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Singer Gold - 25th July 2020

"Awesome experience, would recommend it to anyone that can sing and wants to sound professional :)"


Singer Platinum - 25th July 2020

"What a fantastic experience. We will certainly be back for another session in the near future. Thanks Paul for a great day."


Singer Silver Plus - 24th July 2020

"Such and fun and chill experience. Enjoyed every second of it."


Singer Gold - 24th July 2020

"I'm so happy to be back in the studio. 12 Years of Singing in Paul's studio and every time is more fun than the last. Thanks for another great day. I've grown some Kelly's haha!!"


Singer Silver - 24th July 2020

"Paul is very calm, kind and his amazing skill - we had a fantastic experience with my daughter who has ASD - She loved it - She did it!"


Singer Gold - 23rd July 2020

"Just amazing, an experience that will not be forgotten for a long time. Paul is a real magician, he went above and beyond."


Songwriter Silver - 22nd July 2020

"Loved it, would come again!"


Singer Silver Plus - 18th July 2020

"Awesome, friendly environment."


Singer Silver Plus - 18th July 2020

"Very enjoyable. Good coach."

Loraine and Neil

Singer Gold - 12th July 2020

"This is our 2nd time at Audio Sorcery. Made to feel welcome and had a great time. The producer Paul is very friendly and very knowledgable - great experience. Would highly recommend to others."


Singer Gold Plus - 12th June 2020

"Brilliant experience would recommend to anyone. Paul was helpful and friendly - makes it all fun and enjoyable"


Singer Gold - 13th March 2020

"I thought it was brilliant and super fun."


Singer Emerald Plus - 12th March 2020

"Enjoyed the day from start to finish!"

Sarah & Drew

Singer Silver Plus - 10th March 2020

"Loved every minute of it - It was the most fun I've had in ages!"


Producer Silver Pro - 10th March 2020

"Have been looking forward to this experience for a long time and it exceeded my expectations. Paul put me at ease and nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommended for anyone playing music."


Voice-Over Artist - 9th March 2020

"An excellent experience! Paul totally made me feel at ease and relaxed when it came to delivery the dialogue and seeing how it was edited afterwards as really interesting, for me anyway! Thank you very much."


Player Platinum - 7th March 2020

"An amazing experience with very professional equipment, everything was made with ease and we got a brilliant result."


Singer Silver - 3rd March 2020

"Fantastic. Made me feel at ease."


Player Silver - 1st March 2020

"Very beneficial, educational and professional. Facilities and equipment are excellent."


Singer Gold - 29th February 2020

"Absolutely loved my experience, was the perfect mix of informal and professional so it exceeded all expectation and I would love to come back and do it again! Thank you so much for having me!"

Jessica and Sophie

Singer Gold - 21st February 2020

"What a great experience my daughter and her friend had - they loved every single minute. What a great opportunity they've shared and Paul was amazingly patient and kind with them throughout the session. Would highly recommend."


Singer Silver Plus - 21st February 2020

"Felt at ease as soon as I walked in. A great and enjoyable experience."


Singer Gold Plus - 19th February 2020

"Fantastic equipment & amazing audio. Made to feel so comfortable & easy going with great results at the end. Would come back over & over again."


Singer Silver Plus - 19th February 2020

"Throughly enjoyed this experience. Paul made me feel very at ease as I was nervous but I will certainly be back to record more songs."


Singer Silver Plus - 19th February 2020

"Great, fun experience for my 8 year old daughter who was in her element, singing to her favourite songs. Thank you for a great morning."

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