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Teegan Reader

Singer Silver - 6th January 2018

"It was really good and very professional. I really enjoyed it and will be coming back!"

Parry Band

Band Silver - 6th January 2018

"Absolutely amazing experience. Excellent facility - we really enjoyed out time and the advice and experience Robert gave us. We will definitely be coming back."


Singer Silver Plus - 3rd January 2018

"Isla loved this experience and would like to do it again."

Alex & Jenny

Singer Gold - 3rd January 2018

"Great fun! Would really recommend it! We were put at ease right from the beginning. "

Girls Song United

Pop Star Party Silver - 20th December 2017

"My 12 year old daughter and two friends have had a wonderful afternoon recording a favourite song. Joe has been brilliant with them and made it into a really fun experience. It has been great to watch the recording action on the TV in the green room. A perfect birthday treat!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 18th December 2017

"GiftDaze provide a really professional but relaxed environment to enjoy the who experience. Joe is brilliant in helping to get the result you want."

Sam & Barny

Player Platinum - 18th December 2017

"Joe was great fun and really helpful. Barry and I had a great time and would recommend Audio Sorcery/Recording Experience Gifts to anyone who has ever thought about properly recording a song but hasn't yet."

Descendant Kids & Superstars

Pop Star Party Emerald - 17th December 2017

"Super party, everyone liked it and we will definitely be back again."

The Happy 8

Pop Star Party Platinum - 16th December 2017

"'I thought I would find it embarassing but I did not'"


Singer Gold - 16th December 2017

"My experience was amazing, I was able to record 3 songs. They are able to make it feel very professional and enjoyable. Rob was friendly and nice. "


Singer Gold - 16th December 2017

"I enjoyed my experience at gift daze, it was fun and exciting and made me want to do it again! I would definitely recommend."

Little Llamas

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th December 2017

"Rob was great dealing with 6 rather overexcited and bonkers 12 year olds. They really enjoyed the whole experience and giggled for 2 hours. Thank you for making it such a memorable experience."

Sweet 6

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th December 2017

"Amazing, outstanding, funny, epic, entertaining, amusing and fantastic. That's what the stars said. It was a brilliant experience that they thoroughly enjoyed. The producer was very good and got the best out of everyone."


Pop Star Party Silver - 9th December 2017

"The girls had an amazing time. Birthday girl would love to do it all again. They said they'd had so much fun. It was sugarpop-tastic!!"


Singer Platinum - 5th December 2017

"I think it was a fantastic experience, friendly and professionally done. I would have no hesitation in recommending GIFT DAZE (Recording Experience Gifts) to my friends."

Sassy 7

Pop Star Party Platinum - 2nd December 2017

"I had a great time, it was very fun for everyone and everyone enjoyed it. I liked the silly voices and the photoshoot. Thanks :)"


Singer Silver Plus - 2nd December 2017

"I have returned after an experience I did last year and enjoyed it so much again this time. Rob is brilliant and helped me relax and do the best I could. Thank you! "


Singer Diamond - 29th November 2017

"I had a very memorable birthday treat - enjoyed it very much. Joe was absolutely friendly and encouraging and amusing!!! : )"

The Four Divas

Pop Star Party Silver - 26th November 2017

"The experience was amazing"

Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows & Sparkly 6 Rainbow

Pop Star Party Diamond - 26th November 2017

"A fantastic experience for the kids. They loved it."

The Barratt Tones

Singer Platinum - 25th November 2017

"Had a fabulous time! Sung our hearts out and laughed a lot. "

Little Chicks

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th November 2017

"This was a great day for all the kids, Joe was very friendly and made the experience for the kids great"

Ian & Mel

Singer Gold - 19th November 2017

"A fun experience. The gift was well received and requested again for next Christmas! "

Electric Blue

Band Silver - 18th November 2017

"Fantastic experience. A lot of fun and very professionally organised. Can't recommend highly enough."


Pop Star Party Platinum - 18th November 2017

"Great venue, good equipment and most importantly great fun!"

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