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Stephen Foster

Singer Silver - 18th January 2008

"This was a fantastic experience, very warm, welcoming and friendly"

John Switten

Singer Platinum - 18th January 2008

"Great day out. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed and soon got over the nerves. This was a special birthday treat from my family so thank you to them. Thank you Paul, you did miracles, John."

Ken MacGregor

Singer Silver - 17th January 2008

"Superb experience. Not easy at the start but you are made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. The 'Mixing' is superb and makes me sound like I can actually sing!! Fantastic!"

Peri-Jayne Memish

Singer Gold - 17th January 2008

"My experience was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would definitely recommend it to others or even do another again. Thank you."

Emily Salmon

Singer Platinum - 16th January 2008

"Very enjoyable experience. Really relaxed and friendly so gives you confidence. Hopefully now I have some usable material for my acting work so really worthwhile for me. Would definitely come here again if / when I need some new songs. Thank you"

Hayley & Chloe

Singer Platinum - 13th January 2008

"The experience was amazing, we loved it alot, we would love to come again... TOMORROW! if we could. Thank you."

Jamie, Cris, Alec & Simon

Band Platinum - 12th January 2008

"It was awesome! We had so much fun and the end result was far better than we'd expected. You are truly a studio magician. Monkey trousers! Yeah! 'We are shattered Dwarv'"

Jasmine Sach

Singer Gold - 15th December 2007

"Was really good, a great experience. The Studio is wicked and the songs make you sound great! Thanks"

Elishia Pitney

Singer Silver - 13th December 2007

"I thought today was really good. I really enjoyed it so much! It's one of the best experiences of my life! Thank you"

Brendan McIntyre

Singer Platinum - 13th December 2007

"What an experience! Best present ever, do it! Just do it!"

Vicky Senior

Singer Platinum - 9th December 2007

"Very good, enjoyed it a lot. Very professional, glad he made me sound better than I did! Would recommend."

The Keye Family

Singer Platinum - 7th December 2007

"This experience was bought for me as a gift I smiled - said thank you - and thought 'what on earth do I want this for... I can't even sing properly!'. Post experience = absolutely brilliant, I loved it and did'nt know why I had been so nervous for months beforehand. We all had a right good laugh - I even cried with laughter at one point and my 7 year old said they were 'tears of joy' ha ha. Excellent x"

Karen Neary

Singer Gold - 7th December 2007

"Never done a studio before so it was my first experience and very enjoyable, but hard work!"

Stephanie Moore

Singer Gold - 30th November 2007

"I really enjoyed my experience at the studio. Paul was helpful and made my day enjoyable."

Robbie McMillen

Singer Gold - 24th November 2007

"Really Good. Paul was so good - took me through step by step. Money well spent, a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks so much, Paul Weller (Robbie McMillen)!"

Charlotte Barham

Singer Gold - 24th November 2007

"Great experience. Felt relaxed after a while, could of had more practice but will practice for next time. Great outcome!"

Annie & Nick

Singer Silver - 22nd November 2007

"We had a fantastic day. It doesnt matter if your not Whitney, you still sound fab! Paul's really friendly & puts you at ease straightaway. Would we do it again? Definitely!"

Andy & Ceri

Singer Gold - 20th November 2007

"Unforgettable experience - very enjoyable. Thanks!"

Jennie Page

Singer Gold Plus - 20th November 2007

"Great, very easy and very interesting to see how your voice can be edited to make a song!"

Rachel Garrett

Singer Silver Plus - 20th November 2007

"It was IMMENSE! Be prepared because nothing is as it seems!"

Ben Exall

Singer Gold Plus - 18th November 2007

"I had a great experience, felt very relaxed and had an amazing time!"

Brittany Hope Lee

Singer Silver Plus - 17th November 2007

"I found the whole experience brilliant! I had such a good time. I loved the recording experience. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the studio! It was such fun!!! I would love to do it again! I will recommend it to all of my friends!"

Ashleigh & Louise

Singer Silver Plus - 17th November 2007

"It was good and a lot of fun. We had a giggle!! We sang Torn by Natalie Imbruglia and we would definitely do it again! Our singing was not so good!! But it was still very fun. The experience was fab."

Amy Dennington

Singer Platinum - 17th November 2007

"This was my first experience in a recording studio and I really enjoyed it. I felt comfortable and had a lot of fun! I would definitely do it again in the future."

Lisa Leanne Carter

Singer Platinum - 11th November 2007

"Very nervous on the morning. Met Paul, very nice guy. Really enjoyed my time here and relaxed after a while. Time flew and would recommend to anyone. Had a fab time!"

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