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Singer Gold - 3rd July 2008

"I had a great time and thought it wsa a very enjoyable experience. I hope to come back very soon, highly recommended! Thankyou."

David Nicholl

Singer Gold - 28th June 2008

"It was fantastic from start to finish, well worth the journey, and Paul was very helpful and accomodating throughout."

Anne Perham

Singer Silver - 28th June 2008

"I loved every second of it - great! I will definitely do it again."

Faye Nicholson

Singer Gold - 28th June 2008

"I had an excellent morning and Paul was really friendly and put me at ease. I'll definitely be recommending this to all my friends! Thank you, what a wonderful present."

Paul Bygrave

Singer Gold - 27th June 2008

"Great time, great sound, would recommend. Thanks for making me sound good!"

Vicki Lynch

Singer Platinum - 27th June 2008

"Had a really great time, a perfect 21st Birthday present - it's just as well they're use to dealing with nervous people!!"

Susannah Culmer

Singer Gold - 26th June 2008

"It was a really great experience, good fun, and a nice relaxed environment. I came in very nervous but Paul helped me to relax and enjoy every minute, thanks Paul!"


Singer Platinum - 26th June 2008

"A fantastic experience. Would love to come back (with some girly songs!)"

Rachel Wells

Singer Platinum - 24th June 2008

"Third time recording with Paul & yet another fantastic experience! Really helped build my confidence & will definitely be back soon!"

Sally Hannam

Singer Platinum - 28th May 2008

"Fantastic Afternoon, very relaxed and great to spend all that time just singing."

Katy Embling

Singer Gold - 28th May 2008

"Thanks for an amazing time. Had a really fun afternoon and I didn't want it to end :)"

Chrissie Huntley

Singer Gold - 27th May 2008

"It was a great first experience and I look forward to doing it again. Many thanks x"

Scarlett & Lydia

Singer Gold - 27th May 2008

"Great experience and had loads of fun!! (Scarlett) - Good fun and good listening back to your voice (Lydia)."

Michael Peltier

Singer Gold - 23rd May 2008

"It was a great experience, one to remember. I would love to do it again."

Emma Tierney

Singer Platinum - 23rd May 2008

"What an anniversary present! Paul made me relaxed and in the end the finished product was amazing (he even managed to rescue my Andrea Corr impression!). Singing with Peter (husband) was a great way to finish my experience."

Bob Langridge

Singer Gold - 23rd May 2008

"Thank you Paul. Best day I have had for a very long time. Hope to do it again."

Peter White

Player Platinum - 22nd May 2008

"Sorcery indeed! Paul worked wonders - The end result is better than I could ever have expected. The whole day was really enjoyable. Heres to the next time!"

Lionel Baker

Singer Platinum - 20th May 2008

"I have had a wonderful time & Paul has been an absolute joy to work with. Very helpful. I'll do it again."

Ellie Bray

Singer Silver - 17th May 2008

"I was really nervous but I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was a pop star!"

Stephen Prosser

Player Platinum - 16th May 2008

"I found it great fun, encouraging and successful. I would recommend it and Paul Midcalf is a great guy to have record me."

Denise McAvoy

Singer Platinum - 15th May 2008

"Had a great time! Paul makes you feel relaxed very quickly and gives you confidence in his ability to make everything sound great. I'm coming back!!"

Caroline Inglis

Singer Silver - 15th May 2008

"It was good fun although very scary! I think that everone should have a go. Thanks for the experience!"

Chloe Brasier

Singer Silver - 14th May 2008

"It was a great experience at Gift Daze. It was alot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to sing!"

Yvonne Allan

Singer Gold - 14th May 2008

"Extremely nervous to start with, but Paul is very friendly and made me feel relaxed. Lots of fun once I got into the swing of things, and a great experience."

Vanessa Hardcastle

Singer Platinum - 14th May 2008

"Had a real great time. Paul was the best. Made me feel at home. Would love to do it again sometime. Thanks Thanks Thanks Love V x"

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