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Songwriter Silver - 23rd June 2019

"My partner got me this recording session with giftdaze for my Birthday. Having never stepped foot in a studio I didn't know what to expect. I wondered in to the studio with a half written song and very unprepared and yet 4 hours later was leaving with a song I'm very proud of. Paul was amazing and helped put me and my brother at ease and with his unbelievable talent and passion for music was able to help create an original song adding ideas and instruments to bring the song to life. Would definitely recommend to anyone who's thinking of giving it a go whether they are beginner or advanced and will be looking to do another session in the future. Many thanks Paul...Now I just need to half write another one.. "

Will Locke

Songwriter Silver - 11th December 2018

"Paul went above and beyond the 'call of duty' in my session. He was 'instrumental' (ha ha get it?!) in the process of connecting the recordings of me and the piano in to a song worth listening too. I can't thank him enough."


Songwriter Platinum - 6th December 2018

"An amazing day. I felt Paul really unlocked the potential in my song to bring it to a professional recording quality standard. I hope I can come back!"


Songwriter Platinum - 30th October 2018

"Brilliant day and well worth it!"


Songwriter Silver - 8th April 2018

"We had a fantastic time at our recording session. Joe made us feel very relaxed and just the right level of input and suggestions when needed. We would gladly come back every week! Thank you very much for making us feel like pop stars for the day."


Songwriter Gold - 28th March 2018

"Had a brilliant time working with Joe! We worked together on an original composition of mine and Joe's advice and suggestions made it sound epic! We also squeezed in enough time to do a few fun covers! All round fantastic day and well worth the journey!"


Songwriter Silver - 28th January 2018

"Amazing experience, so so friendly and helpful. Complete fun!! Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job."


Songwriter Silver - 27th October 2017

"Joe was very easy-going and fun to work with. This is my first experience recording my song and it was very enjoyable! I loved it!"


Songwriter Platinum - 1st May 2017

"It was great fun, I learnt a lot. In the Songwriting Platinum Experience I managed to record two of my own songs and a cover song. The producer was very friendly."

Rachel G.

Songwriter Silver - 19th February 2017

"This was the best experience of my life! Joe was so lovely and helpful. He is so talented and patient, making the experience phenomenal. Thank you very much."

Katie Ireland

Songwriter Silver - 4th February 2017

"I enjoyed it! There was a lot of choice about how my music could sound, and Rob was nice. It's my second time here and I'll come back!"

Charlie Moss

Songwriter Platinum - 6th January 2017

"Joe was incredibly helpful and pleasant to work with. I had great fun, the recording was exactly how I wanted it to turn out and we had a great laugh as well! Will definitely be returning!"

Thomas Smolen

Songwriter Platinum - 15th March 2016

"Had loads of fun experimenting with different techniques and effects and really happy with how the songs turned out."

Katie Ireland

Songwriter Silver - 28th January 2016

"I had a really good time recording and writing the song. It turned out very good quality and I'll definitely be trying this experience again. "

Amy Lockwood

Songwriter Silver - 30th March 2015

"Service was professional and helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Very happy with the finished product and would highly recommend the experience! "

Lucie Kibbey

Songwriter Silver - 29th March 2015

"Joe was fantastic from start to finish. He took time to play around with all of my ideas and ended up with my song sounding better than I ever thought it would. The whole experience was a dream and bought it to life!"


Songwriter Silver - 30th January 2015

"I've had an amazing day in the studio. The facilities are great and although I was nervous to start with, I soon relaxed as Rob was so patient and friendly. I would highly recommend this to anyone with any kind of experience. I'm an amateur, I now feel like a pop star! Thanks so much for the great day! "

Jan Rees

Songwriter Silver - 8th December 2014

"I had brought a song with me, that I had written. Rob took endless trouble to turn my performance into something far better than I had imagined it would be. It was fascinating to discover what is possible and it will be fun to share my 'Christmas Album' with my family and friends. Thank you Rob and Happy Christmas!"

Melanie Blake

Songwriter Silver - 29th August 2014

"I really enjoyed it - it was awesome and the finished results was really great and sounded really professional. I loved it! Rob, Joe & Joe are very nice! (and funny!)"

Jason Harvey

Songwriter Platinum - 27th August 2014

"Thoroughly enjoyable day. I took part in a songwriting experience and managed to record 2 of my own songs and an acoustic cover in a full day! I am really pleased with all 3 and Rob was especially helpful with guidance and guitar to take my songs to a level I couldn't get myself. Thanks"

Elliot Rose

Songwriter Platinum - 24th May 2014

"My experience at Gift Daze was awesome! I really enjoyed myself and everything was professional and well thought out. I would definitely come back."

Natasha Bianco

Songwriter Silver - 11th May 2014

"Absolutely fantastic! My song sounds out of this world. Paul is amazing and it's made me want to write more songs just so I can come back again and again. This experience was for my 13th Birthday and WOW what a birthday!"

Jessica Archer

Songwriter Silver - 9th March 2014

"Dale was very friendly and professional. He made our daughter feel encouraged and helped develop ideas without being over directional. The end result sounds fantastic and we will definitely be back. Thank you for a great session."

G Huntly

Songwriter Platinum - 8th March 2014

"Excellent and very professional treatment of some very amateur 'talent' !! Hugely enjoyed. Rob was brilliant. We are coming back for more!"

Rosie Fox

Songwriter Silver - 25th January 2014

"It was my first experience and I really enjoyed it. I would love to do it again. It was very helpful and Dale was lovely."

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