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Singer Silver - 23rd November 2008

"I really enjoyed it and the whole experience was very professional. Great fun, I'd recommend it to my friends."

Luke Daniel James

Singer Silver - 23rd November 2008

"It was good to listen to where I went wrong and where to improve."

Hannah Draycott

Singer Gold - 22nd November 2008

"I really enjoyed the experience, I was very nervous to start with but soon found my feet and became comfortable. I loved watching putting all the best bits of the songs together. I definitely would do it again."

James Beckley feat. Sibling Rivalry

Singer Platinum - 22nd November 2008

"Fantastic!! I think Dale had his work cut out today but did a great job! Really enjoyed myself and would recommend it to anyone. Sibling Rivalry Rule!"

Amanda and Jordan

Singer Gold - 21st November 2008

"Nervous to start with then when I got into it, it was really good and was an amazing experience. Never heard my voice before like that so I found it pretty cool. It was very good and I enjoyed it."

Matt Robinson

Singer Gold - 21st November 2008

"Execellent experience, made me relax quickly and settle in well. A very good service, when we arrived."

Nick Packham

Singer Gold - 20th November 2008

"Thoroughly enjoyable experience and a very professional set-up, would recommend it to anyone."


Singer Silver - 20th November 2008

"It was a very fun and excellent experience. I was able to sing for my lovely fiance and I enjoyed every moment of it."

Amy Hardie

Singer Gold Plus - 20th November 2008

"Had a great time Dale was very patient and extremely helpful. Will definately come again! (God help you!)"

Gorgeous Girls

Pop Star Party Gold - 16th November 2008

"This was a really good experience and lots of fun + the best birthday ever, I really enjoyed myself and hearing myself on the CD player."

Sally Clements

Singer Silver Plus - 15th November 2008

"'Fantastic'! I was so nervous to start but now I want MORE - I've definitely got the bug! My brother & I thoroughly enjoyed the whole wonderful experience and were made to feel very special. Many thanks."


Pop Star Party Silver - 15th November 2008

"A really excellent experience for a birthday party. The girls loved the whole event and were made to feel relaxed throughout. Good fun!"

Pussycat Babes

Pop Star Party Gold - 15th November 2008

"Oh, my goodness, it was the best experience I've had in my life. It was absolutely wicked, I am so coming here again. Paul Rocks!! :) Cool beans!"

Rebecca & Katie

Singer Silver - 15th November 2008

"Wicked experience! We had a fantastic time. It was really exciting and Paul was very funny! Mum says 'very professional experience, extremely pleased with the whole thing.'"

Dicky Rose

Player Platinum - 13th November 2008

"Excellent experience with Paul. Would recommend to anyone. Had a great day, will be back."

Ella Halliday

Singer Gold - 13th November 2008

"A really great experience, fantastic present/gift idea for anyone. Thank you!"

Serena Murrell

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th November 2008

"Fantastic experience, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session, a unique experience. Definitely recommended. Thanks to everyone."

Simon Allen

Singer Gold - 8th November 2008

"A really fun experience. Dale was great and guided us through this experience. He's also very kind! We will come back. Highly recommended."

Meghan Walsh

Singer Gold - 8th November 2008

"At first I was unbelievibly scared but as I did the songs over I realised how fun I was having. Thank you Gift Daze I really enjoyed such a great 13th birthday present!"

Esjae X

Singer Gold Plus - 8th November 2008

"It was difficult for us to find the place so leave yourself lots of time to get there. Once there, I had a lovely time. Paul was very helpful and welcoming and funny. You must go and have some fun - it's briliant!"

Cat, Lucy, Louisa and Amy

Pop Star Party Silver - 8th November 2008

"Very helpful, friendly! Was a great experience for my birthday!"

Rebecca Hustwayte

Singer Silver - 8th November 2008

"I had a fantastic day, lots of fun and very professional. I will definitely be back!"

Karen Kilshaw

Singer Gold - 7th November 2008

"What fun! A great experience. Dale - you're very patient! A good girls day out!"

Chris Watson

Singer Emerald - 6th November 2008

"Fun experience! Dale made me feel welcome I would recommend to anyone! Great day out!"

Marc Pirie

Singer Platinum - 6th November 2008

"Great experience. Alot more fun than just singing in the shower! Will definitely do again and recommend to friends!"

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