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Stephanie Moore

Singer Gold - 30th November 2007

"I really enjoyed my experience at the studio. Paul was helpful and made my day enjoyable."

Robbie McMillen

Singer Gold - 24th November 2007

"Really Good. Paul was so good - took me through step by step. Money well spent, a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks so much, Paul Weller (Robbie McMillen)!"

Charlotte Barham

Singer Gold - 24th November 2007

"Great experience. Felt relaxed after a while, could of had more practice but will practice for next time. Great outcome!"

Annie & Nick

Singer Silver - 22nd November 2007

"We had a fantastic day. It doesnt matter if your not Whitney, you still sound fab! Paul's really friendly & puts you at ease straightaway. Would we do it again? Definitely!"

Andy & Ceri

Singer Gold - 20th November 2007

"Unforgettable experience - very enjoyable. Thanks!"

Jennie Page

Singer Gold Plus - 20th November 2007

"Great, very easy and very interesting to see how your voice can be edited to make a song!"

Rachel Garrett

Singer Silver Plus - 20th November 2007

"It was IMMENSE! Be prepared because nothing is as it seems!"

Ben Exall

Singer Gold Plus - 18th November 2007

"I had a great experience, felt very relaxed and had an amazing time!"

Brittany Hope Lee

Singer Silver Plus - 17th November 2007

"I found the whole experience brilliant! I had such a good time. I loved the recording experience. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the studio! It was such fun!!! I would love to do it again! I will recommend it to all of my friends!"

Ashleigh & Louise

Singer Silver Plus - 17th November 2007

"It was good and a lot of fun. We had a giggle!! We sang Torn by Natalie Imbruglia and we would definitely do it again! Our singing was not so good!! But it was still very fun. The experience was fab."

Amy Dennington

Singer Platinum - 17th November 2007

"This was my first experience in a recording studio and I really enjoyed it. I felt comfortable and had a lot of fun! I would definitely do it again in the future."

Lisa Leanne Carter

Singer Platinum - 11th November 2007

"Very nervous on the morning. Met Paul, very nice guy. Really enjoyed my time here and relaxed after a while. Time flew and would recommend to anyone. Had a fab time!"

The Victims Of Blackmail

Band Platinum - 10th November 2007

"Mark: Fabulous. Took our playing to a higher level and great fun too. John: Terrific experience. Made me sound better than I thought possible!! Dave: Made even a quiet, out of time drummer sound good (or at least ok!)"


Player Platinum - 8th November 2007

"I have not played the drums for 45 years and this experience was one of the best I have had, and made an old man very happy."


Songwriter Platinum - 7th November 2007

"Come in with something half decent, and then let the man work! A fantastic experience! Unlimited input and an amazing finished product!"


Band Platinum - 6th November 2007

"Great day, great experience, learned a lot - Long day but well worth it!!! Excellent production, very professional CHAMONE!! Great experience Paul was excellent and went away with a top quality CD of our great band thanks!"


Singer Silver - 3rd November 2007

"It was a great experience, very relaxed. It was something that I always wanted to do and now I have I want to do it again. I'm already choosing my next song. It would be a great day for a group of karaoke friends who do not take themselves too seriously! The outcome was great. Thank you"

Lucy Cleeve

Singer Emerald - 3rd November 2007

"I have been here three times now and it's been excellent every time. The Songs turn out really well and it's a great experience. I hope I will continue to come here for many years."

Liz & Sarah

Singer Silver - 3rd November 2007

"Good Fun!"

Mark Jones

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd November 2007

"Fantastic experience, felt totally at ease, would love to do it again, thanks very much."

Katherine Bishop

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd November 2007

"This was my first experience in a recording studio and I loved it! I would definitely come back again in the hope of recording a full cd. Thank you!"

Aaron & Natalie

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd November 2007

"We cannot sing, and we know it! But the whole experience is hilarious, we hardly sang because we were laughing so much. Paul is great though, he laughs along with you. Definitely crack out the accents it sounds so funny! Paul love your work we sound crap but you made us sound okay(ish) ha ha !"

Ally Brecco

Singer Emerald - 1st November 2007

"I enjoyed this day and I really liked to look at what Paul was doing. I hope to come back soon with some of my friends."

lucie Andrews

Singer Silver - 1st November 2007

"I had a brilliant time, felt a bit nervous beforehand but Paul made me feel relaxed and have fun. Would definitely come again. Thank you!"

Chantelle Larmond

Singer Emerald - 27th October 2007

"Despite the fact I was late I had a great time. I discovered exactly what it takes to become a professional. With Pauls help I am as great a singer as I originally thought! So much thanks to Paul + my mum for a great day."

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