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Uke Sisters

Band Platinum - 14th May 2019

"Great fun! A super day, very rewarding and we've learned a lot. Great support and encouragement from Paul in a pleasant and professional environment. Many thanks!"

Johnny G

Band Platinum - 5th April 2019

"Had a great Platinum Day with Paul Just me and the keyboard. Great results. Lots of excellent quality recordings with Paul's new gear!"

Luke, Myles & Teagan

Band Gold - 7th October 2018

"The experience was fun and relaxed, while remaining professional and was a great introduction lesson about the production & recording industry"

Parry Band

Band Silver - 6th January 2018

"Absolutely amazing experience. Excellent facility - we really enjoyed out time and the advice and experience Robert gave us. We will definitely be coming back."

Electric Blue

Band Silver - 18th November 2017

"Fantastic experience. A lot of fun and very professionally organised. Can't recommend highly enough."

Take 5

Band Silver - 21st August 2016

"AMAZING! Will be back Soon"

Johnny G & Pius Kirby

Band Platinum - 6th October 2015

"We've been three times before with Paul, but great to meet Joe and get down 15 tracks in a day. Thanks. We'll be back!"

Dave Cane & Company

Band Platinum - 13th September 2015

"A great fun and productive day as always. Many thanks for a wonderful and professional session."

Dylan, Thomas, Rosie, William and Ian Lowe

Band Platinum - 19th August 2015

"Amazing! We've been looking forward to this ever since we booked it and it definitely lived up to our expectations. Several of us have been before and loved it just as much then too! Extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere - not to mention the wizard man himself, Rob. Thanks a million mate and well done for keeping your cool with us! The whole day has been ace. "


Band Platinum - 28th February 2015

"Fantastic experience. Professional, friendly service. Worked hard to make sure we got the best out of the day and recorded 4 tracks. Definitely the best recording session we have had. Great up-to-date equipment. Thank god for Auto-Tune."


Band Gold - 3rd July 2014

"Having never recorded in a studio before, this experience with friendly staff and excellent equipment and outcome made us all feel really relaxed (and professional). Out sound engineer Rob was FANTASTIC!!!! Very talented! Also we were given free donuts. Thanks :)"

Incorporating Swindon

Band Gold - 3rd May 2014

"Epic recording session with Dale, well looked after, great experience. If I had to name 3 geniuses... Worthington/Lucas/Argentier sessions - best day ever. Really strong day, thanks for everything. People ask us are we as good as texas, I'll let you be the judge of that when I tell you Hass's mum called him a hairy egg."

Ollie, Alex, Sam and Max

Band Silver - 22nd March 2014

"A great experience at the recording studio and would definitely recommend it. We'll be back very soon! Thanks for you help and a great time. Very helpful, worthwhile visit!"

Andy Buss

Band Platinum - 15th March 2014

"Great experience, good fun. Welcoming and efficient staff. Thank you Dale."

Tom, John, Adam, Rowan and Tom

Band Gold - 22nd December 2013

"Really fun with professional mixing. Much better than all our other past recording experiences."

The McGills

Band Platinum - 31st August 2013

"Fantastic day. You accommodated all our instruments and were patient and professional. We didn't feel rushed and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You even made us sound good!! Green room and facilities are great for spectators. Thank you Dale."

The Higher The Fall

Band Silver - 20th June 2013

"Really good experience, Dale was really helpful and great at mixing. Would come again for sure."


Band Silver - 12th June 2013

"Really professional, friendly and helpful. We enjoyed ourselves and were very impressed with the outcome and the set-up. Highly recommend. What a great present to give someone."

Pat, Alan and Maurice

Band Silver - 14th May 2013

"Very good session, Dale did a really good job. Tea/Coffee service. Really enjoyable and very informative. Very nice."

Pearl, Matt and Aaron

Band Silver - 27th April 2013

"We were treated like real record artists! A lot of flexibility around what we decided to record. Dale was really friendly! Awesome quality."

Cameron, Alex and harry

Band Silver - 24th February 2013

"Had a very good time at the studio. Staff were really friendly and patient. Good quality equipment to use. Overall had a great time."


Band Platinum - 19th February 2013

"Brilliant day, I really enjoyed it. Dale was really professional, made us feel really welcome. Great mixdown was exactly what we were looking for. Epic day, really enjoyed it, perfect sound. Would come back again."

Under The Hat

Band Platinum - 9th November 2012

"Very professional all round and Dale was good company as well as a great producer. Would definitely recommend to other bands looking for a quality demo!"

Theresa and Kieran

Band Platinum - 8th August 2012

"We have had a really great time, Dale was brilliant - with the set up, the production, the inspiration and input into our music. It was so brilliant to have rehearsed all our songs 'Raw' and then to hear everything growing and coming together to the final product with are sooooo happy with! Thank you."

The Bennett Family

Band Silver - 25th October 2011

"Excellent, really good fun. Dale was extremely helpful. The children really enjoyed the experience. Made us feel really comfortable. Joelle (Aged 8) - I loved it, it was awesome! Josh (Aged 12) = It was really fun, Dale was really helpful and made us enjoy it more."

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