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Dean Hibbett

Singer Gold - 14th July 2007

"Good fun... You made me sound great!!"

Dean Clamp

Singer Platinum - 12th July 2007

"A fantastic session with a very relaxing atmosphere. A great experience!"

Michael Passman

Singer Gold Plus - 11th July 2007

"Very relaxed, interesting experience, bit hard to find!"

Rachel Chalkley

Singer Platinum - 10th July 2007

"Fantastic! I've had such a great time and was soon put at ease. A very professional service. Something I'll remember for a long time to come. Many thanks!"

Jo Tidd

Singer Platinum - 3rd April 2007

"It was so much fun! I really enjoyed it and will definitely consider coming again. My friend would love to do this and no doubt she'll be here next time. I will recommend this to all my friends."

Kayleigh Greenacre

Singer Platinum - 13th December 2006

"Fantastic experience and great fun! Never knew I could sound so good. Very friendly and given the chance I would definately do it again. 10/10 ;-)"

Martin & Louise

Singer Platinum - 13th December 2006

"Very friendly and professional service. Lots of fun!"

Joanna Theodorou

Singer Platinum - 11th December 2006

"Thanks! A great afternoon - shame about the singing - but hey... with a bit of computer magic I sounded like a DIVA!! ha!"

Amanda Pritchard

Singer Gold - 11th December 2006

"Thank you so much for an amazing experience, I loved every minute, it's so relaxed and chilled out (the atmosphere) makes it even better!! "

Ruth Alexander

Singer Platinum - 6th December 2006

"Excellent day! Felt right at home & the atmosphere was perfect for getting rid of the nerves, would definately recommend. Thank for a fantastic experience I'll never forget!"

Simon Howard

Singer Diamond - 6th December 2006

"Why was I nervous? Fun and relaxing and I expect to be back."

Carly Martin

Singer Silver - 3rd December 2006

"Very enjoyable experience! "

Leigh and Jade

Singer Gold - 3rd December 2006


Theresa Pope

Singer Silver - 22nd November 2006

"Great experience. Amazing to see how it all works."

Frank Wren

Singer Gold - 22nd November 2006

"Tremendous fun, absolutely excellent finding out I can't sing!"

Ted Petterson

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd November 2006

"A brilliant experience, I wish I had done it earlier. Thank you Paul, I'll be back."

Georgina Brown

Singer Platinum - 11th November 2006

"Very good, excitable experience. Would definately do it again. Will never forget it. "

Carly Holloway

Singer Diamond - 5th November 2006

"I had a lot of fun singing in your recording studio. Thank you for making this day really special!"

Katie Boutcher

Singer Platinum - 3rd November 2006

"Very good day. Paul made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Really enjoyed myself. Great experience and would recommend it to anyone."

Joanna and Jessica Evans

Singer Platinum - 2nd November 2006

"We have really enjoyed our experience at the studio, we would love to come back again sometime. Thank you very much. "

Sophie Williams

Singer Gold - 28th October 2006

"GREAT! I Promise I will do songs I know off by heart next time! Thanks for a fun day."

Garry Stran

Singer Gold - 28th October 2006

"A star is born - Thanks!"

Katie Dougal

Singer Silver - 26th October 2006

"Thankyou for a great experience! A little more practice would have been better! "

Steph and Kerry

Singer Emerald - 25th October 2006

"Absolutely fantastic, great experience. Very friendly Paul, best 21st present ever xx"

Jim Heron

Singer Gold Plus - 25th October 2006

"Never again! Now I can sleep tonight. Thanks to Paul. "

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