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Danny Aiano

Singer Platinum - 23rd August 2008

"Another fantasic experience. Dale is a wicked addition to the team. Long live the high note!"

Leanna's Hen Idol

Hen Party Platinum - 23rd August 2008

"We were so chuffed when we arrived, the setting is beautiful, the studios are gorgeous. Paul is great fun and puts you at ease - we were all terrified!! Having looked at studios in London, which were massively more expensive, and where total flea-pits, we couldn't believe our luck when we walked in. The Green Room was great and the perfect place to drink some fizzy dutch courage before assaulting Paul's ears!"

Katie & Anna

Singer Silver - 22nd August 2008

"Fab!!! Great time, would love to come again!"

Sue Hinks

Singer Gold - 22nd August 2008

"'Wow' I Loved it. Really did not know what to expect. But straight away felt at ease and enjoyed an experience which I will never forget. It was always on my wish list to record a disc and sing. My wish has been granted! Thank you."

Alan & Andrew

Player Platinum - 22nd August 2008

"Fantastic experience and after a few nerves made to feel very relaxed. Had no idea how we would sound but the brilliant guidance & studio equipment we sounded almost professional, or at least we thought so. An experience to do again! Thank you! Fantastic! Theres nothing as cool as being told you sound good and suddenly realising they actually mean it. We'll be back again I hope sometime."

Anthony Marulanda-Carter

Singer Platinum - 21st August 2008

"It was amazing. Very friendly, great experience. Loved every moment. Thank you very much."

Kirstie Lowing

Singer Platinum - 20th August 2008

"I had a very good time here, my first time here, but have been to a different recording studio in the past, so knew what to expect. Unfortunately my boyfriend got us lost, so we were late arriving. But I was just able to squeeze in all 5 songs, though doing a couple on one take only! Thanks to Paul for putting up with me and for staying on 15 minutes late while I wrote this!"

Gemma Rose

Singer Silver - 20th August 2008

"What a fantastic experience! Once my nerves settled, I really enjoyed myself. Now my children have a great keepsake of me singing! Highly recommended."

Grace Radley

Singer Gold - 20th August 2008

"I thought it was a great experience. I really enjoyed it and would like to come again. It was fun and I would advice other people to come!"

Ailesha Austen

Singer Silver - 19th August 2008

"I had a fab time, cannot wait till the next time. It was brilliant. Thanks Paul for a great time."

Katie Silverson

Singer Gold - 19th August 2008

"I really enjoyed it, it's a good laugh, it makes you laugh, cry and gives you a great sense of acheivement, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great family day out & Paul made us feel really welcome. I recommend it to anyone and everybody. Thanks x"

Isobel Fletcher

Singer Silver - 19th August 2008

"Loved it! I can't wait to come back! Felt like a superstar!"

Loretta Whyte

Singer Platinum - 17th August 2008

"It's been a really fantastic experience and I can't wait to book up again!"

Kimberley Brien

Singer Gold - 15th August 2008

"It was a great experience and I enjoyed it."

Daisy Ellis

Singer Gold - 15th August 2008

"I enjoyed it and I would do it again. I started off so nervous but as it went on I built up more confidence."

Paul templeman

Singer Silver - 14th August 2008

"Great experience. Made me sound brilliant. Two and a half hour journey worth it! Love to come again."

Cassie Chapman

Singer Platinum - 12th August 2008

"It was such a good experience. I was really nervous to begin with but Paul and Dale made me feel really welcome and relaxed. They were really funny and my mum said Dale made a lovely cup of tea! Thanks for a great day."

Kane Oliver

Singer Gold - 12th August 2008

"My experience at gift daze was amazing, I would do it again. It was just brilliant!"

Chloe Wilson

Singer Silver - 12th August 2008

"It was the experience of a life time, I had loads of fun doing 'All for one' from High school musical. So go on have a go!"

Malcolm Sheppard

Singer Platinum - 11th August 2008

"Thank you for a very enjoyable day. Great experience! Will be coming back"


Singer Silver - 9th August 2008

"I felt at ease recording at Audio Sorcery thanks to the knowledgeable and friendly production team. Highly recommendable experience, and awesome value for money. Thanks for a great time."

Erica Ffrench

Singer Gold Plus - 9th August 2008

"It was a really rewarding experience because I was very encouraged by Paul, and He allowed me to go over the bits which were difficult at first! I would recommend the experience to anyone who fancies themselves as a songstrel but who has never had the confidence to perform in public."

Wendy Turland

Singer Gold - 9th August 2008

"Today my dream came true for two hours I was a pop star singing with Madonna! I have had the most fantastic experience Paul and the team worked there magic and I have my very own CD! I would definately recommend this experience and have been inspired and will definately be back! Thank you!"

Lilli Guy

Singer Gold - 8th August 2008

"I had an amazing time today! It was great fun and I actually sounded ok! Thank you for making me feel (and sound) like a star!"

Lucy John

Singer Silver - 7th August 2008

"I have had an amazing experience recording my voice, even got a little emotional hearing it back! I would definitely recommend!"

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