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Faye and Niki

Singer Gold - 16th October 2008

"Fun experience, enjoyable, would definitely do again!!"

Sheetal Bharakhdo

Singer Gold - 16th October 2008

"I had a wonderful time and Dale was very helpful. I definitely would recommend it to everyone."


Singer Gold Plus - 13th October 2008

"Nerve racking at first, but in the end it was a really great experience and very good fun. Dale also helped to calm the nerves and make you feel more relaxed."


Pop Star Party Platinum - 12th October 2008

"Brilliant, fantastic! Eight 10 year olds are popstars for the day."

Matt and Sophie

Singer Emerald - 12th October 2008

"Great experience, very professional and will be back to do it again."

Gabrielle Aplin

Player Emerald - 11th October 2008

"I was suprised at my results. I did'nt know they would turn out as well as they did. Paul was fantastic and made me feel comfortable (and he is quite funny haha!) Thanks !!:)"


Pop Star Party Gold - 11th October 2008

"I thought this experience was so fun and so amazing! The staff were really helpful and kind. I would definately come again! Me and my 5 friends all enjoyed the day so much! Thank you! Alice x"

Kelly Bishop

Singer Silver Plus - 11th October 2008

"I enjoyed the whole experience and I have now achieved one of my life long dreams."

Greig Taylor

Singer Silver - 11th October 2008

"Superb fun, Can't wait to do it again."

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold - 6th October 2008

"Like a bad penny, I came back!! Another amazing experience thanks to my oustanding Craig David impersonation. Have a proper crimbo!! Thanks Dale, you're a star mate!"

Wallpaper paste and The light switches

Pop Star Party Platinum - 5th October 2008

"Awesome thank you, great time! Legendary this was awesome. Sensational a real experience! Exilharating, we are all budding Freddie Mercury's! (oops maybe not!) Very fun! Like me you'll enjoy this. Great fun!"

Josephine Lunn

Pop Star Party Platinum - 4th October 2008

"Well this has been an amazing experience. For a group of 9 to 10 year olds, I was unsure how it would be in terms of organisation, timing and so on but they astounded me with their ability to work as a team, sing a fabulous song to entertain us whilst watching from the green room. A Big THANKS to Dale."

Rebecca and Holly

Singer Gold - 4th October 2008

"Great experience, good to watch from The Green Room. Very professional and organised. Rebecca and Holly both really enjoyed the whole thing and were pleased to finally be stars for the day!!"

Lindsay and Tamara

Singer Silver - 4th October 2008

"Made you feeling welcome, funny, relaxing, good fun. Would come again."

Daniel Marks

Singer Platinum - 3rd October 2008

"I enjoyed myself alot, a really good experience, would recommend."

Leigh Rance

Singer Gold - 2nd October 2008

"Brilliant day! Loved singing and the whole experience. Was pretty nervous at first but soon got into it! Thank you making my day go well and enjoyable."

Mike Hayden

Singer Gold - 2nd October 2008

"Arrived full of trepidation but left surprisingly pleased with myself! Paul and Dale create a relaxed atmosphere where you suffer much less than you thought you would and the finished product is much better than the sum of the various takes."

Jane Byfield

Singer Platinum - 1st October 2008

"Really good fun, really nervous to begin with, but soon got into the swing of it and really was surprised on how good I sounded, especially after having a terrible cold all week."


Player Silver - 28th September 2008

"Personally I thought it was great as I love singing and playing, and luckily I don't get very scared so that was'nt a problem for me. Could have easily stayed in there all day and recorded 10+ songs!"


Player Silver - 28th September 2008

"I found this whole experience scary, but exciting and interesting. It was strange hearing my voice back because the microphone was so clear, but I was extremely happy with the final result:)"

Natasha Ingram

Pop Star Party Gold - 27th September 2008

"Superb experience for six excited young ladies. Felt like real pop stars. Very friendly- made you feel very welcome and at ease. Would definitely do it again."

Jimmy Marney

Singer Gold - 27th September 2008

"I really enjoyed myself and they made me feel welcome, I would definitely do it again."

Sugar Dollies

Pop Star Party Platinum - 27th September 2008

"It was really fun because as we were in a proper studio and got to sing our own song, and even though we weren't the best we still had a laugh! I would definitely recommend this party!"

Savio Gospar

Singer Platinum - 27th September 2008

"Good fun, very welcoming, relaxing experience"

Dianne Settle

Pop Star Party Gold - 26th September 2008

"A great experience for my daughter's 12th birthday. Thank you so much for accommodating us as we arrived nearly an hour late due to poor directions and traffic! (Poor directions were NOT down to gift daze!)"

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