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Player Gold - 4th April 2009

"It was really fun and funny!! Some things were very amusing!!! I really enjoyed the experience. I loved being able to talk and hear myself through the headphones!! Thank you."


Player Gold - 4th April 2009

"It was a really great experience and I especially enjoyed listening to my tracks afterwards and watching them being produced. All in all a fantastic afternoon - would definitely do it again - thank you."

Karen Caldecourt

Singer Silver Plus - 4th April 2009

"Great fun - word of advice - just relax and enjoy it!"

Elliot Lawrence

Player Platinum - 4th April 2009

"Fantastic - a really interesting and eye-opening experience of what goes on behind the scenes! Paul is a very supportive person to have on the desk and he managed to tweak it so I sounded ok!! Definitely doing it again!!!!"

Grace Hodges

Singer Silver Plus - 4th April 2009

"I had a great time! When I first started singing I was a bit nervous but Dale was really nice and I calmed down. My voice sounds great on CD and it is amazing what they can do!"

Lorraine Little

Singer Gold Plus - 3rd April 2009

"Another fantasic experience and a great way to celebrate my birthday. I'll be back!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 3rd April 2009

"Fab day out. Facilites, engineer and the whole day were great. Sorry about the singing!"

Peter Jukes

Singer Platinum - 2nd April 2009

"Fantastic fun afternoon, loved every moment. Will be back for more."

Shontelles Starz and Mileys Angelz

Pop Star Party Emerald - 2nd April 2009

"What a fantastic day. The girls all had a great time. What a great experience. Thank you so much."

Illuminus Angels

Pop Star Party Platinum - 29th March 2009

"The practice and play-back helped us see what we did well and what we had to improve on. It helped us gain confidence!"

Jennit Yates

Singer Platinum - 28th March 2009

"It was really fun. I was nervous to start with but it soon became really enjoyable. Seemed weird listening to myself."

David Yates

Singer Silver - 28th March 2009

"Thought it was fantastic - The whole set up. Probably won't give up my day job just yet. Paul, you have a great team player in Dale - All the best."

Jon Durham

Singer Platinum - 28th March 2009

"A most excellent recording experience!"

Nicolle De Beer

Singer Silver - 28th March 2009

"A really good experience, would definitely recommend it."

Lee Ballancore

Singer Diamond - 25th March 2009

"The idea of singing was quiet daunting at first, however after the first couple of takes, I felt more relaxed. Certainly an experience I will try again!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 22nd March 2009

"Brilliant such an amazing time! It was great, didn't want it to stop! WOOP WOOP! What a laugh that was! Great time! Woo! So much fun, best party ever. Dale was very nice and we all had a laugh. It was really good! And we all liked Dale's hair, it's really cool! Can we have Dale instead of the DVD please?"


Singer Silver - 22nd March 2009

"It was really fun, but I didn't like listening to my own voice!"

S Club 4

Pop Star Party Silver - 21st March 2009

"Fantastic! The girls loved it! The best birthday party ever."

Sally Hannam

Singer Diamond - 20th March 2009

"A fantastic experience and they work miracles!"

Becky Histed

Singer Gold - 18th March 2009

"I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was much more relaxing than I though it would be. I was nervous at all and it wasn't daunting. I felt at ease throughout it all. I will definitely be booking another recording session soon!"

Lizzie Joyce

Singer Silver - 16th March 2009

"It was a really enjoyable experience and I know how much everyone else enjoyed it."

Oli & Francesca

Player Gold - 15th March 2009

"I really enjoyed my time here, and the help and advice given was brilliant and helped to make my songs sound as good as they really could. I want to come back again!"

The Seven Sisters

Pop Star Party Platinum - 14th March 2009

"Meg - I thought it was an amazing experience. Molly - Paul was really funny and it was really fun. Kaileen - It was awesome & I loved it. Emma - Girls definitely had fun! It was great! Loved it all. Bridie - It was amazing, so much fun, and Paul was great! Georgia - It was so much fun and we all really enjoyed it. Ellie - It was immense !;) Sarah (mum) - Fantastic experience and our girls had fun! Thanks. Simon (dad) Great fun the girls loved it, many thanks."

Katie's Hen

Hen Party Emerald - 14th March 2009

"Had a great time, could of done with some better singing partners!"


Singer Silver Plus - 14th March 2009

"I had so much fun recording my own songs and I want to do it over and over again!"

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