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Dave Williams

Player Gold - 18th November 2009

"Dave - Very professional, friendly and would definitely recommend as a gift or just for the experience, even to make a demo. Julie - Laid back but professional, fantastic result. An enjoyable experience, and I only watched and listened!!!"

Daniela Haynes

Singer Silver - 15th November 2009

"I enjoyed every second of it and felt very comfortable. Thank you so much Dale, sorry for being such a pain!"

The Cup Cakes

Pop Star Party Silver - 15th November 2009

"I had a terrific time, great fun and very entertaining. Thank you for a great birthday!"

Candy Cane

Pop Star Party Silver - 15th November 2009

"Very well advertised, very enjoyable day. Thanks for all your help."

Elizabeth and Karen

Singer Gold - 15th November 2009

"'Absolutely Amazing' we thoroughly enjoyed the experience can you please get a studio nearer manchester?! Dale was very helpful and professional."


Singer Silver - 14th November 2009

"Great experience, a lot different to karaoke! Dale was very patient and gave me a lot of help, being not that great a singer."

Kelly Watson

Pop Star Party Silver - 14th November 2009

"Brilliant experience! Lots of fun! "

David Dunham

Singer Silver - 8th November 2009

"This is the second time I've been to the studio to record a song and I enjoyed it just as much this time around. Great fun and would recommend to anyone, even if they don't think they can sing!"

Rhiannon and Gemma

Singer Gold Plus - 8th November 2009

"Had a really great experience. Was really strange hearing my voice for the first time but soon got used to it and had a fabulous time. Dale helped me get over my nerves and once I did he couldn't shut me up! Really good day! Really fun experience!"

Nicola Thompson

Singer Silver Plus - 8th November 2009

"It was a great experience. I would recommend to anyone! The nerves kick in at first, but the friendliness soon brings it down and confidence is grown."

Stuart Rice

Singer Platinum - 8th November 2009

"Three hours of fun, during which I learnt I definitely have the 'X' Factor!"

Troublesome TuTu's

Pop Star Party Platinum - 7th November 2009

"It was a great laugh and we really enjoyed it. We are better than John and Edward from X factor, watch out Jedward, here we come!"

The Keston Kuties

Pop Star Party Gold - 7th November 2009

"A fantastic experience! The girls loved it from start to finish. They rehearsed all week in the playground at school, deliberated over what to wear on the day and a couple of them could hardly sleep the night before - They were SO excited. The best party ever!"

The Y Factor

Pop Star Party Platinum - 7th November 2009

"This is just beginning! We have a new respect for Freddie!"

Camilla Ferguson

Singer Diamond - 7th November 2009

"I had an absolutely amazing experience and was encouraged so much. I've really been given a lot more confidence with my singing, thank you so much!"

Millie Keutenius

Singer Platinum - 6th November 2009

"I thought it was an amazing experience. It has boosted my confidence alot and it's brilliant that I have something to show for my performing that I can show other people. I have really enjoyed my day and would definitely come again in the future."

Ryan Rabbett

Singer Silver - 1st November 2009

"It was amazing I enjoyed every minute of it I would advise anyone to do it who enjoys singing."

Gemma Delaney

Singer Platinum - 1st November 2009

"It was really fun and I would definitely do it again."

Jennifer Ridley

Songwriter Silver - 29th October 2009

"Friendly and professional staff who deliver very professional recordings. Well worth the money. A very enjoyable experience."

Rosi Farrow

Singer Gold - 29th October 2009

"Very enjoyable. But nervous to begin with but soon felt comfortable. Would like to do it again soon!"

Olivia Kay - Hill

Singer Silver Plus - 28th October 2009

"Great experience, was really cool. Staff were great! I'm getting mum to bring me back for my birthday next year!"

Rebecca Sumner

Singer Diamond - 28th October 2009

"I had a really exciting time it was really enjoyable. I was pretty nervous on my first song but after that it was fine. The songs also came out better than expected. I would definitely come back for another experience and would recommend to friends and family."

Megan and Jessie

Singer Silver - 27th October 2009

"Our experience at Gift Daze was really enjoyable (as always!). I have been three times and have enjoyed everyone of them. I recommend that if you enjoy singing to come and try it out."

Beth (featuring Joe)

Singer Gold Plus - 27th October 2009

"It was a great experience, I was really nervous at first but they make you feel really comfortable. It was brilliant."

Mark Stevens

Singer Platinum - 27th October 2009

"An amazing experience. Dale was a wizard trying to make me sound good! Thank you very much!"

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