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Clare Smith

Singer Gold - 30th May 2009

"Absolutely brilliant! Very relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Would recommend highly!!"

Sue Parris

Singer Silver - 30th May 2009

"Really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to family and friends. It was fun."

Ian and Georgina Leeson

Singer Silver Plus - 29th May 2009

"A great afternoon really good fun! We had plenty of time to go through everything and Dale (Our Producer) made us welcome and relaxed."

Katie Sanders - Smith

Singer Silver - 29th May 2009

"It was great fun. I was very nervous to start off with, but the guy praised me and said well done. Next year I am definitely coming back."

Amy Warren

Singer Platinum - 29th May 2009

"Wicked, I loved every minute of it!"

Rebecca Wallard

Singer Gold - 27th May 2009

"Really good afternoon - sounded better than I expected. Would definitely do it again."

Harry Eastham

Singer Gold Plus - 27th May 2009

"At first really scary but then got more confident. I would recommend it to a friend"

Rob Hackeson

Player Platinum - 27th May 2009

"Many thanks for the help and encouragement. The end product exceeded my expectations massively. I would liked to have understood the mixing process more as it's like magic!"

Becky Fryza

Singer Platinum - 23rd May 2009

"We had a fabulous time. Really enjoyed it, and delighted with the CD's. Becky now wants to have her 11th birthday party here but I suspect we'll be back before that. Many many thanks."

Lianne Halfpenny

Singer Silver - 23rd May 2009

"The experience at the recording studios has been really good. It has been a challenge having to put up with the nerves but with the support from everyone you can get through it."

Nathalie Halfpenny

Singer Silver - 23rd May 2009

"So much fun, everyone was really nice and friendly and it was an amazing christmas present."

Monique Johnstone

Player Gold - 23rd May 2009

"I felt excited as I entered the studio. The whole day has been fun ;) I loved it and want to come back again !!"

Andy and Billy

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd May 2009

"Absolutely brilliant day, Dale is 'The Man' on the computer. Will definitely be back."

Mark Johnson

Songwriter Platinum - 22nd May 2009

"My second visit to Audio Sorcery, this time with an original song. It was a thrill to hear it being brought to life, another wonderful day and experience here. Many many thanks to Paul and Dale"

Emma and Sarah

Singer Platinum - 21st May 2009

"Had a fantastic day. Was very well looked after, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Can't wait to come back again! (Emma) Once over the first fits of laughter at the beginning!! I had a great day. Would definitely come back again. (Sarah)"

Chris Faith

Singer Silver Plus - 21st May 2009

"Nervous at first but was easy after one take. Loved every minute would recommend to any budding singers. Thanks to all my family. :)"

Lyndsay and Michelle

Singer Gold - 21st May 2009

"Had a great time! Soon lost the nerves. Will definitely come again with my trusty side-kick! :P Fantastic experience. A great thing to put on your 'To Do List'! Well recommended. :)"

Pete Johnston

Player Platinum - 19th May 2009

"Brilliant time. Paul and Dale were very hospitable and made my average rock song sound 'stadium'. What a laugh!"

Charlotte Banks

Singer Silver - 17th May 2009

"Brilliant, really enjoyed myself, excellent experience. Staff really friendly and kind."

Lily Hardy

Singer Gold - 17th May 2009

"The recording studio is so cool, I enjoyed it sooooo much! I would so come back again to sing more songs. I cannot wait until I listen to all my songs on the cd's. I loved it! It was such a great experience."

Panic! At The Bus Stop

Pop Star Party Gold - 16th May 2009

"Laugh out loud fun. Great birthday experience. Would recommend to friends."

Abbi Holunesbee

Singer Silver Plus - 15th May 2009

"I really enjoyed my time here and was made to feel at ease throughout. Would definitely come again."

The Jelly Babies

Pop Star Party Silver - 10th May 2009

"The 'Jelly Babies' had a great time and so did us adults watching them. Very relaxed place and friendly staff. Thanks for a great experience. We 'will' be back!"

Amelia Morgan

Singer Gold - 10th May 2009

"The experience was brilliant fun and any nerves quickly went, leading for a brilliant time. I loved it and would definitely recommend other people to try it. Thank you."

The Kitty Cat Dolls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 10th May 2009

"The girls really enjoyed the day, they said it was fun and a lot harded than they thought! But all the retakes made it easier for them. They would recommend it to their friends."

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