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Katie Dougal

Singer Silver - 26th October 2006

"Thankyou for a great experience! A little more practice would have been better! "

Steph and Kerry

Singer Emerald - 25th October 2006

"Absolutely fantastic, great experience. Very friendly Paul, best 21st present ever xx"

Jim Heron

Singer Gold Plus - 25th October 2006

"Never again! Now I can sleep tonight. Thanks to Paul. "

Zoe Eyles

Singer Silver - 22nd October 2006

"Brilliant experience, Thanks!"

Lucy Dale

Singer Diamond - 21st October 2006

"Excellent! Friendly + Made the whole experience a pleasant one! Have been 4x now and will be coming back for years to come! Thanks!"

Karen Scott

Singer Diamond - 20th October 2006

"I was so nervous but I should'nt have been, the end result was really quite satisfying, wish I could do it all over again!!!"

James Robson

Singer Gold - 17th October 2006

"Had a fantastic experience, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend anyone to come along and have a go. Thanx."

Rebecca Brunt

Singer Silver - 15th October 2006

"Excellent, thanks it was so much fun."

Becky Hodson

Singer Silver - 15th October 2006

"It was really good. It was an amazing experience."

Debbi Buys

Singer Platinum - 15th October 2006

"This was fantastic!! The best gift I got in my entire life. Scary @ the beginning but one relaxes and in the end, it's just fun! "

Stuart Reeve

Singer Platinum - 15th October 2006

"Been an amazing experience from start to finish. Paul is a great person who makes you feel at ease. Would definately use him again! See you soon :)"


Singer Platinum - 1st January 1970

"It was great fun, I had a brilliant time. The experience was one to remember, I would definitely do it again and will be recommending it to friends!"

Sassy Chix

Singer Silver - 1st January 1970

"Great experience for my daughter Emilia's 12th birthday with her friends. Well organised and great fun for all, even the parents watching."

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