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Singer Silver - 27th January 2018

"Warmly welcomed by Rob, made a screaming cat sound like a super star :). Very professional, more than we expected. Lexy loved every minute of it."


Singer Gold - 27th January 2018

"I had a great time and was made to feel very comfortable and at ease. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to experience studio recording. "


Singer Gold Plus - 24th January 2018

"Absolutely love the Recording Experience Gifts at Audio Sorcery! Been here 4 times now and will no doubt be back again in the future! Would definitely recommend!"

Lou & Ella

Singer Gold - 20th January 2018

"Robert looked after us brilliantly. So friendly, supportive - and very talented at making us sound so much better than we are! Great fun! Many thanks."

Richard Heather

Singer Gold - 18th January 2018

"Excellent experience. Very patient and very interesting day. Paul was helpful with useful suggestions. Top guy. Delighted with the finished songs."


Singer Gold - 14th January 2018

"I was nervous, unprepared and had a bad throat. Joe took me from the to at ease to really enjoying my experience. An exceptional company."


Singer Gold - 14th January 2018

"I really enjoyed the session with Joe."


Singer Platinum - 13th January 2018

"Great first recording experience. Rob was really friendly and put me at ease. Also a very professional atmosphere and produced a very successful result."


Singer Silver - 13th January 2018

"I had a great time at the recording studio. It was a great experience to sing in a real studio and properly hear myself sing. I even had a photo shoot which was brill. The staff were brilliant and explained everything. I would really recommend it if you love singing and recording!"


Singer Gold - 13th January 2018

"First and possibly the only time in a recording studio. Wow what fun. Initially nervous, Robert put me at ease immediately. Very professional in private surroundings. With interaction from Robert and my darling husband, this was a fabulous experience. "


Singer Platinum - 12th January 2018

"This is my 2nd visit and I had the same sound engineer, Joe, who has once again been patient, understanding and his knowledge of music is astounding. He made me relaxed and made the experience very enjoyable."

Olivia & Emily

Singer Gold - 7th January 2018

"Kids really enjoyed the way Joe included them in the decision making/editing and made the experience about them. We liked the way he interacted with the kids and made them feel at ease."


Singer Silver - 7th January 2018

"Brooke was made to feel very grown up and put at ease by Joe. A fabulous experience in a relaxed and very professional environment. Highly recommended. The photo was the icing on the cake"


Singer Silver - 7th January 2018

"Really enjoyed the session, a great first experience in a recording studio."

Teegan Reader

Singer Silver - 6th January 2018

"It was really good and very professional. I really enjoyed it and will be coming back!"

Parry Band

Band Silver - 6th January 2018

"Absolutely amazing experience. Excellent facility - we really enjoyed out time and the advice and experience Robert gave us. We will definitely be coming back."


Singer Silver Plus - 3rd January 2018

"Isla loved this experience and would like to do it again."

Alex & Jenny

Singer Gold - 3rd January 2018

"Great fun! Would really recommend it! We were put at ease right from the beginning. "


Singer Silver Plus - 18th December 2017

"GiftDaze provide a really professional but relaxed environment to enjoy the who experience. Joe is brilliant in helping to get the result you want."

Sam & Barny

Player Platinum - 18th December 2017

"Joe was great fun and really helpful. Barry and I had a great time and would recommend Audio Sorcery/Recording Experience Gifts to anyone who has ever thought about properly recording a song but hasn't yet."


Singer Gold - 16th December 2017

"My experience was amazing, I was able to record 3 songs. They are able to make it feel very professional and enjoyable. Rob was friendly and nice. "


Singer Gold - 16th December 2017

"I enjoyed my experience at gift daze, it was fun and exciting and made me want to do it again! I would definitely recommend."


Singer Platinum - 5th December 2017

"I think it was a fantastic experience, friendly and professionally done. I would have no hesitation in recommending GIFT DAZE (Recording Experience Gifts) to my friends."


Singer Silver Plus - 2nd December 2017

"I have returned after an experience I did last year and enjoyed it so much again this time. Rob is brilliant and helped me relax and do the best I could. Thank you! "


Singer Diamond - 29th November 2017

"I had a very memorable birthday treat - enjoyed it very much. Joe was absolutely friendly and encouraging and amusing!!! : )"

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