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Jelly Babz

Pop Star Party Silver - 17th July 2009

"Lauren > It was so much fun but embarrassing - I liked it alot! Latisha > I liked it so much and it was fun! Natalie > It was very fun! I liked it!!! Lucy > I loved it but I was very embarrassed when the mums heard it as I am normally shy! It was great!!!"

Katie McMeeking

Singer Silver - 17th July 2009

"I had a great time in the studio and was made to feel very confortable. I am very pleased with the result!"

Paige Morrison

Singer Silver - 17th July 2009

"Had a fantastic time. Dale put me at ease and helped me with my confidence. Would love to do it again! Shame it wasn't longer! "

Leanne English

Singer Diamond - 16th July 2009

"I have had so much fun, completly different experience. Would recommend to all, for group days as well as single days out. Definitely worth the wait."

Samantha Quinn

Songwriter Platinum - 15th July 2009

"It was a great experience. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I look forward to coming again in the future."

Dean Akers

Singer Gold - 14th July 2009

"I really enjoyed it was great fun."

Jayde Emily Ellen Barry

Singer Silver - 14th July 2009

"I really enjoyed my Recording Studio experience. I would definitely love to come back again. Thanks to Dale."

John Green

Singer Gold - 13th July 2009

"I had a great day."


Pop Star Party Silver - 13th July 2009

"Excellent fun day out - we all enjoyed ourselves and were very well looked after, would definitely recommend it!"

Richard Butcher

Singer Gold - 11th July 2009

"Amazing! I could really let myself go, a star for the day!"

Girls R Loud

Pop Star Party Gold - 11th July 2009

"Utterly Brilliant, totally fabu! Awesome!"

Laurence & Mike

Player Platinum - 10th July 2009

"I had a great experience. It really showed me how to create a full sound and produced two great tracks. The sky is the limit with the technology at Audio Sorcery!"

Myfi Mia

Pop Star Party Platinum - 9th July 2009

"I had a great time, and I sung Mamma Mia. All my friends really loved it to!"

Nicola Evans

Singer Silver - 7th July 2009

"I was so nervous about this session. Paul made me relaxed and I felt 100% confident. My song is the first dance at my wedding, I can not wait for everyone to hear it! Thank you so much for an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone."

Lauren Cook

Singer Diamond - 6th July 2009

"I had a brilliant day with lots of support from Paul to make a CD I'm proud of - Thank you"

Lydia and Ella - Star Dust

Pop Star Party Emerald - 5th July 2009

"'It was the best party I have ever had' - Ella. 'It was a great experience, I can't thank you enough' - Lydia. 'It was really fun!' - Ellie T. 'It was amazing and really fun' - Hannah. 'It was amazing' - Hannah S. 'I think Lydia and Ella's party was excellent'. 'It was so much fun!' - Jade. Thank you Paul - Everyone."

Boyz Allowed

Pop Star Party Platinum - 5th July 2009

"It was the best experience ever and it was absolutely brilliant!"

Amie Mills - LATER GIRLS

Pop Star Party Gold - 4th July 2009

"It was really awesome and the best party ever! Thanks for everything Paul. It was cool (but you still smell!)"

Magic School Bus

Band Platinum - 30th June 2009

"A very professional experience that gave us insight into our musicality and technique that we have not experienced anywhere else. At the end of the day we produced a high-quality demo that we are incredibly pleased with. All the best love Paul, Willy, Geraint and Jamie xoxox"

Brooke Lemmiman

Singer Platinum - 27th June 2009

"I had such an amazing day! It was a brillant experience, that I will never forget! The effects were great and Dale thst mixed it all made me feel comfortable and my nerves were gone straight away. I would love to do it again!"

The Charlotte Girlz

Pop Star Party Platinum - 27th June 2009

"Most enjoyable time for the girls, they all felt like real 'Popstars'! A great alternative to the usual birthday party!"

Beth and Aster

Singer Silver - 27th June 2009

"It was 'awesome'. We had a fabulous time and it really made us feel like pop stars! Thank you."

Lloyd Greenaway

Songwriter Silver - 26th June 2009

"Excellent experience. Something never to forget. The staff are a credit to the organisation. I can not wait to come back and record the next lot of songs!"

Lewis Bennett

Singer Emerald - 26th June 2009

"Had a really good time. Dale has been wonderful. Thank you very much."

Jennifer Pike

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd June 2009

"Was a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience and was a great way for me to hear myself sing. I had a very great time and I believe that everyone would enjoy it!"

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