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Lauren and Bethany

Singer Gold - 19th April 2008

"(Beth) I loved it because Paul the producer is really funny and nice - and it is the best studio ever! (Lauren) I love it here - what an amazing experience!"

Emma Holmes

Singer Gold - 18th April 2008

"Really good, would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves to sing. I would love to do it again one day!"

Chris Keeble

Singer Platinum - 18th April 2008

"First class experience. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Certainly recommend everyone tries it. Thank you."


Singer Platinum - 17th April 2008

"I found this experience SO fun! I sounded strange, I did'nt realise how I sounded. Ha Ha I hope I come back for my next birthday!"

Emma Pugh

Singer Silver - 17th April 2008

"It was a great gift but shame I had a cold. It's been fixed up now so i'm happy! YAY!"

Tina Woodthorpe

Singer Platinum - 17th April 2008

"Good fun morning, made to feel very relaxed and not pressured to hurry. Will definitely book again sometime in the future."

Sam Pemberton

Singer Gold - 15th March 2008

"Thank goodness Paul was there to save me. He is a legend. Had a brill time, loads of laughs, all be it at my expense but was very much enjoyed"

Paul Burgess

Singer Gold - 15th March 2008

"Excellent - Thanks very much for all the 'very' supportive comments !!!"

Clare Reynolds

Singer Gold - 13th March 2008

"fantastic session. I really enjoyed everything about it. Great to watch you work your magic and produce something I'll treasure. Hopefully be back soon."

Jason Hamilton

Singer Silver - 13th March 2008

"Very relaxing and made me feel comfortable. I enjoyed the day very much even with a sore throat. Thank you"

Rachael & Liam

Singer Gold - 12th March 2008

"An absolutely fantastic experience!! After our initial nerves, Paul made us feel really relaxed! So much fun and would definitely come back again! Sorry about the cheesy tunes :) Thanks so much"

Rachelle Simmons

Singer Gold - 12th March 2008

"Fantastic experience. Great result - made me sound much better than I am! (thankfully). A unique and special gift for my husband-to-be on our wedding day. Thank you!"

Kirsty West

Singer Gold - 11th March 2008

"Very enjoyable. My second time of being here & have had a very good experience both times round."

Heidi North

Singer Gold - 11th March 2008

"Excellent, Paul makes you feel at ease and makes you sound great. I had a really fun time. I would recommend the experience. Fantastic present!"

Katy Allison

Singer Silver - 8th March 2008

"It was really fun and I was very impressed with the outcome of my song. Thank you!"


Singer Gold - 8th March 2008

"Excellent experience! Had a fantastic time and will be back for more! Thank you so much Paul."

Jessica Raynsford

Singer Platinum - 7th March 2008

"Cool. Great. Terrific !!"

Tessa Hood

Singer Gold - 6th March 2008

"Great fun! Amazed at the result turning a pigs ear into a silk purse - wow!"

Jamie & Dan

Player Platinum - 6th March 2008

"Very professional. Everything we expected and more. Thanks for the memories & The No 1 Hit"

Terese O'Doherty

Singer Platinum - 5th March 2008

"Had a great time and it was so easy. Paul makes you feel very at home. Loved it!"

Shenice Lee

Singer Silver - 1st March 2008

"It was exciting, a chance to prove to myself whether I can sing or not. Very calm, enjoyable environment which made me relax. Very good experience"

Maisy Dunlop

Singer Silver - 1st March 2008

"It was a really good experience and when you're singing you can hear yourself in the headphones! (age 11)"

Bethan Plumb

Singer Platinum - 29th February 2008

"I was very nervous when I entered the studio but Paul made me laugh which made me relax. He showed me the studio and equipment and then I started my first song. It was really easy and he altered it when I got out. So the day was a brilliant experience and I wish I could do it again - maybe one day! (age 12)"


Singer Platinum - 29th February 2008

"I had a fantastic day! I did'nt think my songs would come out as good as they did. I would certainly love to come back again to sing some different songs. I recommend this experience to anyone who just loves to sing! Excellent."

Danica Hunter

Singer Gold - 29th February 2008

"It was really fun and a great experience. I Will definitely do it again, thank you x"

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