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Tutti Fruittis

Pop Star Party Platinum - 28th February 2009

"It was very good and exciting. The studio is very professional. Paul was very friendly and we had a lot of fun with him. Thanks again! Louise. Good facilities and very professionally done - Louise had a great birthday party. Thank you. Heather Davison (Mrs)"


Pop Star Party Gold - 28th February 2009

"It was really good fun. My friends really liked it too, we all loved the experience of doing it. The studio is very professional but fun."

Anne-Marie and Jessica

Player Platinum - 27th February 2009

"ANNE-MARIE> A briliant experience. Amazing to see how you can take a simple tune or song and turn it into something sounding professional! Very friendly and professional service. JESSICA> I had a great time!!! I felt like a professional singer and pianist. The service was lovely and it was a super experience!!!"

Mary - Ann Smith

Singer Gold - 27th February 2009

"I have looked forward to this for a long time and have enjoyed every bit of it. Dale was very professional and I felt at ease almost at once. Thank you and also to my husband Andy for a fantastic gift. Many thanks."

Amanda Jolly

Singer Gold - 27th February 2009

"Good fun - would recommend if you like a sing song! Exactly what I expected it to be."


Singer Platinum - 26th February 2009

"Really enjoyed the day. Loved the studio. Dale was very friendly and professional. Would recommend the experience."

Fred O'Brien

Singer Gold - 26th February 2009

"After a mind boggling 'Tom-Tom' journey, finally reached 'Knowle Farm' with minutes to spare! Nice faces to greet and meet with great hospitality - made a pleasure and a great experience."

Chloe Williams

Singer Silver Plus - 26th February 2009

"I really enjoyed my experience. The guys put me totally at ease and I would definitely recommend it!"

Laura Bassett

Singer Gold - 23rd February 2009

"I had a really great time it was fun and professional. Also very friendly and I definitely want to come again. I'm really pleased."

Candy Floss

Pop Star Party Platinum - 22nd February 2009

"Great fun. Well handled by Dale girls loved it! It was the best party ever!"


Singer Gold - 22nd February 2009

"This was an amazing experience, I would definitely come back and record more."

Jelly Babies

Pop Star Party Silver - 21st February 2009

"Funky, fun and fabulous - we got to feel like real pop stars!"

Kayleigh Redding

Singer Platinum - 21st February 2009

"I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the experience, would definitely come again."

Lisa and The Sugalumps

Pop Star Party Silver - 21st February 2009

"Had the best much fun! Would recommend it to anyone."

Lauren Cunningham

Singer Gold - 20th February 2009

"Absolutely fab! I had a great time and will definitely come back soon!"

Sam Harris

Player Platinum - 20th February 2009

"We had an amazing time. The studio was very comfortable and Paul was excellent in helping me overcome my nerves and have a really enjoyable time. Thank you. Ps it is bearded barley!"


Singer Platinum - 20th February 2009

"Quick, efficient and very enjoyable!"

Sarah Slade

Singer Gold - 20th February 2009

"I've had a great experience today. The whole atmosphere made me feel like a 'real singer' Thank you so much for a wonderful day!"

Michelle East

Singer Gold - 19th February 2009

"'Fantastic' really enjoyed it made to feel welcome and at ease lots of encouragement and positive comments. Would love to come again and would recommend to others."


Singer Platinum - 19th February 2009

"It was fantastic experience. So worthwhile - I enjoyed it so much, great fun! I wish I could do more. Professional service. Would recommend this service to anybody who likes to sing."

Isobel Fletcher

Singer Silver Plus - 19th February 2009

"Really fun and exciting. This is my 2nd time and I am already planning my 3rd!"

Jack Curtis

Singer Silver - 19th February 2009

"Very enjoyable and pleased with the outcome."

Megan Mary Pitts

Singer Gold - 18th February 2009

"I found this experience enjoyable and different. Dale was excellent, even better than Paul who I had previously.... he told me to write that!"

Simon Lane

Singer Silver - 18th February 2009

"I started out nervous but the staff helped me calm down and gave me some advise and got an alright take out of me. Highly enjoyable."

Emily Ford

Singer Silver - 17th February 2009

"Great experience, really fun!! I felt like a professional! Would love to come again! Thank you!"

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