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The Foamers

Pop Star Party Silver - 7th March 2009

"It was amazing! It was funny! Enjoyable experience - great laugh! Really fun and enjoyed it all! The man is very nice. Thanks a bunch! You're a star!"

Stylish Monkeys

Pop Star Party Gold - 7th March 2009

"The man 'Dale' was good fun + helpful. Really enjoyed it!"

Lucy Cleeve

Singer Emerald - 7th March 2009

"Thanks for yesterday. Yet again another success and 7 well polished songs."

The Sweethearts

Pop Star Party Silver - 7th March 2009

"Best party ever! It makes you feel like a star!!"


Singer Silver - 7th March 2009

"Very, very enjoyable, lots of laughs & great experience! Very professional & great staff! Recommend highly!!"

Sarah Rundle

Songwriter Platinum - 6th March 2009

"Brilliant. Nervous to begin with but certainly got into it. The staff make you feel like a star, it's excellent. Will do it again one day."

Hannah Jones

Singer Gold - 6th March 2009

"Fantastic day - Very professional and a lot of fun!"


Singer Gold - 6th March 2009

"A very exciting way to hear your voice, I found the experience very rewarding and enjoyed it so much. Dale helped me to get singing and I was not nervous at all. A very enjoyable experience - alot of fun. I would like to do some more! Thank you."

Charley Court

Singer Platinum - 5th March 2009

"I had a really good day here with my mum, I didn't feel embaressed or awkard at all and felt quite comfortable."

John Spurgeon

Singer Gold - 5th March 2009

"Very good day and very professionally done. Enjoyed every minute of it."

Brooke Ludlow

Singer Silver - 4th March 2009

"Very enjoyable. I had lots of fun doing it!"

Sherri Marie Skipp

Singer Gold - 4th March 2009

"It is very professional and you are made to feel very comfotable if you are nervous."

Lyndsay Mattews

Singer Gold - 4th March 2009

"After feeling incredibly nervous, Dale put me at ease. Thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely will book another recording session in the future."

Paige and George

Singer Gold - 4th March 2009

"Paige - Exciting, wanted to do more. Very Nice. George - Very helpful and relaxing. Very Professionally handled."


Singer Silver - 2nd March 2009

"It was a great experience from start to finish. I'll be back. Made to feel very relaxed. Brill!"

Funky Monkeys

Singer Silver - 1st March 2009

"Fabulous, amazing, we felt like popstars!"

The Sundaes

Pop Star Party Platinum - 1st March 2009

"It was excellent, we all loved it and it was a great experience. I recommend it to anyone and there is alot of choice of songs you can sing! It was a great party, the best ever! Thanks for a great time!"

Cheeky Paws

Pop Star Party Silver - 1st March 2009

"A fantastic experience for the girls. They will never forget such a day! Fantastic!"

Sweet Babez

Pop Star Party Gold - 28th February 2009

"Brilliant, the girls 'loved it' thanks!!"

The A.J's

Pop Star Party Gold - 28th February 2009

"Great time - Thanks."

Maddie Mia

Pop Star Party Platinum - 28th February 2009

"It was so fun and freaky when Paul messed around with our voices!"

Beth Massey

Singer Silver - 28th February 2009

"It was so much fun and I really want to do it again! The singing was so much fun and I was lucky that they could take the best bits from each song!"

Tutti Fruittis

Pop Star Party Platinum - 28th February 2009

"It was very good and exciting. The studio is very professional. Paul was very friendly and we had a lot of fun with him. Thanks again! Louise. Good facilities and very professionally done - Louise had a great birthday party. Thank you. Heather Davison (Mrs)"


Pop Star Party Gold - 28th February 2009

"It was really good fun. My friends really liked it too, we all loved the experience of doing it. The studio is very professional but fun."

Anne-Marie and Jessica

Player Platinum - 27th February 2009

"ANNE-MARIE> A briliant experience. Amazing to see how you can take a simple tune or song and turn it into something sounding professional! Very friendly and professional service. JESSICA> I had a great time!!! I felt like a professional singer and pianist. The service was lovely and it was a super experience!!!"

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