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Singer Gold - 31st January 2008

"It was an awesome day! Flew by!!"

Ronnie Stretch

Singer Gold - 31st January 2008

"Really good fun experience. Paul was gentle with me on the high notes and mixed it all well. Pleased with the outcome."

Tim Pipes

Singer Platinum - 30th January 2008

"It was an amazing experience and I will have to do it again sometime!"

Samantha Lavelle

Singer Platinum - 30th January 2008

"I had an amazing experience and would love to do it again. Can't believe how much better I sound on CD."

Karran Chetin

Singer Gold - 27th January 2008

"Iwas very nervous at first, but soon relaxed and had a fantastic time. Very friendly, professional service, Thank you."

Hannah Wirdnam

Singer Gold - 26th January 2008

"I really enjoyed the day; at first it was quite scary but after a while it was really fun! I could have been in there all day long! Thanks for having me :)"

Katherine Bernarte

Singer Silver - 26th January 2008

"My experience was absolutely fantastic!! I loved going into the studio and feeling like a famous singer. Thank you so much Paul."

Nathan Rumgay

Singer Silver - 26th January 2008

"Terrifying but excellent!!"

Sonia Ettienne

Singer Platinum - 19th January 2008

"I was really nervous when I arrive, but was made very welcome, so that helped me to relax. I really enjoyed my afternoon singing and would definitely come back again. Excellent day out!"

Stephen Foster

Singer Silver - 18th January 2008

"This was a fantastic experience, very warm, welcoming and friendly"

John Switten

Singer Platinum - 18th January 2008

"Great day out. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed and soon got over the nerves. This was a special birthday treat from my family so thank you to them. Thank you Paul, you did miracles, John."

Ken MacGregor

Singer Silver - 17th January 2008

"Superb experience. Not easy at the start but you are made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. The 'Mixing' is superb and makes me sound like I can actually sing!! Fantastic!"

Peri-Jayne Memish

Singer Gold - 17th January 2008

"My experience was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would definitely recommend it to others or even do another again. Thank you."

Emily Salmon

Singer Platinum - 16th January 2008

"Very enjoyable experience. Really relaxed and friendly so gives you confidence. Hopefully now I have some usable material for my acting work so really worthwhile for me. Would definitely come here again if / when I need some new songs. Thank you"

Hayley & Chloe

Singer Platinum - 13th January 2008

"The experience was amazing, we loved it alot, we would love to come again... TOMORROW! if we could. Thank you."

Jamie, Cris, Alec & Simon

Band Platinum - 12th January 2008

"It was awesome! We had so much fun and the end result was far better than we'd expected. You are truly a studio magician. Monkey trousers! Yeah! 'We are shattered Dwarv'"

Jasmine Sach

Singer Gold - 15th December 2007

"Was really good, a great experience. The Studio is wicked and the songs make you sound great! Thanks"

Elishia Pitney

Singer Silver - 13th December 2007

"I thought today was really good. I really enjoyed it so much! It's one of the best experiences of my life! Thank you"

Brendan McIntyre

Singer Platinum - 13th December 2007

"What an experience! Best present ever, do it! Just do it!"

Vicky Senior

Singer Platinum - 9th December 2007

"Very good, enjoyed it a lot. Very professional, glad he made me sound better than I did! Would recommend."

The Keye Family

Singer Platinum - 7th December 2007

"This experience was bought for me as a gift I smiled - said thank you - and thought 'what on earth do I want this for... I can't even sing properly!'. Post experience = absolutely brilliant, I loved it and did'nt know why I had been so nervous for months beforehand. We all had a right good laugh - I even cried with laughter at one point and my 7 year old said they were 'tears of joy' ha ha. Excellent x"

Karen Neary

Singer Gold - 7th December 2007

"Never done a studio before so it was my first experience and very enjoyable, but hard work!"

Stephanie Moore

Singer Gold - 30th November 2007

"I really enjoyed my experience at the studio. Paul was helpful and made my day enjoyable."

Robbie McMillen

Singer Gold - 24th November 2007

"Really Good. Paul was so good - took me through step by step. Money well spent, a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks so much, Paul Weller (Robbie McMillen)!"

Charlotte Barham

Singer Gold - 24th November 2007

"Great experience. Felt relaxed after a while, could of had more practice but will practice for next time. Great outcome!"

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