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Cheryl Green

Singer Gold - 13th February 2009

"Thank you for a brilliant time. You made me sound good!"

Norman Rogers

Singer Platinum - 13th February 2009

"It's been great from start to finish. Dale put me at ease right away, very professional. Many Thanks."

Geva Mansell

Singer Gold - 9th February 2009

"Enjoyed my experience and would definitely come again, the guy who done the recording was very helpful and polite. Thanks."


Singer Platinum - 7th February 2009

"I haven't laughed so much for ages! My jaw aches! Most enjoyable from beginning to end - self - indulgence and self - humiliation, what more could you ask for?! Thank you so much!"


Singer Silver - 6th February 2009

"It was a brilliant experience and something I've never done before. It was really weird hearing myself sing but I guess I'll get used to it! Thank you so much!"


Singer Diamond - 6th February 2009

"This is the second time I have recorded a CD with Giftdaze and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I recommend this to anyone that loves a good singing session. Definitely worth the money."

Lorraine and Jodi

Singer Emerald - 4th February 2009

"Absolutley fantastic experience, would recommend to anyone. Extremely friendly. Definitely coming back soon!"

Mandy Nash

Singer Platinum - 4th February 2009

"I was very nervous but I was quickly put at ease and supported. I enjoyed my session despite my own reservations. Something everyone should do!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 1st February 2009

"It was my first recording experience and I always remember it. The producer was extremely helpful."

Nicky Lyden

Singer Silver - 1st February 2009

"Excellent, very professional and reassuring. Well Done."

Mia, Izzy, Tegan, Tabby, Annie, Phobe

Pop Star Party Gold - 31st January 2009

"We had a fantastic time! Watch out Girls Aloud the 'Snap Dragons' are in town!!!"

Lauren Pritchard-Gordon

Singer Gold - 31st January 2009

"I had a really fantastic day, although I was nervous at first I got into it very quickly and had a great time. Thank you Gift Daze!"

Jessica and Laura

Singer Silver Plus - 31st January 2009

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience for participants and audience alike! I loved giftdaze it was fantastic, I don't know how it could get any better 10/10!! I thought that it was a brilliant experience and I will never forget it, I will remember it for life! I'd give it 100/10 and I'd definitely do it again if I had the chance. It was amazing!"

Viki and Ian

Singer Gold - 31st January 2009

"Relaxed atmosphere, takes the nerves out of the session and makes it enjoyable!"

Snooty Booties

Pop Star Party Gold - 31st January 2009

"The girls really enjoyed the experience, and was definitely worth the money. A fun, great experience I'll tell all my friends to have a party here! Fab-tabby tastic party it rocked, the party of the year! The best party ever it was way better than any other one."

Sean Boon

Singer Silver Plus - 31st January 2009

"A fun and enjoyable time, I loved every minute of it and the fact you pick the best bits of three tries out is great! Easy to work with and fun staff, I didn't feel uncomfortable or awkward. I would definitely recommend it to friends."

Phil Mason

Singer Platinum - 30th January 2009

"Dale's patience and enthusiastic encouragement helped me relax and really enjoy it! Definitely something to sing about. Thanks"

Clyde Barlow

Player Platinum - 30th January 2009

"Hard work, but oh so much fun. Paul is a genius, love him deeply - sorry it was great and I hope to come again (saving those pennies)"

Mick and Two Veg

Player Platinum - 29th January 2009

"Amazing! Paul was great and made us sound the same (ish) !!! Thanks for your patience, we've got some memories for life!! Meat and Two Veg. ps Never forget your roots"

Tracie Thomas

Singer Gold - 29th January 2009

"I had an amazing time, I really enjoyed myself. Loved every minute. Very relaxed. Thank you for my experience."

Heidi Acraman

Player Platinum - 28th January 2009

"An experience to treasure for life. A warm, welcoming, relaxed environment to record in, thank you very much."

James Stevenson

Singer Silver Plus - 25th January 2009

"It was incredibly enjoyable and an experience I will tresure and remember for the rest of my life."

Pink Ladies

Pop Star Party Gold - 25th January 2009

"Brilliant place for a party!! We bought five 11 year old girls from London for a popstar experience. They were made to feel very relaxed and confident. They loved every minute of it! Friendly staff, great, easy to use website, would definitely recommend to others. Thank you!"

Rox Stars

Pop Star Party Gold - 24th January 2009

"It was an amazing experience, the best party ever! We love it!"

Alex and friends

Pop Star Party Gold - 24th January 2009

"Amazing!!! Definitely once in a lifetime experience."

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