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Joshua Martin

Singer Gold - 5th January 2009

"This was my first time doing something like this and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait do it again soon! It's my birthday soon so I know what I'll be asking my parents for!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 4th January 2009

"Was a great time - different from anything we've ever done before! Hearing yourself sing like that is really strange - certainly makes you listen to your own voice in a different way. Was also great fun to do as a group - working together towards that final product. Thanks!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 4th January 2009

"It was very funny listening to everyone else. We really enjoyed ourselves. We really felt like Girls Aloud!"

Nicola Rowe

Pop Star Party Silver - 4th January 2009

"We came for my 12 year old daughters birthday, they all had a fabulous time, they were apprehensive at the start but Dale was fantastic and filled them with confidence. Would highly recommend as a special treat, great fun."

Sarah Lovell

Pop Star Party Platinum - 3rd January 2009

"What fun and a truely unigue experience. The girls really enjoyed themselves. We had fun watching them. Thanks from Charlie, Alice and 'Girls Rock'"

Carly Holloway

Singer Emerald - 3rd January 2009

"I've really enjoyed myself, couldn't of asked for a better time a great day! Thank you!"

Jane Dawden

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd December 2008

"A great experience- I was really given the time to get the performance I wanted. Thank you so much, I will be recommending you to all my friends!"

Jannah Wisher

Singer Gold - 22nd December 2008

"I was nervous going in but the whole time I was there I had fun and it was most memorable. I love the whole thing and I am definitely doing it again! "

Jessica and friends

Pop Star Party Gold - 21st December 2008

"I had fun. It was entertaining and a good experience, very exciting! I'll definitely be back when I'm dead famous! Great presents for birthdays!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 21st December 2008

"It was like being a Pop Star for a day!"

Ashleigh Lock

Singer Silver - 20th December 2008

"I felt nervous at first but as I started singing I calmed down a bit. I enjoyed it a lot and wish to come back in the future."

Hayleigh and Chloe

Singer Gold - 20th December 2008

"It was really really good, we didn't think we could sing but when they mixed it, it sounded excellent! It was a life time experience."

Juliet Johnson

Singer Gold - 20th December 2008

"Such a great experience- Fun and relaxed and Dale was soooo patient!"

Ben Exall

Singer Gold - 20th December 2008

"I really enjoyed todays recording studio experience, it gave me an opportunity to work in a professional studio with professional equipment. This is my second visit to Giftdaze and I will definitely be returning for a third."

Melissa Heyburn

Singer Gold - 19th December 2008

"I had a really fantastic time! I didn't know that my voice could ever sound like that. I will definitely be coming back for songs and next time I might even bring a couple of friends! Thanks a lot for this experience!"

Kirsty Raggatt

Songwriter Platinum - 19th December 2008

"I recently lost me grandad and wanted to do it in memory of him, after the nerves settled I had a great time. Definitely recommend and do it again. Staff were fantastic, wicked experience."

Hannah and Chloe

Singer Silver - 18th December 2008

"We thought it was really fun- again, it was our second time and we will be back! Thanks!"

Ed and The Leggettes

Pop Star Party Diamond - 17th December 2008

"Fantastic unique experience, professional and helpful staff made the day the best christmas experience ever. Thanks!"

Anna and the Beavers

Pop Star Party Diamond - 17th December 2008

"Excellent! Really good eye opener into the world of recording. Good fun, good team building - nice food and drink. Nice friendly fun people to learn from. Excellent all round experience."

Lauren Taylor

Pop Star Party Gold - 14th December 2008

"It was an amazing day, I loved it and felt like a real pop star- I hope I can come back!"

Emily Thomas

Pop Star Party Emerald - 13th December 2008

"Cool, fun, fantastic! Awesome, brilliant, cool! I want to do it all the time! Awesome I' like to do it again! Best Party ever. I liked the earphones, they were cool. Really, really, really, really, really fun!"


Pop Star Party Emerald - 13th December 2008

"A great experience to sing in a real studio. Really enjoyed by all ages. 'best party ever!'. Granny in the Green Room now knows all the words to Pink's So What and Pussycat Dolls When I Grow Up!! Paul, how can you handle so many divas so well? Thank you so much!!"

The Chipmunks

Pop Star Party Platinum - 12th December 2008

"The girls had a great time, Dale coped with nine, 11 year old girls admirably! A birthday to remember. Thank you!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 12th December 2008

"It was really fun, enjoyed it loads great range of songs, we'd recommend choosing before you arrive! Staff really friendly."

Garry Tomlinson

Player Platinum - 11th December 2008

"Really great experience. A little nervous at the start but Paul soon makes you feel at ease. He is very helpful and patient!! I would recommend this experience to any budding musician. The final resulting CD is fantastic!"

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