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Pink Ladies, The Godivas & Pink Fandango

Hen Party Diamond - 21st February 2015

"This experience has 100% made my daughters hen weekend, a professional recording but fun and laughter has absolutely been a key factor. Thank you, each and everyone who came, all 19 of us would not hesitate to recommend this as and enjoyable, fun must-do experience. Thank you so so much!"

Emily Shoard (Stiff's Happy Hens)

Hen Party Emerald - 3rd May 2014

"We had SO much fun, we were all aching from giggling and singing simultaneously! Fabulous experience and we would recommend to everyone. Thank you for all the smooth organising and for putting up with our screeching!"

Ann Morgan

Hen Party Platinum - 21st July 2013

"We all had a fantastic time, can't wait to come again. Thankyou very much!"

Elizabeth's Hen Party

Hen Party Emerald - 16th February 2013

"We all had an amazing time, it was so much fun and Dale was really welcoming. Great positive feedback was given for our LaLa's! Thanks very much for an unforgettable experience."

Hen Party

Hen Party Platinum - 23rd June 2012

"I Loved it!! Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. I've had the best time. You were brill! :-) x"

Louise Terry

Hen Party Emerald - 11th March 2012

"We have had an excellent time for Michelle's Hen party. Dale has made our experience fantastic. Ruby (3) and Alyssa (9) especially enjoyed singing on their own I am sure we will have fun playing the CD and DVD and their 21st birthday parties! Thank you so much."

Dinara, Natasha, nadya and Julie

Hen Party Platinum - 4th February 2012

"Thank you so much, awesome experience. We've had lots of fun."

Hen Peckers

Hen Party Diamond - 6th August 2011

"Brilliant, friendly, professional, enjoyable and helpful. A fab experience."

Linda and the Banchees

Hen Party Emerald - 30th April 2011

"OMG! We were bl**dy brilliant. Paul actually said we were the best he had ever heard!! I think he may have been telling porkies! Excellent fun. Would recommend to anyone. Lots of fun + Paul was absolutely brilliant. Do it everyone - do it! Thanks, The drunk and dis-orderly Banchees!! xxx"

Sammi and the Abbarettes

Hen Party Emerald - 16th April 2011

"What great fun - thank you! We've all had a great time - we loved the champagne on arrival - and thanks for making Sammi and the Abbarettes sound so great!"

Kelly and the Dirty Divas

Hen Party Emerald - 15th April 2011

"Thank you soooo much for such a fun experience! Recommend to everyone :)"


Hen Party Platinum - 9th April 2011

"The most amazing time ever. Very fun time, thank you for the best hen day."

Rachel Roper

Hen Party Platinum - 19th March 2011

"Really enjoyable time. Very entertaining - had a wonderful time. Lovely chap who was very encouraging. Thank You!"


Hen Party Platinum - 15th January 2011

"Absolutely fantastic fun - we were very well looked after and made to feel relaxed and confident. I can't wait for an excuse to come back. Mum and Aunty recommend being a spectator!"

The Chickettes

Hen Party Platinum - 17th July 2010

"Brillient, Excellent, well looked after. Good fun and would do it again. Thank you. Would recommend to anyone."

Danielle Wallace

Hen Party Emerald - 8th May 2010

"An absolutely amazing experience. Great fun. Will recommend to all my friends loved every second!"

Girls Around

Hen Party Platinum - 10th April 2010

"Really good fun. We will definitely be recommending to friends for future parties!"

The Maggie Mays/Maggie's Maids

Hen Party Diamond - 20th March 2010

"The experience was great fun. Dale was really helpful and gave good feedback during the practices - everyone had a fantastic time and we are looking forward to our christmas number 1 battle!!"

The Sailorettes

Hen Party Platinum - 15th August 2009

"Loved it, Great fun."

Stephanie Hopper

Hen Party Platinum - 2nd May 2009

"We were made very welcome. The attitude of Dale made us feel very relaxed and he was encouraging. He got the best out of us."

Girls Shouldn't Be Aloud

Hen Party Platinum - 11th April 2009

"Dale said we sounded like 'Angels', we did! We would also like to be in his band, such talent! Who would have known!"


Hen Party Platinum - 11th April 2009

"Brilliant experience - great fun for all of us! Well organised, professional and friendly"

The Horny Hens

Hen Party Diamond - 4th April 2009

"The most amazing afternoon ever! We has so much fun and ended up with a brilliant (in our opinon!) recording and memories that will last forever! Thank you so much for being patient and encouraging! You are the best! "

The Spangals

Hen Party Diamond - 4th April 2009

"We loved today it was a really special experience - we'll hold it dear in our memories for years to come, actually see you next year!"

Katie's Hen

Hen Party Emerald - 14th March 2009

"Had a great time, could of done with some better singing partners!"

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