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Rachel Hogarth

Singer Silver Plus - 14th August 2009

"Amazing and I would love to do it again."

Stephanie Collett

Singer Silver Plus - 14th August 2009

"Really fun! Dale was very friendly and encouraged me a lot. Felt very relaxed and he made me feel like I was doing well, otherwise I would be really stuttery with singing! Got the most out of it! "

No Boys Aloud

Pop Star Party Gold - 14th August 2009

"Fantastic experience. The girls were smiling from start to finish."

Sophie Jefferis

Singer Gold - 13th August 2009

"I had an amazing time and it was a really fun experience."

Charlie Wilson

Singer Silver Plus - 13th August 2009

"Excellent experience. Very professional and efficient. I was very relaxed singing after the first take, thanks to the producer. I am pleasantly surprised by how good the songs sound."

Rachel Saunders

Singer Gold - 12th August 2009

"It was an absolutely amazing experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to do it again. Outstanding."

Samantha Broadway

Singer Silver Plus - 12th August 2009

"Such an awesome day, was great hearing yourself and the mixing of the tracks. Great present for any aspiring singer."

Joel Lawrence

Singer Gold Plus - 12th August 2009

"A once in a lifetime experience which allows aspiring singers to record something they can keep forever. Dale made the mix sound awesome. Thank you."

Hollie Evans

Singer Silver Plus - 11th August 2009

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience - it felt comfortable and relaxed. I just sang and had a good time! Thank you very much! :D"

Ross Pearman

Player Silver - 11th August 2009

"Great day. Made to feel at ease and helped by staff. Would definitely recommend the gift to other musicans."

The Glitter Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 11th August 2009

"It was great fun and we felt like really pop stars, just like Hannah Montana! The recording room was really cool - especially when we used the headphone and microphones."

Rick Martin and Family

Band Silver - 9th August 2009

"A very worthwhile experience Dale added some valuable experience and ideas."

Milene Alves

Singer Gold Plus - 8th August 2009

"I had a wonderful time! It was good fun!"

Brittany and Annabelle

Singer Silver Plus - 8th August 2009

"I loved being able to come back and sing, I enjoyed every second of it. I had a fantastic time. I had a lovely time and enjoyed the experience of being in a studio."

Jasmin Mae and Amalie

Pop Star Party Silver - 5th August 2009

"Fantastic birthday experience, Paul couldn't have treated us better. 'Wonderful thank you I had fun!', Amalie. 'Fantastic! Me and Amalie had fun', Jasmin Mae. All very patient and so accommodating. A fun afternoon for the girls and hilarious for us to watch. Nice laid back atmosphere."

Shannon and Kelsey

Singer Silver - 3rd August 2009

"We really enjoyed it and it was a really good experience. We would would love to come and do it again. It was very nerve racking at first."

Nikita and Rose

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd August 2009

"It was a really good experience and we would love to do it again. We loved being in the recording studio, it's great!"

Catherine Cox

Singer Silver - 2nd August 2009

"I enjoyed the experience in the studio and was made to feel comfortable. I would definitely come back to record more in the future!"

Maria Agates

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd August 2009

"I was nervous at first, but then I was made to feel so relaxed that I could have been singing for hours. I loved every minute of it and would love to do it again. Thank you for such a great experience."

Martin Lewis

Singer Silver Plus - 1st August 2009

"Not as easy as I thought! Strange with headphones and hearing my voice coming out! Had a great time and I can still hear my family laughing from the green room. How much are the mixing desks...clever bits of kit!"

Nick Mills

Singer Silver Plus - 1st August 2009

"A fabulous experience, I was nervous beforehand, but was put at ease immediately by Paul who was excellent throughout the session. I am really pleased with the results and cannot wait to have another go - Nick. Leanne > As a spectator in the control room it was such a fun and enjoyable time. A fantastic present to give."

Nikki Hurley

Singer Gold - 31st July 2009

"It was a great experience, something I've always wanted to do but never been brave enough."

Steve Hopper

Singer Silver - 30th July 2009

"Nice comfortable atmosphere. Enjoyable experience. Really is worth a go! If you can or can't sing..."

Helen Spain

Singer Silver - 30th July 2009

"It was good fun and I relaxed as the session went on. Thanks."


Singer Silver - 29th July 2009

"It's been a great experience loved every second, has been a great opportunity. I would to do it again. It helped me improve my singing and was great."

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