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Spencer Page

Singer Silver - 22nd July 2008

"It was a fantastic experience and highly enjoyable. Paul is very friendly and had a great sense of humour. I will definitely be returning!"

Ashley & Hannah

Singer Platinum - 22nd July 2008

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Paul is really friendly and helpful. Hope to come back again for a re-run. Thanks a lot, A & H x"

Emily ffrench

Singer Silver Plus - 17th July 2008

"Amazing!! Craaaazy superman!"

Elly Ruben

Singer Platinum - 17th July 2008

"I had a really fantastic time and am thrilled with the result! Thank you so much!"

Maria Ioannou

Singer Silver - 15th July 2008

"A very professional and relaxing atmosphere in which to what I love best, singing. I can't wait to come back again."

Floria Ioannou

Singer Silver - 15th July 2008

"It was a good experience and will most definitely come back for another recording."

Danny Aiano

Singer Platinum - 15th July 2008

"Another wicked experience, I'll be back again, fear not! thanks Paul."

Abigail King

Singer Gold - 15th July 2008

"Very professional, very friendly. Been twice before and the experience has been equally memorable. Lovely new facilities in Wadhurst. Felt comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Feel very proud after singing three good but difficult songs! Paul is a lovely, friendly man who always makes me smile (and laugh!)"

Jock Munn

Singer Platinum - 11th July 2008

"I was apprehensive as to what to expect. To my suprise I was made to feel totally at ease and ended up thoroughly enjoying the experience. This was all due to Paul. I will certainly come back (after a bit of practice) and will definitely recommend this to anyone. Thank you Paul for such a nice day."

Ron Brown

Singer Gold - 11th July 2008

"Just one word - GREAT!"

Tanya Pinn

Singer Silver - 11th July 2008

"Fantastic Experience I really enjoyed it and would recommend it."

Dean Sayer

Singer Gold - 10th July 2008

"Great experience, was'nt too hard! (ha ha). Really relaxed - the time flies. Thank you very much."

Leah Montague

Singer Gold - 10th July 2008

"Well words can't acutally explain, and I don't wish to curse, so I'm just going to say it was brilliant. Hard, but brilliant!"

Tracey Lee

Singer Platinum - 10th July 2008

"I had a really good time, nice relaxed atmosphere. I'd love to come back again."

Brian Hawkes

Player Platinum - 9th July 2008

"Most excellent experience! Put at ease straight away, and somehow Paul managed to get the very best from my playing and make it sound even better - pure magic."

Laura Acland

Singer Silver - 9th July 2008

"I really enjoyed the experience. Very welcoming environment and friendly atmosphere. Overall I had a really good time and would recommend it to all friends and family."

Hollie Fox-Wilcocks

Singer Gold - 8th July 2008

"Excellent experience to sing in a studio, completely different to singing in your bedroom! Paul makes you feel extremely comfortable and at ease and is a pro at making them accidental flat and out of tune notes sound perfect! A great experience and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys singing, even if you can't sing!"

Dervla O'Shea

Singer Platinum - 8th July 2008

"The day lived up to my expectations in every way, I was relaxed enough to not be afraid to mess up, and it's amazing to watch Paul clicking away at the computer and suddenly the end result is almost perfection. Well worth it, thank you very much. I'll be back!"

Rhys jenkins

Singer Gold - 5th July 2008

"Absolutely fantastic!! Bit nerve racking at times, but seeing as i'm so cocky, should'nt have made too much difference! The state of the art equipment has really impressed me along with Paul's expertise and skills behind the desk. And thankfully, he's a really nice guy with a sense of humour which makes it even more enjoyable. Hopefully, if I can, I will be back soon to do more, thoroughly enjoyable and 'spoilt' experience!"

Suzy Cudapas

Singer Silver - 5th July 2008

"Impressive - had a good time experience!"

Sam Tarrant

Singer Silver - 5th July 2008

"Great time loved it! and will be back for more."

Jason Harcombe

Singer Gold - 4th July 2008

"What a great gift! I'll be back. Paul was great & very relaxing. Recommend this to everyone!"


Singer Silver - 4th July 2008

"Very enjoyable. Started out feeling very nervous, but soon relaxed into it. I'm not the best singer in the world but when the track was put together it sounded really good. Highly recommended."

Jenna Clarke

Singer Gold - 3rd July 2008

"I really enjoyed my experience. Paul was very encouraging and made me feel very relaxed which has helped my performance. I would do it again."


Singer Gold - 3rd July 2008

"I had a great time and thought it wsa a very enjoyable experience. I hope to come back very soon, highly recommended! Thankyou."

Page 102
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