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Lila Flint Roberts

Singer Gold - 25th October 2008

"So much fun! Nerve racking to start with but I soon snapped out of it! It was cool that my mates could watch. They enjoyed it too! Thanks alot for the amazing day. See you soon. Lila x"

Rishi, Bivo and Nick

Player Platinum - 25th October 2008

"A fantastic day! Very professional and friendly. Virtually indestructable."

Jo Garth

Singer Platinum - 25th October 2008

"I had a fantastic time in the studio, I would definitely recommend the experience to anybody who loves to sing!! It was very relaxed and I enjoyed every minute. Dale you were fab!!"

Rebecca Russell

Singer Gold - 24th October 2008

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with you, Dale and Paul were a great help to me when I had trouble, everything went well, and I hope to enjoy listening to my CDs."

Paula Lawton-Archer

Singer Gold - 24th October 2008

"I really enjoyed my time here. I was really nervous to start with, but started calming down with time!"

Becky Burlak

Singer Gold - 21st October 2008

"It was really cool and I was really happy that I was allowed to bring my friends to watch. The whole thing was easy to make and the staff were helpful and kind."

Flora Edgar

Pop Star Party Emerald - 19th October 2008

"Very impressive- 10 giggling girls had a fantastic time and Dale did a great job keeping then in order and the best of all their takes!"

Chelsea Lowman

Pop Star Party Gold - 18th October 2008

"I absolutely loved it and had a fantastic day, my friends thought it was the best party they had ever been too! I will definitely come again. Thank you."

Simon Beal

Singer Gold - 18th October 2008

"Superb experience all round. Paul was very helpful and relaxed my early nerves."

Alice Rockliffe

Singer Gold Plus - 18th October 2008

"Absolutely incredible- such a wonderful experience, i shall definitely be coming again and would recommend this experience to everyone! Thank you so, so much! :)"

Tigger Babez

Pop Star Party Platinum - 18th October 2008

"This was a special treat for our daughter's 10th birthday. The girls had a fantastic time and a wonderful experience. The 'Tigger Babez' had a bouncing birthday bedlum."

Victoria Nicholls

Singer Platinum - 17th October 2008

"Really enjoyed myself a fantastic experience would love to do it again. Dale was a great host made it fun and enjoyable."

Jason Emmerson

Singer Silver - 17th October 2008

"Very well organised and professional venue. Dale was very helpful and knows his stuff. Overall a good experience"

Matthew Lockyer

Singer Gold - 17th October 2008

"Absolutely phenomenal. Definitely will be back- Make you feel at ease A fantastic christmas present."

Faye and Niki

Singer Gold - 16th October 2008

"Fun experience, enjoyable, would definitely do again!!"

Sheetal Bharakhdo

Singer Gold - 16th October 2008

"I had a wonderful time and Dale was very helpful. I definitely would recommend it to everyone."


Singer Gold Plus - 13th October 2008

"Nerve racking at first, but in the end it was a really great experience and very good fun. Dale also helped to calm the nerves and make you feel more relaxed."


Pop Star Party Platinum - 12th October 2008

"Brilliant, fantastic! Eight 10 year olds are popstars for the day."

Matt and Sophie

Singer Emerald - 12th October 2008

"Great experience, very professional and will be back to do it again."

Gabrielle Aplin

Player Emerald - 11th October 2008

"I was suprised at my results. I did'nt know they would turn out as well as they did. Paul was fantastic and made me feel comfortable (and he is quite funny haha!) Thanks !!:)"


Pop Star Party Gold - 11th October 2008

"I thought this experience was so fun and so amazing! The staff were really helpful and kind. I would definately come again! Me and my 5 friends all enjoyed the day so much! Thank you! Alice x"

Kelly Bishop

Singer Silver Plus - 11th October 2008

"I enjoyed the whole experience and I have now achieved one of my life long dreams."

Greig Taylor

Singer Silver - 11th October 2008

"Superb fun, Can't wait to do it again."

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold - 6th October 2008

"Like a bad penny, I came back!! Another amazing experience thanks to my oustanding Craig David impersonation. Have a proper crimbo!! Thanks Dale, you're a star mate!"

Wallpaper paste and The light switches

Pop Star Party Platinum - 5th October 2008

"Awesome thank you, great time! Legendary this was awesome. Sensational a real experience! Exilharating, we are all budding Freddie Mercury's! (oops maybe not!) Very fun! Like me you'll enjoy this. Great fun!"

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