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Singer Gold Plus - 18th February 2019

"This was a once in a lifetime experience and I couldn't have had a better time wi th Paul in the studio. He was incredibly professional and made me feel at ease."


Singer Silver - 18th February 2019

"What a lovely experience I had today. Paul made me feel relaxed so I could enjoy my singing. When I was a teenager, I wanted to sing and have a record produced - I'm glad I finally (nearly) achieved my goal at 61 years!"


Singer Silver Plus - 18th February 2019

"It was an amazing experience. Paul was very kind and lovely. The acoustics are incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed this visit. Thank you Gift Daze. By me!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 17th February 2019

"What was bought as a bit of fun for a birthday treat turned into a birthday highlight. We were so impressed with the entire experience and will recommend you to others! Fantastic!"


Singer Silver - 16th February 2019

"Absolutely incredible and thoroughly enjoyable"

Lauren and Katherine

Singer Gold - 16th February 2019

"Was extremely fun and had such a laugh, and Paul made us feel very comfortable. Loved the Tardis!!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 10th February 2019

"At first I was very nervous but Paul made me feel a lot more relaxed and I had a lot of fun. It was an amazing experience."

Singing Sisters

Pop Star Party Platinum - 9th February 2019

"All the girls had a fantastic time. I loved watching them from The Green Room, giggling and having lots of fun. Would really recommend the experience."

Scott and Dan

Singer Gold - 8th February 2019

"The whole experience was really enjoyable, so much so we want to do it again. Will be booking another recording session soon."

Bethany Clarke

Singer Gold - 28th January 2019

"It was good. I love singing so just went with it and enjoyed the experience."


Singer Gold - 27th January 2019

"Again have had a fantastic experience, and can't wait to come back again."

Lucy White Simpson

Singer Silver - 27th January 2019

"Really enjoyed the singing session that was bought for my 50th by my friends. Paul is really friendly and makes the experience relaxing and fun. Thoroughly recommend Gift Daze"

Craig Young

Player Gold - 27th January 2019

"Our fourth visit to Gift Daze and another great experience. Really pleased with the result, as always!"

The 8 Rockets

Pop Star Party Platinum - 26th January 2019

"The girls had a fabulous time - thank you! They won't forget their first time in a recording studio and they have the CD to listen to wherever they like. We'll play it at their 21st birthday parties!"


Singer Silver Plus - 23rd January 2019

"Great experience, good fun, felt at ease - would definitely recommend."

The SJCs

Pop Star Party Silver - 19th January 2019

"A Super fun afternoon with Paul for Lily with her friends to celebrate her 11th Birthday. Paul has a great manner & is very patient & professional."


Pop Star Party Silver - 19th January 2019

"We had the most amazing time. It was so much fun! We would 100% recommend this and will definitely be back soon!"

Ryarsh 7 Divas

Pop Star Party Gold - 19th January 2019

"The girls had a great time, a once in a lifetime experience. Paul was great with them all. Thank you"

Peter & Atli

Singer Gold - 14th January 2019

"Peter: The whole experience exceeded my expectations. Paul was helpful, encouraging and patient. I am delighted with the results and will come again! Atli: Very happy with the experience. Fun, relaxed and educational. Paul was so friendly, helpful and professional. Great day!"


Singer Silver - 12th January 2019

"Thank you. I had a brilliant time! It was very enjoyable and not scary at all."


Singer Silver Plus - 12th January 2019

"A fantastic experience for my 14 year old daughter. Paul made us feel very welcome & his attention to detail is awesome. Thank you Paul what a great day!!"

The Pembury Pop Stars

Pop Star Party Platinum - 6th January 2019

"What a fantastic experience! Paul was great and bought calm to the chaos, but kept it great fun all the time! All of the girls had a blast, and even those who were a bit reserved at the start were at ease in minutes. Thank you!"


Singer Emerald - 6th January 2019

"Thank you for a brilliant time. Had so much fun recording a CD for my dad as a gift"

The Taylor Girls

Singer Gold - 22nd December 2018

"Fantastic day!!! such fun sining all together. And was all made so easy and we sound great - so thank you!! Already looking forward to next year!"


Singer Silver - 22nd December 2018

"Really good, fun experience. Paul was extremely welcoming and friendly and a complete magician to make me sound so good! Would love to do it again! Thank you"

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