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Liz Bryne

Singer Silver - 16th April 2009

"Having never done anything like this before I felt nervous but was made to feel very at ease. The staff were very professional and defnitely made the most of my voice. Great experience. Thanks so much."

Lauren Canning

Singer Platinum - 16th April 2009

"I really enjoyed my experience in the studio and time seemed to fly by. Any nerves I had disappeared after the first take. The only thing that was slightly disconcerting was my mum staring at me through the glass and dancing in the corner!"

Tashan Gilardi

Singer Platinum - 15th April 2009

"This has been the most fantastic experience of my life. I had so much fun singing and it sounded amazing. Dale was brilliant and gave good encouragement. I would recommend this experience to friends and family."

Louise Field

Singer Gold Plus - 15th April 2009

"I had a fantastic experience, worth the money and it gave me an opportunity to rehearse my audition songs. Thank you."

Michelle McKee

Singer Gold - 14th April 2009

"Very enjoyable experience, very relaxed would definitely recommend it to anyone, regardless of ability!"

Leigh Darley

Singer Gold - 14th April 2009

"I found it very enjoyable and the man was very helpful! I wouldn't mind doing it again. I would recommend it to people who can sing for the brilliant experience!"

Lucy and Elizabeth Sharpe

Singer Silver - 14th April 2009

"Very funny, couldn't stop laughing! Great fun hilarious!"

Ellie and Sophie

Singer Silver - 14th April 2009

"Fun, cool, funny! Fantastic, amazing and wicked!"

Girls Shouldn't Be Aloud

Hen Party Platinum - 11th April 2009

"Dale said we sounded like 'Angels', we did! We would also like to be in his band, such talent! Who would have known!"


Hen Party Platinum - 11th April 2009

"Brilliant experience - great fun for all of us! Well organised, professional and friendly"

Rachael Broomfield - Tagg

Singer Platinum - 10th April 2009

"It was really fun, I had an amazing time. I sounded pretty good even though I had a bad throat, it was a great morning. From a parents perspective, Dale did a great job. He helped Rachael with her confidence, altered the song key as she needed and he obviously knows his stuff! Thank you!"

Olivia Trevlling

Singer Platinum - 9th April 2009

"Very good, fun."

Michelle Smith

Singer Silver - 8th April 2009

"It was great fun and I felt like I was a professional except for the voice. I was made to feel relaxed."

Clare Turner

Singer Gold - 8th April 2009

"The engineer was very helpful in choosing which takes sounded best. A great experience."


Band Platinum - 8th April 2009

"We just wanted to say a massive thank you for making today a great experience! We really enjoyed it and love the CD - a fantastic memory of our time at uni together and hopefully its just the beginning! We will recommend Audio Sorcery and maybe see you there again ourselves in the future. "

Mariko Chadwick

Singer Diamond - 7th April 2009

"It was fun and it was very interesting watching Dale tweak everything - I definitely sounded better after airbrushing! It was very enjoyable, thanks! :D"

Dale Weekes

Player Platinum - 7th April 2009

"Great experience, very relaxed and welcoming. Finished product sounds amazing!"

Jenny Brown

Singer Gold - 6th April 2009

"Very good, thank you! :)"

Olymipia and Remmy

Singer Silver Plus - 6th April 2009

"I enjoyed it, I would like to do it again! It was a great experience although I was a little bit nervous at first."


Pop Star Party Gold - 6th April 2009

"A fantastic experience for our 8 year olds daughter's birthday party with 5 of her friends. Great fun and the CD's and DVD's you recieve are well mixed and a great souvenir."

Danielle Kemp

Singer Gold - 6th April 2009

"I thought it was a fun experience. It was good how they made me sound like a proper singer."

Alesha, Tia, Niki and Shannon

Pop Star Party Silver - 5th April 2009

"The girls have had a really fun day, really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone, a real good day out."

The Horny Hens

Hen Party Diamond - 4th April 2009

"The most amazing afternoon ever! We has so much fun and ended up with a brilliant (in our opinon!) recording and memories that will last forever! Thank you so much for being patient and encouraging! You are the best! "

The Spangals

Hen Party Diamond - 4th April 2009

"We loved today it was a really special experience - we'll hold it dear in our memories for years to come, actually see you next year!"

Sweet Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 4th April 2009

"Brillant!! The best party I've ever had. Fantastic experience! Dale was very patient and friendly!"

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