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Sarah Christie

Singer Silver - 19th October 2007

"It was an excellent experience. Paul is very kind and funny! He helped me relax. I love singing but never have the courage to sing in front of anyone - but even for me, this was so worthwhile. I really enjoyed it and expect to be back many times! Thanks! very much, Sarah."

Jo Beckley

Singer Platinum - 19th October 2007

"My Platinum experience was wicked! Giggled nearly as much as I sang! Thank you for making me feel comfortable and making me sound good!"

Chris Plumton and Sons

Band Platinum - 6th October 2007

"A unique and different experience. Pauls expertise and enthusiasm was much appreciated. We will be back!"

Gill Smallcombe

Singer Silver - 5th October 2007

"Fantastic Fun, why did I worry? Love it!"

Tracy Sanders

Singer Silver - 4th October 2007

"Fantastic experience, was very nervous but Paul still managed to make me sound like a relative pro! Would recommend this to anyone. Thanks! Tracy"

Jennie Gibbons

Singer Gold - 4th October 2007

"I never realised I was so talented! Ace, Ace, Ace!! Excellent fun, tinged with the realisation that number one won't be mine."

Becca Nichols

Singer Gold - 3rd October 2007

"Nervous experience but once I got doing it I really enjoyed myself."

Emma Pickering

Singer Platinum - 3rd October 2007

"I really enjoyed the experience, I was really nervous beforehand but Paul made me feel really relaxed, and made me sound great!!! Would definitely recommend the experience, Thank you."

Rod Lewis

Player Platinum - 7th September 2007

"Excellent fun. Delighted with the results and great to have a drummer + bassist included in the package. Can't wait to do it again. Having had a couple of days to listen to the end product, I still think it is excellent. So, thanks very much, not only for the hugely enjoyable recording process, but also for the bass & drums. I look forward to recording again before too long. Kind Regards Rod "

Jenny Dowden

Singer Silver - 7th September 2007

"Absolutely excellent!!! I was very nervous but I soon got into the 'mood' once Paul cracked a few jokes! Recommend it to anyone!"

Kathyrn Blunn

Singer Emerald - 5th September 2007

"Really enjoyed it. Really relaxed and easy atmosphere. Sounds very professional, very pleased with the finished result. Good choice of songs available, and lost any nerves instantly."

Sue Tinson

Singer Platinum - 5th September 2007

"I was really nervous to begin with but after a couple of songs I felt more relaxed and really enjoyed the experience & definitely want to do more sessions. It's a great studio."

John Taylor

Singer Silver - 5th September 2007

"Had a fantastic 'experience', very friendly & helpful. If I can sound half-decent, so can you!!! Big thanks - lots of fun! Liam eat your heart out! Rock On!"

Georgie Welford

Singer Gold - 4th September 2007

"I really enjoyed it here. I was nervous to begin with, but after singing a few times, and Paul making me sound better, I found myself riding a wave of adreneline. I had a great time. Thank you."

Trudie Roberts

Singer Gold - 2nd September 2007

"It was really fun and i had a really good time, I was scared at first but there was a really calm amosphere, I would like to do it again soon."

Geoff Strong

Singer Gold - 1st September 2007

"Fab experience. My family are sure it's not me singing but I like it a lot and will hit it so many times it will be No1!"

Summer and Lauren

Singer Gold - 31st August 2007

"Wo, we enjoyed it and would come again but we would change the songs we chose. Love it, amazing. Love to do it again. Words can't describe our experience, Thank you!"

Jordan Croucher

Singer Platinum - 25th August 2007

"Great loved it, even the bits I got stuck on! Thanks for everything! The best birthday ever!!"

Lucy Stanley

Singer Gold - 23rd August 2007

"I thought that it was a good experience and I really enjoyed myself"

Harriet Gladwell

Singer Silver - 23rd August 2007

"Really really fun and would definitely do it again!"

Georgina Robey

Singer Silver - 23rd August 2007

"It was a really good experience and I really enjoyed it."

Jess Lawrence

Singer Gold - 22nd August 2007

"I really enjoyed the experience. It was a bit nerve racking and I lost what I was doing once or twice but it was fun and very memorable - thanks."

India Gough

Singer Gold - 22nd August 2007

"My experience was excellent! It was very enjoyable and easy to do and by the end of it I had a CD that sounded great. I would definately recommend it to anybody who loves to sig even if they are not very good at it!"

Emily Peters

Singer Gold - 17th August 2007

"It was a wonderful experience, I enjoyed it so much! I'd really like to do it again now my performance nerves have gone;-)"

Michelle May

Singer Gold - 17th August 2007

"I had a brilliant time, a great experience. Paul was very helpful with the tricky bits and very patient when I wanted to do it again, and again! Very pleased with the end result!"

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