when they had finished recording were wonderful to see!! Lovely memories for them all. Paul was brilliant and managed their over-excitement!! Would definitely recommend - Thank you"

Glitter Mix

Pop Star Party Silver - 13th October 2018

"Great experience!! Girls enjoyed every minute. Would highly recommend"

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