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Wendy Turland

Singer Gold - 9th August 2008

"Today my dream came true for two hours I was a pop star singing with Madonna! I have had the most fantastic experience Paul and the team worked there magic and I have my very own CD! I would definately recommend this experience and have been inspired and will definately be back! Thank you!"

Lilli Guy

Singer Gold - 8th August 2008

"I had an amazing time today! It was great fun and I actually sounded ok! Thank you for making me feel (and sound) like a star!"

Lucy John

Singer Silver - 7th August 2008

"I have had an amazing experience recording my voice, even got a little emotional hearing it back! I would definitely recommend!"

Emily and Jasmin

Singer Gold - 7th August 2008

"We really enjoyed it, it was fun!"

Charlotte Chappel

Singer Silver - 7th August 2008

"It was great. I had to do it over and over again and one time said 'whatever' at the end!"

Alex Singleton

Singer Silver - 7th August 2008


Denise Crockford

Singer Platinum - 6th August 2008

"Absolutely great, very comfortable, made to feel like a star and was a very funny experience. Paul was lovely and made me feel very at ease - would recommend this experience to anyone."

Chloe Shaw

Singer Silver - 6th August 2008

"I was really nervous at first but I soon felt confident in myself. Thank you!"

Linzi Cooper

Singer Silver - 6th August 2008

"Really enjoyable - Paul has worked his magic! Thank you :) I will return!"

Lucie Halls

Singer Platinum - 5th August 2008

"Had a fantastic day, a really amazing experience. I would recommend it to everyone. Was very nervous to start with but was put at ease straight away. Thank you so much."

Lily-rose Langridge

Singer Gold - 5th August 2008

"I was made to feel very comfortable through the whole experience and enjoyed it very much."

Dean Dobson

Singer Silver - 3rd August 2008

"I loved it here. You may get quite nervous on your first time but after that you get use to it. It's great fun!"

Kelly Dobson

Singer Gold - 3rd August 2008

"You get quite a good adreniline rush. I thought the day was pretty good!"

Claire Huggett

Singer Gold - 1st August 2008

"Excellent! I have thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon. Very relaxed, plenty of time to do re-takes if needed etc. Made to feel very welcome. Would recommend. Thank you! Claire."

Claire Blount

Singer Platinum - 1st August 2008

"I thoroughly enjoyed my 'singing' experience and highly recommend it to anybody - give it a go!! Fabulous day."

Anthony Lanni

Singer Gold - 1st August 2008

"Really enjoyed it. Very professional setup. Would do it again in a heart beat!"

Steve Bradbury

Songwriter Platinum - 31st July 2008

"What a fantastic day. To see your own song professionally arranged and produced is an incredible experience. Pauls expertise creates something you'll be showing off to everyone you meet."

Amy, Laurie and Chynna

Singer Gold - 28th July 2008

"It was a good experience because I learned how bad my voice was. I enjoyed the whole experience and I thought quite well(ish!). The studio is really cool..."

Gabrielle and Anna

Singer Gold - 28th July 2008

"It was a great and fun experience and enjoyable. It was different listening back to our voices. Wicked! Recommended."

Matt Kidd

Singer Gold - 28th July 2008

"Very helpful and friendly, stuck with me to get the best out of me. Thoroughly enjoyed it"

Arachna and the Phobics

Band Platinum - 27th July 2008

"Fantastic day had by All. Pauls expertise and hard work is amazing. Wonderful results. He made us sound really good. The impossible would only take a little longer!"

Joss Cox

Singer Silver - 26th July 2008

"Brilliant! Very well looked after - coming back soon"

Kate & Lauren

Singer Silver - 25th July 2008

"Kate: I had a great time - very relaxed, and the result was excellent! Lauren: Loved it, great fun, thanks!"

Chelsea Mullins

Singer Gold - 25th July 2008

"A fun experience, it was different and exciting to do. I enjoyed it very much!!!"

Debbie Hughes

Singer Silver - 24th July 2008

"Reqally enjoyed myself once I got over my initial nerves. Paul was very friendly and made me feel at ease."

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